Branded (Branded)
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1. série
1. Survival (Survival)
2. The Vindicators (The Vindicators)
3. The Test (The Test)
4. Rules of the Game (Rules of the Game)
5. The Bounty (The Bounty)
6. Leap Upon Mountains.... (Leap Upon Mountains....)
7. Coward Step Aside (Coward Step Aside)
8. The Mission: Part 1 (The Mission: Part 1)
9. The Mission: Part 2 (The Mission: Part 2)
10. The Mission: Part 3 (The Mission: Part 3)
11. The First Kill (The First Kill)
12. Very Few Heroes (Very Few Heroes)
13. One Way Out (One Way Out)
14. That the Brave Endure (That the Brave Endure)
15. Taste of Poison (Taste of Poison)
16. Price of a Name (Price of a Name)
2. série
1. Judge Not (Judge Not)
2. Now Join the Human Race (Now Join the Human Race)
3. Mightier Than the Sword (Mightier Than the Sword)
4. I Killed Jason McCord (I Killed Jason McCord)
5. The Bar Sinister (The Bar Sinister)
6. Seward's Folly (Seward's Folly)
7. Salute the Soldier Briefly (Salute the Soldier Briefly)
8. The Richest Man in Boot Hill (The Richest Man in Boot Hill)
9. Fill No Glass for Me: Part 1 (Fill No Glass for Me: Part 1)
10. Fill No Glass for Me: Part 2 (Fill No Glass for Me: Part 2)
11. The Greatest Coward on Earth (The Greatest Coward on Earth)
12. $10,000 for Durango ($10,000 for Durango)
13. Romany Roundup: Part 1 (Romany Roundup: Part 1)
14. Romany Roundup: Part 2 (Romany Roundup: Part 2)
15. A Proud Town (A Proud Town)
16. The Golden Fleece (The Golden Fleece)
17. The Wolfers (The Wolfers)
18. This Stage of Fools (This Stage of Fools)
19. A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers (A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers)
20. McCord's Way (McCord's Way)
21. Nice Day for a Hanging (Nice Day for a Hanging)
22. Barbed Wire (Barbed Wire)
23. Yellow for Courage (Yellow for Courage)
24. Call to Glory: Part 1 (Call to Glory: Part 1)
25. Call to Glory: Part 2 (Call to Glory: Part 2)
26. Call to Glory: Part 3 (Call to Glory: Part 3)
27. The Ghost of Murietta (The Ghost of Murietta)
28. The Assassins: Part 1 (The Assassins: Part 1)
29. The Assassins: Part 2 (The Assassins: Part 2)
30. Headed for Doomsday (Headed for Doomsday)
31. Cowards Die Many Times (Cowards Die Many Times)
32. Kellie (Kellie)