Dobrodruzi z vesmíru

Dobrodruzi z vesmíru (Uchuusen Sagittarius) — 1. série
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1. série
1. In Search For The Beautiful Professor (In Search For The Beautiful Professor)
2. Mysterious Alien? Sibib Appears! (Mysterious Alien? Sibib Appears!)
3. Chase! Toppy Is At A Crisis (Chase! Toppy Is At A Crisis)
4. Flying Snakes And The Baby Monster (Flying Snakes And The Baby Monster)
5. Lye-la-la, A Strange Village (Lye-la-la, A Strange Village)
6. Professor Anne's Secret Weapon (Professor Anne's Secret Weapon)
7. Let's Be Happy By Quarrel (Let's Be Happy By Quarrel)
8. What A Nice Life (What A Nice Life)
9. Satan Who Lives In The Mountain Of Death (Satan Who Lives In The Mountain Of Death)
10. Kids Never Know What Parents Think (Kids Never Know What Parents Think)
11. A Floating Man Attacks (A Floating Man Attacks)
12. Sibib Is Satan (Sibib Is Satan)
13. The Secret Of Sibib's Song (The Secret Of Sibib's Song)
14. Parbara Of Planet Maglock (Parbara Of Planet Maglock)
15. We're Trapped In A Space Graveyard (We're Trapped In A Space Graveyard)
16. Get Deluded And That's The End (Get Deluded And That's The End)
17. Another 'i' And Another 'you' (Another 'i' And Another 'you')
18. The Forest Weeps, The Ground Bleeds (The Forest Weeps, The Ground Bleeds)
19. The Power Of Seed (The Power Of Seed)
20. Even The Vegetarian Lasagne, It's The Greatest (Even The Vegetarian Lasagne, It's The Greatest)
21. Zazarian Resisters (Zazarian Resisters)
22. Giraffe's 'fall In Love' (Giraffe's 'fall In Love')
23. You Are Very Beautiful, Miss Rana (You Are Very Beautiful, Miss Rana)
24. Die And Let Live (Die And Let Live)
25. Session In Tears (Session In Tears)
26. The Strongest Weapon (The Strongest Weapon)
27. Dime, A Curious Beast (Dime, A Curious Beast)
28. Frankenstein And Dime (Frankenstein And Dime)
29. Sibib In The Circus (Sibib In The Circus)
30. Rana Rises To Stardom (Rana Rises To Stardom)
31. Franken Has A Change Of Heart (Franken Has A Change Of Heart)
32. Elegy For Dying Out Animals (Elegy For Dying Out Animals)
33. Weeping Organ In The Ghost Planet (Weeping Organ In The Ghost Planet)
34. The Statue Is Alive And Attacks! (The Statue Is Alive And Attacks!)
35. Eliminate All The Incapable Persons (Eliminate All The Incapable Persons)
36. Siren To Death Vs Sibib's Song (Siren To Death Vs Sibib's Song)
37. Object Z In An Incinerator (Object Z In An Incinerator)
38. Rana Shot Giant Sibib (Rana Shot Giant Sibib)
39. Miracle Reaction (Miracle Reaction)
40. Space Pirates (Space Pirates)
41. Surprise! Who The Pirates Are (Surprise! Who The Pirates Are)
42. Running Away In The Labyrinth (Running Away In The Labyrinth)
43. Goal In (Goal In)
44. Oh No! Giraffe Is A Bigamist (Oh No! Giraffe Is A Bigamist)
45. I Wanna Divorce Him (I Wanna Divorce Him)
46. Honey, Come Back! (Honey, Come Back!)
47. The President Controlling The Beast Paradon (The President Controlling The Beast Paradon)
48. The Attacked By The Cannonball, The Avalanche (The Attacked By The Cannonball, The Avalanche)
49. The Paradon Worship At The Execution Ground (The Paradon Worship At The Execution Ground)
50. Missing Rana And The Mystery Of The Tasty Soup (Missing Rana And The Mystery Of The Tasty Soup)
51. The Paradise Of Fright (The Paradise Of Fright)
52. The Deadly Poisonous Insects! Bite Toppy! (The Deadly Poisonous Insects! Bite Toppy!)
53. Carin Arrives! (Carin Arrives!)
54. Spy Woman And Carin (Spy Woman And Carin)
55. Tears (Tears)
56. Sibib, Where Are You! (Sibib, Where Are You!)
57. Sibib Is Sold! (Sibib Is Sold!)
58. Good-by, Sibib (Good-by, Sibib)
59. Legend Of Derdan (Legend Of Derdan)
60. Rana, The Only Hope (Rana, The Only Hope)
61. Misunderstanding (Misunderstanding)
62. The Space Sagittarius Becomes The Wall (The Space Sagittarius Becomes The Wall)
63. Koset's Plot (Koset's Plot)
64. Koset Becomes A King! (Koset Becomes A King!)
65. Three Strange Passengers And Emergency Landing (Three Strange Passengers And Emergency Landing)
66. Mystery Of The Hero (Mystery Of The Hero)
67. Burn Everything (Burn Everything)
68. We Found The Treasure (We Found The Treasure)
69. Must Reach Home And Get Rich (Must Reach Home And Get Rich)
70. Blinded By The Treasure (Blinded By The Treasure)
71. Hijacker Is A Class Boy (Hijacker Is A Class Boy)
72. The Planet Seven: Is It Heaven Or Hell? (The Planet Seven: Is It Heaven Or Hell?)
73. Try To Live (Try To Live)
74. Toppy Takes The Chance (Toppy Takes The Chance)
75. Toppy's Misfortune (Toppy's Misfortune)
76. Toppy, Lost In Space (Toppy, Lost In Space)
77. Friends Are Forever! (Friends Are Forever!)