City Homicide

City Homicide (City Homicide)
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1. série
1. In the Hands of Giants: Part 1 (In the Hands of Giants: Part 1)
2. In the Hands of Giants: Part 2 (In the Hands of Giants: Part 2)
3. Lie Down with Dogs (Lie Down with Dogs)
4. The Return (The Return)
5. The Ripe Fruits in the Garden (The Ripe Fruits in the Garden)
6. Envelope Day (Envelope Day)
7. Baby Love (Baby Love)
8. Victims of Crime (Victims of Crime)
9. Family Planning (Family Planning)
10. The Promised Land (The Promised Land)
11. Serious Men (Serious Men)
12. Cut and Dried (Cut and Dried)
13. Rostered Day Off (Rostered Day Off)
14. Raising the Dead (Raising the Dead)
2. série
1. Thicker Than Water (Thicker Than Water)
2. Somersaulting Dogs (Somersaulting Dogs)
3. In House (In House)
4. Taniwha (Taniwha)
5. Guilty as Charged (Guilty as Charged)
6. Reward (Reward)
7. Golden (Golden)
8. Life After Death (Life After Death)
9. Never to Be Released (Never to Be Released)
10. Examination Day (Examination Day)
11. Oh Lucky Man (Oh Lucky Man)
12. Spoils of War (Spoils of War)
13. Jury Duty (Jury Duty)
14. Jane Doe (Jane Doe)
15. Junkie (Junkie)
16. Stolen Sweets (Stolen Sweets)
17. The Forgotten (The Forgotten)
18. A Green Light (A Green Light)
19. House of Horrors (House of Horrors)
20. The Cutting Edge (The Cutting Edge)
21. Rage (Rage)
22. Life and Death (Life and Death)
3. série
1. The Money Shot (The Money Shot)
2. Meet and Greet (Meet and Greet)
3. Chop Shop (Chop Shop)
4. The First Stone (The First Stone)
5. Thai Take Away (Thai Take Away)
6. The Confession (The Confession)
7. Little Big Man (Little Big Man)
8. Time of Your Life (Time of Your Life)
9. Diggers (Diggers)
10. Blood Trail (Blood Trail)
11. Hot House (Hot House)
12. Baker's Dozen (Baker's Dozen)
13. Smokescreen (Smokescreen)
14. Mission Statement (Mission Statement)
15. Dead Weight (Dead Weight)
16. Big Bang Theory (Big Bang Theory)
17. In Wolf's Clothing (In Wolf's Clothing)
18. Whistleblower (Whistleblower)
4. série
1. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! (Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!)
2. Good Cop, Bad Cop (Good Cop, Bad Cop)
3. Flight Risk (Flight Risk)
4. Protection (Protection)
5. Ratters (Ratters)
6. Last Seen (Last Seen)
7. No Smoke (No Smoke)
8. In Harm's Way (In Harm's Way)
9. The Hit (The Hit)
10. Just Desserts (Just Desserts)
11. Pirates (Pirates)
12. Tomato Can (Tomato Can)
13. Once Bitten (Once Bitten)
14. Twilight Zone (Twilight Zone)
15. Reunion (Reunion)
16. Undercover (Undercover)
17. Gut Instinct (Gut Instinct)
18. Killer Moves (Killer Moves)
19. Ties That Bind (Ties That Bind)
20. Atonement (Atonement)
21. The Price of Love (The Price of Love)
22. Empowerment (Empowerment)
23. The Business of Fear (The Business of Fear)
24. Secret Love (Secret Love)
5. série
1. No Greater Honour: Reward Day (No Greater Honour: Reward Day)
2. No Greater Honour: Go Down Swinging (No Greater Honour: Go Down Swinging)
3. No Greater Honour: If It Bleeds, It Leads (No Greater Honour: If It Bleeds, It Leads)
4. No Greater Honour: Tangled Web (No Greater Honour: Tangled Web)
5. No Greater Honour: Last Man Standing (No Greater Honour: Last Man Standing)
6. No Greater Honour: Ghosts (No Greater Honour: Ghosts)