Co je Andy?

Co je Andy? (What's with Andy?)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. Just Stuffing (Just Stuffing)
2. Gooey Chewies (Gooey Chewies)
3. Beat the Bomb (Beat the Bomb)
4. Rhyme Time (Rhyme Time)
5. Food Fight (Food Fight)
6. 101 Underpants/Playing Dead (101 Underpants/Playing Dead)
7. The Show Must Go On (The Show Must Go On)
8. Emergency Spew Relish/Busting (Emergency Spew Relish/Busting)
9. Very Bad Idea/Cockroaches (Very Bad Idea/Cockroaches)
10. It Came from East Gackle (It Came from East Gackle)
11. Campaign in the Butt (Campaign in the Butt)
12. Road Trip/Snow Job (Road Trip/Snow Job)
13. Best Enemies (Best Enemies)
14. Mascot (Mascot)
15. Wag the Kid (Wag the Kid)
16. Little Foot/Grandpa Crazy (Little Foot/Grandpa Crazy)
17. Un-Masked Marauders (Un-Masked Marauders)
18. The Great American Lock-In (The Great American Lock-In)
19. Teendreamboats (Teendreamboats)
20. Pranks a Lot! (Pranks a Lot!)
21. The Royal Secret Society of Zombies (The Royal Secret Society of Zombies)
22. Bring It Off (Bring It Off)
23. Gnome for the Holidays (Gnome for the Holidays)
24. Merry Chaos (Merry Chaos)
25. Very Scary Stuff (Very Scary Stuff)
26. The Answers (The Answers)
2. série
1. What's with Jean-Thomas? (What's with Jean-Thomas?)
2. The Fortunate One (The Fortunate One)
3. The Musical Fruit (The Musical Fruit)
4. Weight to Go, Andy! (Weight to Go, Andy!)
5. Prankster to the Core (Prankster to the Core)
6. Fore! (Fore!)
7. Prank and Field Day (Prank and Field Day)
8. Mind Games (Mind Games)
9. Nurse Jen (Nurse Jen)
10. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (Don't Eat the Yellow Snow)
11. Andysaurus Rex (Andysaurus Rex)
12. Molasses (Molasses)
13. A Match Made in East Gackle (A Match Made in East Gackle)
14. Lights... Camera... Ooops! (Lights... Camera... Ooops!)
15. New Kid on the Chopping Block (New Kid on the Chopping Block)
16. Stone Cold (Stone Cold)
17. Food for Thought (Food for Thought)
18. The Buck Stops Here (The Buck Stops Here)
19. Life Is a Lottery, Old Chum (Life Is a Lottery, Old Chum)
20. Bluebeard's Crate (Bluebeard's Crate)
21. Spanky Pranky Hanky Panky (Spanky Pranky Hanky Panky)
22. Daddy Dearest (Daddy Dearest)
23. The Party (The Party)
24. All Dressed to Go (All Dressed to Go)
25. Mr. E.G. Goes to Moosehoof (Mr. E.G. Goes to Moosehoof)
3. série
1. Prank Days of Summer (Prank Days of Summer)
2. The Prank That Never Happened (The Prank That Never Happened)
3. Pranks in the Air (Pranks in the Air)
4. Scooped (Scooped)