Blue (Blue) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Son (Son)
2. You Rule (You Rule)
3. Long Day, Blue? (Long Day, Blue?)
4. You're Good (You're Good)
5. Jack the Ripper (Jack the Ripper)
6. Paying for Sex (Paying for Sex)
7. A Decent Girl (A Decent Girl)
8. That's My Drug (That's My Drug)
9. Star Student (Star Student)
10. You Lie to Me Too (You Lie to Me Too)
11. Give an Old Man a Break (Give an Old Man a Break)
2. série
1. See and Be Seen (See and Be Seen)
2. What Kind of a Name is Blue? (What Kind of a Name is Blue?)
3. It's Just a Crutch (It's Just a Crutch)
4. Everything Is a Test (Everything Is a Test)
5. How Do You Do? (How Do You Do?)
6. Glue and Lubricant (Glue and Lubricant)
7. Wow, Wow, Wow (Wow, Wow, Wow)
8. On My Own (On My Own)
9. The Truth Hurts (The Truth Hurts)
10. A Man's Permission (A Man's Permission)
11. Make Yourself at Home (Make Yourself at Home)
12. Old Habits Die Hard (Old Habits Die Hard)
13. Doubling the Equation (Doubling the Equation)
14. Are You Clean? (Are You Clean?)
15. In the Running (In the Running)
16. Hard Time (Hard Time)
17. The Details (The Details)
18. You're Not a Freak, Are You? (You're Not a Freak, Are You?)
19. Getting to the Point (Getting to the Point)
20. I'm Not a Stalker (I'm Not a Stalker)
21. Savages (Savages)
22. Role Play (Role Play)
23. Winning With (Winning With)
24. A Straight Answer (A Straight Answer)
25. Choices Add Up (Choices Add Up)
26. Where Were You? (Where Were You?)
3. série
1. Call Me Francine (Call Me Francine)
2. Planets Colliding (Planets Colliding)
3. A History of Anxiety (A History of Anxiety)
4. Make Me Feel Good (Make Me Feel Good)