Clarence (Clarence (US)) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Fun Dungeon Face Off (Fun Dungeon Face Off)
2. Pretty Great Day with a Girl (Pretty Great Day with a Girl)
3. Money Broom Wizard (Money Broom Wizard)
4. Lost in the Supermarket (Lost in the Supermarket)
5. Clarence's Millions (Clarence's Millions)
6. Clarence Gets a Girlfriend (Clarence Gets a Girlfriend)
7. Jeff's New Toy (Jeff's New Toy)
8. Dinner Party (Dinner Party)
9. Honk (Honk)
10. Dollar Hunt (Dollar Hunt)
11. Zoo (Zoo)
12. Rise and Shine (Rise and Shine)
13. Man of the House (Man of the House)
14. Puddle Eyes (Puddle Eyes)
15. Dream Boat (Dream Boat)
16. Slumber Party (Slumber Party)
17. Nature Clarence (Nature Clarence)
18. Average Jeff (Average Jeff)
19. Lizard Day Afternoon (Lizard Day Afternoon)
20. The Forgotten (The Forgotten)
21. Neighborhood Grill (Neighborhood Grill)
22. Belson's Sleepover (Belson's Sleepover)
23. Too Gross for Comfort (Too Gross for Comfort)
24. Pilot Expansion (Pilot Expansion)
25. Patients (Patients)
26. Jeff Wins (Jeff Wins)
27. Suspended (Suspended)
28. Turtle Hats (Turtle Hats)
29. Goldfish Follies (Goldfish Follies)
30. Chimney (Chimney)
31. Straight Illin (Straight Illin)
32. Dust Buddies (Dust Buddies)
33. Hurricane Dyllis (Hurricane Dyllis)
34. Hoofin' It (Hoofin' It)
35. Detention (Detention)
36. Hairence (Hairence)
37. Lil Buddy (Lil Buddy)
38. Chalmers Santiago (Chalmers Santiago)
39. Tuckered Boys (Tuckered Boys)
40. Water Park (Water Park)
41. Where the Wild Chads Are (Where the Wild Chads Are)
42. Breehn Ho (Breehn Ho)
43. The Big Petey Pizza Problem (The Big Petey Pizza Problem)
44. The Break Up (The Break Up)
45. In Dreams (In Dreams)
46. Balance (Balance)
47. The Big Petey Pizza Problem (The Big Petey Pizza Problem)
48. The Break Up (The Break Up)
49. In Dreams (In Dreams)
50. Balance (Balance)
51. Spooky Boo (Spooky Boo)
2. série
1. The Interrogation (The Interrogation)
2. Lost Playground (Lost Playground)
3. Bird Boy Man (Bird Boy Man)
4. Freedom Cactus (Freedom Cactus)
5. Plane Excited (Plane Excited)
6. Escape from Beyond the Cosmic (Escape from Beyond the Cosmic)
7. Ren Faire (Ren Faire)
8. Time Crimes (Time Crimes)
9. Saturday School (Saturday School)
10. Attack the Block Party (Attack the Block Party)
11. Field Trippin' (Field Trippin')
12. Ice Cream Hunt (Ice Cream Hunt)
13. Company Man (Company Man)
14. Stump Brothers (Stump Brothers)
15. The Tails of Mardrynia (The Tails of Mardrynia)
16. Clarence Wendell and the Eye of Coogan (Clarence Wendell and the Eye of Coogan)
17. Sneaky Peeky (Sneaky Peeky)
18. Game Show (Game Show)
19. Skater Sumo (Skater Sumo)
20. Mystery Girl (Mystery Girl)
21. The Substitute (The Substitute)
22. Classroom (Classroom)
23. Dullance (Dullance)
24. Jeff's Secret (Jeff's Secret)
25. Space Race (Space Race)
26. Plant Daddies (Plant Daddies)
27. Bucky and the Howl (Bucky and the Howl)