Doctor Who Confidential

Doctor Who Confidential (Doctor Who Confidential)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. Bringing Back the Doctor (Bringing Back the Doctor)
2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)
3. TARDIS Tales (TARDIS Tales)
4. I Get a Side-Kick Out of You (I Get a Side-Kick Out of You)
5. Why on Earth? (Why on Earth?)
6. Dalek (Dalek)
7. The Dark Side (The Dark Side)
8. Time Trouble (Time Trouble)
9. Special Effects (Special Effects)
10. Weird Science (Weird Science)
11. Unsung Heroes and Violent Death (Unsung Heroes and Violent Death)
12. The World of Who (The World of Who)
13. The Last Battle (The Last Battle)
2. série
1. One Year On (One Year On)
2. New New Doctor (New New Doctor)
3. Fear Factor (Fear Factor)
4. Friends Reunited (Friends Reunited)
5. Script to Screen (Script to Screen)
6. Cybermen (Cybermen)
7. From Zero to Hero (From Zero to Hero)
8. The Writer's Tale (The Writer's Tale)
9. You've Got the Look (You've Got the Look)
10. Myths and Legends (Myths and Legends)
11. The New World of Who (The New World of Who)
12. The Fright Stuff (The Fright Stuff)
13. Welcome to Torchwood (Welcome to Torchwood)
14. Finale (Finale)
3. série
1. Music and Monsters (Music and Monsters)
2. Meet Martha Jones (Meet Martha Jones)
3. Stage Fright (Stage Fright)
4. Are We There Yet? (Are We There Yet?)
5. A New York Story (A New York Story)
6. Making Manhattan (Making Manhattan)
7. Monsters Inc. (Monsters Inc.)
8. Space Craft (Space Craft)
9. Alter Ego (Alter Ego)
10. Bad Blood (Bad Blood)
11. Do You Remember the First Time? (Do You Remember the First Time?)
12. 'Ello 'Ello 'Ello ('Ello 'Ello 'Ello)
13. The Saxon Mystery (The Saxon Mystery)
14. The Valiant Quest (The Valiant Quest)
4. série
1. Kylie Meets the Doctor (Kylie Meets the Doctor)
2. A Noble Return (A Noble Return)
3. The Italian Job (The Italian Job)
4. Oods and Ends (Oods and Ends)
5. Send in the Clones (Send in the Clones)
6. Sontar-Ha! (Sontar-Ha!)
7. Sins of the Fathers (Sins of the Fathers)
8. Nemesis (Nemesis)
9. Shadow Play (Shadow Play)
10. River Runs Deep (River Runs Deep)
11. Look Who's Talking (Look Who's Talking)
12. Here Come the Girls! (Here Come the Girls!)
13. Friends and Foe (Friends and Foe)
14. End of an Era (End of an Era)
15. Episode #4.14 (Episode #4.14)
16. The Eleventh Doctor (The Eleventh Doctor)
5. série
1. Call Me the Doctor (Call Me the Doctor)
2. All About the Girl (All About the Girl)
3. War Games (War Games)
4. Eyes Wide Open (Eyes Wide Open)
5. Blinded by the Light (Blinded by the Light)
6. Death in Venice (Death in Venice)
7. Arthurian Legend (Arthurian Legend)
8. After Effects (After Effects)
9. What Goes on Tour... (What Goes on Tour...)
10. A Brush with Genius (A Brush with Genius)
11. Extra Time (Extra Time)
12. Alien Abduction (Alien Abduction)
13. Out of Time (Out of Time)
6. série
1. Christmas Special (Christmas Special)
2. Coming to America (Coming to America)
3. Breaking the Silence (Breaking the Silence)
4. Ship Ahoy! (Ship Ahoy!)
5. Bigger on the Inside (Bigger on the Inside)
6. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
7. Take Two (Take Two)
8. The Born Identity (The Born Identity)
9. River Runs Wild (River Runs Wild)
10. About a Boy (About a Boy)
11. What Dreams May Come (What Dreams May Come)
12. Heartbreak Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel)
13. Open All Hours (Open All Hours)
14. When Time Froze (When Time Froze)