Bronco (Bronco)
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1. série
1. The Besieged (The Besieged)
2. Quest of the Thirty Dead (Quest of the Thirty Dead)
3. The Turning Point (The Turning Point)
4. Four Guns and a Prayer (Four Guns and a Prayer)
5. The Long Ride Back (The Long Ride Back)
6. Trail to Taos (Trail to Taos)
7. Brand of Courage (Brand of Courage)
8. Freeze-Out (Freeze-Out)
9. Baron of Broken Lance (Baron of Broken Lance)
10. Payroll of the Dead (Payroll of the Dead)
11. Riding Solo (Riding Solo)
12. Borrowed Glory (Borrowed Glory)
13. Silent Witness (Silent Witness)
14. The Belles of Silver Flat (The Belles of Silver Flat)
15. Backfire (Backfire)
16. School for Cowards (School for Cowards)
17. Prairie Skipper (Prairie Skipper)
18. Shadow of a Man (Shadow of a Man)
19. Hero of the Town (Hero of the Town)
20. Red Water North (Red Water North)
2. série
1. Game at the Beacon Club (Game at the Beacon Club)
2. The Burning Springs (The Burning Springs)
3. Bodyguard (Bodyguard)
4. The Soft Answer (The Soft Answer)
5. The Last Resort (The Last Resort)
6. The Devil's Spawn (The Devil's Spawn)
7. Flight from an Empire (Flight from an Empire)
8. Night Train to Denver (Night Train to Denver)
9. Shadow of Jesse James (Shadow of Jesse James)
10. Masquerade (Masquerade)
11. Volunteers from Aberdeen (Volunteers from Aberdeen)
12. Every Man a Hero (Every Man a Hero)
13. Death of an Outlaw (Death of an Outlaw)
14. The Human Equation (The Human Equation)
15. Montana Passage (Montana Passage)
16. Legacy of Twisted Creek (Legacy of Twisted Creek)
17. Tangled Trail (Tangled Trail)
18. La Rubia (La Rubia)
19. Winter Kill (Winter Kill)
20. End of a Rope (End of a Rope)
3. série
1. The Mustangers (The Mustangers)
2. Apache Treasure (Apache Treasure)
3. Seminole War Pipe (Seminole War Pipe)
4. Ordeal at Dead Tree (Ordeal at Dead Tree)
5. The Invaders (The Invaders)
6. The Buckbrier Trail (The Buckbrier Trail)
7. Yankee Tornado (Yankee Tornado)
8. Manitoba Manhunt (Manitoba Manhunt)
9. Stage to the Sky (Stage to the Sky)
10. Guns of the Lawless (Guns of the Lawless)
4. série
1. The Cousin from Atlanta (The Cousin from Atlanta)
2. Prince of Darkness (Prince of Darkness)
3. One Came Back (One Came Back)
4. The Equalizer (The Equalizer)
5. The Harrigan (The Harrigan)
6. Beginner's Luck (Beginner's Luck)
7. Ride the Whirlwind (Ride the Whirlwind)
8. A Sure Thing (A Sure Thing)
9. Trail of Hatred (Trail of Hatred)
10. Rendezvous with a Miracle (Rendezvous with a Miracle)
11. Destinies West (Destinies West)
12. The Last Letter (The Last Letter)
13. One Evening in Abilene (One Evening in Abilene)
14. Until Kingdom Come (Until Kingdom Come)
15. Moment of Doubt (Moment of Doubt)
16. A Town That Lived and Died (A Town That Lived and Died)
17. The Immovable Object (The Immovable Object)
18. Then the Mountains (Then the Mountains)