Autíčka (Auto-B-Good)
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1. série
1. Timely Treats (Timely Treats)
2. Picture Perfect (Picture Perfect)
3. Moving Forward Together (Moving Forward Together)
4. Growing Responsible (Growing Responsible)
5. Red Card to Respect (Red Card to Respect)
6. The Land of Odds (The Land of Odds)
7. No Rules Allowed (No Rules Allowed)
8. Shop 'Til You Drop (Shop 'Til You Drop)
9. Center of the Universe (Center of the Universe)
10. Slippery Slope (Slippery Slope)
11. Car Tune Pirates (Car Tune Pirates)
12. Bully Bully (Bully Bully)
13. Friends in High Places (Friends in High Places)
14. Heavenly Event (Heavenly Event)
15. Sunny Side Up (Sunny Side Up)
16. Up from the Depths (Up from the Depths)
17. Cooler Heads Prevail (Cooler Heads Prevail)
18. Digging for Gold (Digging for Gold)
19. A Mile in Their Tires (A Mile in Their Tires)
20. Stage Fright (Stage Fright)
21. Izzi and the Giant (Izzi and the Giant)
22. Rumors of War (Rumors of War)
23. The Price of Freedom (The Price of Freedom)
24. No Greater Love (No Greater Love)
25. Miles to the Rescue (Miles to the Rescue)
26. The Secret Force (The Secret Force)
27. Gopher It (Gopher It)
28. The Secret of Success (The Secret of Success)
29. The Winning Goal (The Winning Goal)
30. Road Rage (Road Rage)
31. Road Test for Maturity (Road Test for Maturity)
32. Uninvited Guests (Uninvited Guests)
33. A Tidy Plan (A Tidy Plan)
34. Too Rough Around the Edges (Too Rough Around the Edges)
35. Crowning the Car of the Year (Crowning the Car of the Year)
36. Friends to the Rescue (Friends to the Rescue)
2. série
1. Movie 'FX' (Movie 'FX')
2. Cheaters U-Turn (Cheaters U-Turn)
3. The Cobra Canyon Leap (The Cobra Canyon Leap)
4. The Integrity Project (The Integrity Project)
5. Rising to the Occasion (Rising to the Occasion)
6. The Gift of Golf (The Gift of Golf)
7. Breaking Par (Breaking Par)
8. Daring Dreamers (Daring Dreamers)
9. Unusual Suspect (Unusual Suspect)
10. The Case of the Missing Statue (The Case of the Missing Statue)
11. Get the Oomph! (Get the Oomph!)
12. A Taxing Problem (A Taxing Problem)
13. Billy and the Big Horns (Billy and the Big Horns)
14. Home Sweet Home (Home Sweet Home)
15. The Quest for Power (The Quest for Power)
16. Monster Trap (Monster Trap)
17. CARnival (CARnival)
18. Lug Nutt (Lug Nutt)
19. Issadora's Box (Issadora's Box)
20. Extreme Overhaul (Extreme Overhaul)
21. Breaking New Ground (Breaking New Ground)
22. Level 39 (Level 39)
23. Western Hero (Western Hero)
24. COTU Comics (COTU Comics)
25. Scared-y Car (Scared-y Car)
26. Car Tuned & Ready (Car Tuned & Ready)
27. Squeaky Clean (Squeaky Clean)