Cheyenne (Cheyenne) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Mountain Fortress (Mountain Fortress)
2. Julesburg (Julesburg)
3. The Argonauts (The Argonauts)
4. Border Showdown (Border Showdown)
5. The Outlander (The Outlander)
6. The Travelers (The Travelers)
7. Decision (Decision)
8. The Storm Riders (The Storm Riders)
9. Rendezvous at Red Rock (Rendezvous at Red Rock)
10. West of the River (West of the River)
11. Quicksand (Quicksand)
12. Fury at Rio Hondo (Fury at Rio Hondo)
13. Star in the Dust (Star in the Dust)
14. Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)
15. The Last Train West (The Last Train West)
2. série
1. The Dark Rider (The Dark Rider)
2. The Long Winter (The Long Winter)
3. Death Deals the Hand (Death Deals the Hand)
4. The Bounty Killers (The Bounty Killers)
5. The Law Man (The Law Man)
6. Mustang Trail (Mustang Trail)
7. Lone Gun (Lone Gun)
8. The Trap (The Trap)
9. The Iron Trail (The Iron Trail)
10. Land Beyond the Law (Land Beyond the Law)
11. Test of Courage (Test of Courage)
12. War Party (War Party)
13. Deadline (Deadline)
14. Big Ghost Basin (Big Ghost Basin)
15. Born Bad (Born Bad)
16. The Brand (The Brand)
17. Decision at Gunsight (Decision at Gunsight)
18. The Spanish Grant (The Spanish Grant)
19. Hard Bargain (Hard Bargain)
20. The Broken Pledge (The Broken Pledge)
3. série
1. Incident at Indian Springs (Incident at Indian Springs)
2. The Conspirators (The Conspirators)
3. The Mutton Puncher (The Mutton Puncher)
4. Border Affair (Border Affair)
5. Devil's Canyon (Devil's Canyon)
6. Town of Fear (Town of Fear)
7. Hired Gun (Hired Gun)
8. Top Hand (Top Hand)
9. The Last Comanchero (The Last Comanchero)
10. The Gamble (The Gamble)
11. Renegades (Renegades)
12. The Empty Gun (The Empty Gun)
13. White Warrior (White Warrior)
14. Ghost of the Cimarron (Ghost of the Cimarron)
15. Wagon-Tongue North (Wagon-Tongue North)
16. The Long Search (The Long Search)
17. Standoff (Standoff)
18. Dead to Rights (Dead to Rights)
19. Noose at Noon (Noose at Noon)
20. The Angry Sky (The Angry Sky)
4. série
1. Blind Spot (Blind Spot)
2. Reprieve (Reprieve)
3. The Rebellion (The Rebellion)
4. Trial by Conscience (Trial by Conscience)
5. The Imposter (The Imposter)
6. Prisoner of Moon Mesa (Prisoner of Moon Mesa)
7. Gold, Glory and Custer - Prelude (Gold, Glory and Custer - Prelude)
8. Gold, Glory and Custer - Requiem (Gold, Glory and Custer - Requiem)
9. Riot at Arroyo Seco (Riot at Arroyo Seco)
10. Apache Blood (Apache Blood)
11. Outcast of Cripple Creek (Outcast of Cripple Creek)
12. Alibi for the Scalped Man (Alibi for the Scalped Man)
13. Home Is the Brave (Home Is the Brave)
5. série
1. The Long Rope (The Long Rope)
2. Counterfeit Gun (Counterfeit Gun)
3. Road to Three Graves (Road to Three Graves)
4. Two Trails to Santa Fe (Two Trails to Santa Fe)
5. Savage Breed (Savage Breed)
6. Incident at Dawson Flats (Incident at Dawson Flats)
7. Duel at Judas Basin (Duel at Judas Basin)
8. The Return of Mr. Grimm (The Return of Mr. Grimm)
9. The Beholden (The Beholden)
10. The Frightened Town (The Frightened Town)
11. Lone Patrol (Lone Patrol)
12. Massacre at Gunsight Pass (Massacre at Gunsight Pass)
13. The Greater Glory (The Greater Glory)
6. série
1. Winchester Quarantine (Winchester Quarantine)
2. Trouble Street (Trouble Street)
3. Cross Purpose (Cross Purpose)
4. The Young Fugitives (The Young Fugitives)
5. Day's Pay (Day's Pay)
6. Retaliation (Retaliation)
7. Storm Center (Storm Center)
8. Legacy of the Lost (Legacy of the Lost)
9. The Brahma Bull (The Brahma Bull)
10. The Wedding Rings (The Wedding Rings)
11. The Idol (The Idol)
12. One Way Ticket (One Way Ticket)
13. The Bad Penny (The Bad Penny)
14. A Man Called Ragan (A Man Called Ragan)
7. série
1. The Durango Brothers (The Durango Brothers)
2. Satonka (Satonka)
3. Sweet Sam (Sweet Sam)
4. Man Alone (Man Alone)
5. The Quick and the Deadly (The Quick and the Deadly)
6. Indian Gold (Indian Gold)
7. Dark Decision (Dark Decision)
8. Pocketful of Stars (Pocketful of Stars)
9. The Vanishing Breed (The Vanishing Breed)
10. Vengeance Is Mine (Vengeance Is Mine)
11. Johnny Brassbuttons (Johnny Brassbuttons)
12. Wanted for the Murder of Cheyenne Bodie (Wanted for the Murder of Cheyenne Bodie)
13. Showdown at Oxbend (Showdown at Oxbend)