Bracken's World

Bracken's World (Bracken's World)
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1. série
1. Fade In (Fade In)
2. Panic (Panic)
3. King David (King David)
4. Don't You Cry For Susannah (Don't You Cry For Susannah)
5. Options (Options)
6. Closed Set (Closed Set)
7. The Sweet Smell of Failure (The Sweet Smell of Failure)
8. The Stunt (The Stunt)
9. All the Beautiful Young Girls (All the Beautiful Young Girls)
10. A Package Deal (A Package Deal)
11. It's the Power Structure, Baby (It's the Power Structure, Baby)
12. Move In For a Close-Up (Move In For a Close-Up)
13. Stop Date (Stop Date)
14. The Chase Sequence (The Chase Sequence)
15. Focus on a Gun (Focus on a Gun)
16. Money Men (Money Men)
17. Meanwhile, Back at the Studio (Meanwhile, Back at the Studio)
18. A Perfect Piece of Casting (A Perfect Piece of Casting)
19. Superstar (Superstar)
20. Whatever Happened to Happy Endings? (Whatever Happened to Happy Endings?)
21. Fallen, Fallen is Babylon (Fallen, Fallen is Babylon)
22. Papa Never Spanked Me (Papa Never Spanked Me)
23. A Beginning, A Middle and an End (A Beginning, A Middle and an End)
24. Diffusion (Diffusion)
25. Day For Night (Day For Night)
26. One, Two, Three, Cry (One, Two, Three, Cry)
2. série
1. Love it or Leave it, Change it or Lose it (Love it or Leave it, Change it or Lose it)
2. Murder, Off Camera (Murder, Off Camera)
3. Jenny, Who Bombs Buildings (Jenny, Who Bombs Buildings)
4. Together Again, For the Last Time (Together Again, For the Last Time)
5. A Preview in Samarkand (A Preview in Samarkand)
6. The Mary Tree (The Mary Tree)
7. Hey Gringo, Hey Poncho (Hey Gringo, Hey Poncho)
8. A Team of One Legged Acrobats (A Team of One Legged Acrobats)
9. Anonymous Star (Anonymous Star)
10. Infinity (Infinity)
11. The Nude Scene (The Nude Scene)
12. A Score Without Strings (A Score Without Strings)
13. Will Freddy's Real Father Please Stand Up? (Will Freddy's Real Father Please Stand Up?)
14. The Country Boy (The Country Boy)
15. Miss Isabel Blue (Miss Isabel Blue)