Cosby Show

Cosby Show (Cosby Show, The)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Goodbye Mr. Fish (Goodbye Mr. Fish)
3. Bad Dreams (Bad Dreams)
4. Is That My Boy? (Is That My Boy?)
5. A Shirt Story (A Shirt Story)
6. Breaking With Tradition (Breaking With Tradition)
7. One More Time (One More Time)
8. Play It Again, Vanessa (Play It Again, Vanessa)
9. How Ugly Is He? (How Ugly Is He?)
10. Bonjour, Sondra (Bonjour, Sondra)
11. Knight to Night (Knight to Night)
12. Rudy's Sick (Rudy's Sick)
13. Father's Day (Father's Day)
14. Independence Day (Independence Day)
15. Physician of the Year (Physician of the Year)
16. Jitterbug Break (Jitterbug Break)
17. Theo and the Joint (Theo and the Joint)
18. Vanessa's New Class (Vanessa's New Class)
19. Clair's Case (Clair's Case)
20. Back to the Track, Jack (Back to the Track, Jack)
21. The Younger Woman (The Younger Woman)
22. The Slumber Party (The Slumber Party)
23. Mr. Quiet (Mr. Quiet)
24. Cliff's Birthday (Cliff's Birthday)
2. série
1. First Day of School (First Day of School)
2. The Juicer (The Juicer)
3. Happy Anniversary (Happy Anniversary)
4. Cliff in Love (Cliff in Love)
5. Theo and the Older Woman (Theo and the Older Woman)
6. Halloween (Halloween)
7. Rudy Suits Up (Rudy Suits Up)
8. Denise Drives (Denise Drives)
9. Clair's Sister (Clair's Sister)
10. Clair's Toe (Clair's Toe)
11. Denise's Friend (Denise's Friend)
12. Mrs. Westlake (Mrs. Westlake)
13. The Auction (The Auction)
14. Vanessa's Bad Grade (Vanessa's Bad Grade)
15. Theo and Cockroach (Theo and Cockroach)
16. The Dentist (The Dentist)
17. Play It Again, Russell (Play It Again, Russell)
18. A Touch of Wonder (A Touch of Wonder)
19. Full House (Full House)
20. Close to Home (Close to Home)
21. An Early Spring (An Early Spring)
22. Theo's Holiday (Theo's Holiday)
23. The Card Game (The Card Game)
24. Off to the Races (Off to the Races)
25. Denise's Decision (Denise's Decision)
3. série
1. Bring 'Em Back Alive (Bring 'Em Back Alive)
2. Food for Thought (Food for Thought)
3. Golden Anniversary (Golden Anniversary)
4. Man Talk (Man Talk)
5. Mother, May I? (Mother, May I?)
6. The March (The March)
7. Theo's Flight (Theo's Flight)
8. Vanessa's Rich (Vanessa's Rich)
9. Denise Gets a D (Denise Gets a D)
10. A Girl and Her Dog (A Girl and Her Dog)
11. War Stories (War Stories)
12. Cliff in Charge (Cliff in Charge)
13. Monster Man Huxtable (Monster Man Huxtable)
14. Rudy Spends the Night (Rudy Spends the Night)
15. Say Hello to a Good Buy (Say Hello to a Good Buy)
16. Denise Gets an Opinion (Denise Gets an Opinion)
17. Calling Doctor Huxtable (Calling Doctor Huxtable)
18. You Only Hurt the One You Love (You Only Hurt the One You Love)
19. The Shower (The Shower)
20. Cliff's 50th Birthday (Cliff's 50th Birthday)
21. I Know That You Know (I Know That You Know)
22. The Andalusian Flu (The Andalusian Flu)
23. Bald and Beautiful (Bald and Beautiful)
24. Planning Parenthood (Planning Parenthood)
25. Hillman (Hillman)
4. série
1. Call of the Wild (Call of the Wild)
2. Theogate (Theogate)
3. It Ain't Easy Being Green (It Ain't Easy Being Green)
4. Cliff's Mistake (Cliff's Mistake)
5. Shakespeare (Shakespeare)
6. That's Not What I Said (That's Not What I Said)
7. Autumn Gifts (Autumn Gifts)
8. Looking Back, Part 1 (Looking Back, Part 1)
9. Looking Back, Part 2 (Looking Back, Part 2)
10. Where's Rudy? (Where's Rudy?)
11. Dance Mania (Dance Mania)
12. The Locker Room (The Locker Room)
13. The Show Must Go On (The Show Must Go On)
14. Bookworm (Bookworm)
15. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
16. The Visit (The Visit)
17. The Drum Major (The Drum Major)
18. Waterworks (Waterworks)
19. Once Upon a Time (Once Upon a Time)
20. Petanque (Petanque)
21. Trust Me (Trust Me)
22. Home for the Weekend (Home for the Weekend)
23. The Prom (The Prom)
24. Gone Fishin (Gone Fishin)
5. série
1. Together Again and Again (Together Again and Again)
2. The Physical (The Physical)
3. Rudy's All-Nighter (Rudy's All-Nighter)
4. Move It (a.k.a. The Baby Game) (Move It (a.k.a. The Baby Game))
5. Out of Brooklyn (Out of Brooklyn)
6. The Birth, Part 1 (The Birth, Part 1)
7. The Birth, Part 2 (The Birth, Part 2)
8. Cyranoise de Bergington (Cyranoise de Bergington)
9. How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? (How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?)
10. If the Dress Fits, Wear It (If the Dress Fits, Wear It)
11. Is There a Hamster in the House? (Is There a Hamster in the House?)
12. Truth or Consequences (Truth or Consequences)
13. Cliff Babysits (Cliff Babysits)
14. Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten (Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten)
15. The Lost Weekend (The Lost Weekend)
16. No Way, Baby (No Way, Baby)
17. Can I Say Something, Please? (Can I Say Something, Please?)
18. The Dead End Kids Meet Dr. Lotus (The Dead End Kids Meet Dr. Lotus)
19. The Boys of Winter (The Boys of Winter)
20. It Comes and It Goes (It Comes and It Goes)
21. Theo's Women (Theo's Women)
22. Birthday Blues (Birthday Blues)
23. A Room With No View (A Room With No View)
24. What He Did for Love (What He Did for Love)
25. Day of the Locusts (Day of the Locusts)
26. 57 Varieties (57 Varieties)
6. série
1. Denise: The Saga Continues (Denise: The Saga Continues)
2. Surf's Up (Surf's Up)
3. I'm 'In' With the 'In' Crowd (I'm 'In' With the 'In' Crowd)
4. Denise Kendall: Navy Wife (Denise Kendall: Navy Wife)
5. Theo's Gift (Theo's Gift)
6. Denise Kendall: Babysitter (Denise Kendall: Babysitter)
7. Shall We Dance? (Shall We Dance?)
8. The Day the Spores Landed (The Day the Spores Landed)
9. Cliff's Wet Adventure (Cliff's Wet Adventure)
10. Grampy and Nu-Nu Visit the Huxtables (Grampy and Nu-Nu Visit the Huxtables)
11. Cliff la Douce (Cliff la Douce)
12. Getting to Know You (Getting to Know You)
13. Elvin Pays for Dinner (Elvin Pays for Dinner)
14. Cliff's Nightmare (Cliff's Nightmare)
15. Denise Kendall: Singles Counselor (Denise Kendall: Singles Counselor)
16. The Birthday Party (The Birthday Party)
17. Not Everybody Loves the Blues (Not Everybody Loves the Blues)
18. Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side (Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side)
19. The Cosby Outtakes Show (The Cosby Outtakes Show)
20. Mr. Sandman (Mr. Sandman)
21. Isn't It Romantic? (Isn't It Romantic?)
22. Theo's Dirty Laundry (Theo's Dirty Laundry)
23. What's It All About? (What's It All About?)
24. Off to See the Wretched (Off to See the Wretched)
25. The Moves (The Moves)
26. Live and Learn (Live and Learn)
27. The Storyteller (The Storyteller)
7. série
1. Same Time Next Year (Same Time Next Year)
2. Bird in the Hand (Bird in the Hand)
3. Last Barbecue (Last Barbecue)
4. Period of Adjustment (Period of Adjustment)
5. It's All in the Game (It's All in the Game)
6. Getting the Story (Getting the Story)
7. Just Thinking About It, Part 1 (Just Thinking About It, Part 1)
8. Just Thinking About It, Part 2 (Just Thinking About It, Part 2)
9. The Infantry Has Landed (and They've Fallen Off the Roof) (The Infantry Has Landed (and They've Fallen Off the Roof))
10. You Can Go Home Again (You Can Go Home Again)
11. It's a Boy (It's a Boy)
12. Clair's Liberation (Clair's Liberation)
13. It's Your Move (It's Your Move)
14. Theo's Final Final (Theo's Final Final)
15. Attack of the Killer B's (Attack of the Killer B's)
16. Total Control (Total Control)
17. Adventures in Babysitting (Adventures in Babysitting)
18. 27 and Still Cooking (27 and Still Cooking)
19. The Return of the Clairettes (The Return of the Clairettes)
20. No More Mr. Nice Guy (No More Mr. Nice Guy)
21. Home Remedies (Home Remedies)
22. Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue (Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue)
23. There's Still No Joy in Mudville (There's Still No Joy in Mudville)
24. Cliff and Jake (Cliff and Jake)
25. Theo and the Kids, Part 1 (Theo and the Kids, Part 1)
26. Theo and the Kids, Part 2 (Theo and the Kids, Part 2)
8. série
1. With This Ring? (With This Ring?)
2. There's No Place Like This Home (There's No Place Like This Home)
3. Particles in Motion (Particles in Motion)
4. Pam Applies to College (Pam Applies to College)
5. Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown (Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown)
6. It's Apparent to Everyone (It's Apparent to Everyone)
7. The Iceman Bricketh (The Iceman Bricketh)
8. Olivia's Field Trip (Olivia's Field Trip)
9. For Men Only (For Men Only)
10. Olivia Comes Out of the Closet (Olivia Comes Out of the Closet)
11. Two Is a Crowd (Two Is a Crowd)
12. Clair's Place (Clair's Place)
13. Theo's Future (Theo's Future)
14. The Price Is Wrong (The Price Is Wrong)
15. Bring Me the Lip Gloss of Deirdre Arpelle (Bring Me the Lip Gloss of Deirdre Arpelle)
16. Eat, Drink and Be Wary (Eat, Drink and Be Wary)
17. The Getaway (The Getaway)
18. Cliff Gets Jilted (Cliff Gets Jilted)
19. Cliff and Theo Come Clean (Cliff and Theo Come Clean)
20. Clair's Reunion (Clair's Reunion)
21. Rudy's Retreat (Rudy's Retreat)
22. You Can't Stop the Music (You Can't Stop the Music)
23. Some Gifts Aren't Deductible (Some Gifts Aren't Deductible)
24. And So We Commence, Part 1 (And So We Commence, Part 1)
25. And So We Commence, Part 2 (And So We Commence, Part 2)