Cavalcade of America

Cavalcade of America (Cavalcade of America)
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1. série
1. Poor Richard (Poor Richard)
2. All's Well with Lydia (All's Well with Lydia)
3. The Man Who Took a Chance (The Man Who Took a Chance)
4. A Romance to Remember (A Romance to Remember)
5. What God Hath Wrought (What God Hath Wrought)
6. No Greater Love (No Greater Love)
7. In This Crisis (In This Crisis)
8. The Arrow and the Bow (The Arrow and the Bow)
9. What Might Have Been (What Might Have Been)
10. New Salem Story (New Salem Story)
11. A Matter of Honor (A Matter of Honor)
12. Experiment at Monticello (Experiment at Monticello)
13. Mightier Than the Sword (Mightier Than the Sword)
14. The Indomitable Blacksmith (The Indomitable Blacksmith)
15. The Gingerbread Man (The Gingerbread Man)
16. Night Strike (Night Strike)
17. Slater's Dream (Slater's Dream)
18. The Pirate's Choice (The Pirate's Choice)
19. John Yankee (John Yankee)
20. The Tenderfoot (The Tenderfoot)
2. série
1. Sam and the Whale (Sam and the Whale)
2. The Stolen General (The Stolen General)
3. Breakfast at Nancy's (Breakfast at Nancy's)
4. Sunset at Appomattox (Sunset at Appomattox)
5. And to Fame Unknown (And to Fame Unknown)
6. A Time to Grow (A Time to Grow)
7. The Tiger's Tail (The Tiger's Tail)
8. The Last Will of Daniel Webster (The Last Will of Daniel Webster)
9. Major Pauline (Major Pauline)
10. The Betrayal (The Betrayal)
11. Riders of the Pony Express (Riders of the Pony Express)
12. One Nation Indivisible (One Nation Indivisible)
13. Mr. Peale's Dinosaur (Mr. Peale's Dinosaur)
14. G for Goldberger (G for Goldberger)
15. Smyrna Incident (Smyrna Incident)
16. Man of Glass: The Story of a Glassmaker (Man of Glass: The Story of a Glassmaker)
17. Plume of Honor (Plume of Honor)
18. Margin of Victory (Margin of Victory)
19. The Absent Host (The Absent Host)
20. Duel at the O.K. Corral (Duel at the O.K. Corral)
21. The Splendid Dream (The Splendid Dream)
22. Young Andy Jackson (Young Andy Jackson)
23. Escape: The Story of Carl Schurz (Escape: The Story of Carl Schurz)
24. Riddle of the Seas (Riddle of the Seas)
25. Crazy Judah (Crazy Judah)
26. A Strange Journey (A Strange Journey)
27. The Paper Sword (The Paper Sword)
28. Gentle Conqueror (Gentle Conqueror)
29. Spindletop: Texas' First Oil Gushers (Spindletop: Texas' First Oil Gushers)
30. Moonlight School (Moonlight School)
31. Cat with the Crimson Eyes (Cat with the Crimson Eyes)
32. The Skipper's Lady (The Skipper's Lady)
33. Courage in Connecticut (Courage in Connecticut)
3. série
1. Mountain Man (Mountain Man)
2. The Great Gamble (The Great Gamble)
3. The Forge (The Forge)
4. Moonlight Witness (Moonlight Witness)
5. Saturday Story (Saturday Story)
6. The American Thanksgiving: Its History and Meaning (The American Thanksgiving: Its History and Meaning)
7. Ordeal in Burma (Ordeal in Burma)
8. Night Call (Night Call)
9. A Medal for Miss Walker (A Medal for Miss Walker)
10. A Man's Home (A Man's Home)
11. The Marine Who Was Two Hundred Years Old (The Marine Who Was Two Hundred Years Old)
12. A Message from Garcia (A Message from Garcia)
13. Petticoat Doctor (Petticoat Doctor)
14. Take Off Zero (Take Off Zero)
15. Decision for Justice (Decision for Justice)
16. The Hostage (The Hostage)
17. That They Might Live (That They Might Live)
18. Man on the Beat (Man on the Beat)
19. The Ship That Shook the World (The Ship That Shook the World)
20. The Gift of Dr. Minot (The Gift of Dr. Minot)
21. How to Raise a Boy (How to Raise a Boy)
22. Stay On, Stranger (Stay On, Stranger)
23. Sunrise on a Dirty Face (Sunrise on a Dirty Face)
24. Six Hours to Deadline (Six Hours to Deadline)
25. The Palmetto Conspiracy (The Palmetto Conspiracy)
26. The Rescue of Dr. Beanes (The Rescue of Dr. Beanes)
4. série
1. A Time for Courage (A Time for Courage)
2. The Texas Rangers (The Texas Rangers)
3. Toward Tomorrow (Toward Tomorrow)
4. Disaster Patrol (Disaster Patrol)
5. The Swamp Fox (The Swamp Fox)
6. A Chain of Hearts (A Chain of Hearts)
7. One Day at a Time (One Day at a Time)
8. Crisis in Paris (Crisis in Paris)
9. Doctor on Wheels (Doctor on Wheels)
10. Barbed Wire Christmas (Barbed Wire Christmas)
11. Postmark: Danger (Postmark: Danger)
12. The Boy Who Walked to America (The Boy Who Walked to America)
13. The Prison Within (The Prison Within)
14. Star and Shield (Star and Shield)
15. The Secret Life of Joe Swedie (The Secret Life of Joe Swedie)
16. Call Home the Heart (Call Home the Heart)
17. The Listening Hand (The Listening Hand)
18. A Life to Live By (A Life to Live By)
19. The Doll Who Found a Mother (The Doll Who Found a Mother)
20. The Jackie Jensen Story (The Jackie Jensen Story)
21. Diplomatic Outpost (Diplomatic Outpost)
22. Danger at Clover Ridge (Danger at Clover Ridge)
23. Who Is Byington? (Who Is Byington?)
24. The Boy Nobody Wanted (The Boy Nobody Wanted)
25. The Major of St. Lo (The Major of St. Lo)
5. série
1. Monument to a Young Man (Monument to a Young Man)
2. A Bed of Roses (A Bed of Roses)
3. The People and General Glancy (The People and General Glancy)
4. Wild April (Wild April)
5. The Hobo Kid (The Hobo Kid)
6. Date with a Stranger (Date with a Stranger)
7. Innocent Bystander (Innocent Bystander)
8. Woman's Work (Woman's Work)
9. Return of a Bombardier (Return of a Bombardier)
10. Pursuit of a Princess (Pursuit of a Princess)
11. Once a Hero (Once a Hero)
12. The Blessed Midnight (The Blessed Midnight)
13. Three Young Kings (Three Young Kings)
14. The Two Worlds of Nicolo (The Two Worlds of Nicolo)
15. The House of Empty Rooms (The House of Empty Rooms)
16. Leap to Heaven (Leap to Heaven)
17. Dowry for Ilona (Dowry for Ilona)
18. The Man from St. Paul (The Man from St. Paul)
19. Are Trees People? (Are Trees People?)
20. Decision for a Hero (Decision for a Hero)
21. The Frightened Witness (The Frightened Witness)
22. The Man Who Asked No Favors (The Man Who Asked No Favors)
23. Dan Marshall's Brat (Dan Marshall's Brat)
24. The Widow Was Willing (The Widow Was Willing)
25. The Last Signer (The Last Signer)
26. Episode #5.26 (Episode #5.26)
27. Shark of the Mountain (Shark of the Mountain)
28. Chicago 2-1-2 (Chicago 2-1-2)