Kachní dynastie

Kachní dynastie (Duck Dynasty) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Family Funny Business (Family Funny Business)
2. CEO for a Day (CEO for a Day)
3. High Tech Redneck (High Tech Redneck)
4. Frog in One (Frog in One)
5. Redneck Logic (Redneck Logic)
6. Too Close for Comfort (Too Close for Comfort)
7. Leave it to Beavers (Leave it to Beavers)
8. A Big Duck-ing Call (A Big Duck-ing Call)
9. Sauvignon Beard (Sauvignon Beard)
10. Plan Bee (Plan Bee)
11. Daddy's Got a Gun (Daddy's Got a Gun)
12. Fishin' for Business (Fishin' for Business)
13. Redneck Road Trip (Redneck Road Trip)
14. Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner! (Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!)
15. Willie Stay or Willie Go (Willie Stay or Willie Go)
2. série
1. The Grass and the Furious (The Grass and the Furious)
2. Driving Miss Sadie (Driving Miss Sadie)
3. Truck Commander (Truck Commander)
4. Si-Yonara (Si-Yonara)
5. Fowl Play (Fowl Play)
6. Sweatin' Bullets (Sweatin' Bullets)
7. Spring Pong Cleaning (Spring Pong Cleaning)
8. Good Morning, West Monroe (Good Morning, West Monroe)
9. Samurai Si (Samurai Si)
10. Of Mattresses and Men (Of Mattresses and Men)
11. Duck No, We Won't Go (Duck No, We Won't Go)
12. Drag Me to Glory (Drag Me to Glory)
13. I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas (I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas)
3. série
1. Duck Season Eve (Duck Season Eve)
2. Can't Hardly Weight (Can't Hardly Weight)
3. Shot Thru the Heart (Shot Thru the Heart)
4. Here Lizard, Lizard (Here Lizard, Lizard)
5. Hallu-Si-Nations (Hallu-Si-Nations)
6. Let's Go Hunting, Deer (Let's Go Hunting, Deer)
7. Tickets to the Fun Show (Tickets to the Fun Show)
8. Duck Be a Lady (Duck Be a Lady)
9. Ring Around the Redneck (Ring Around the Redneck)
10. Bass Man Standing (Bass Man Standing)
11. Si-amese Twins (Si-amese Twins)
12. Battle of the Brothers (Battle of the Brothers)
13. Aloha, Robertsons! (Aloha, Robertsons!)
4. série
1. Till Duck Do Us Part (Till Duck Do Us Part)
2. So You Think You Can Date? (So You Think You Can Date?)
3. Hot Tub Grime Machine (Hot Tub Grime Machine)
5. Termite Be a Problem (Termite Be a Problem)
6. John Luke After Dentist (John Luke After Dentist)
7. Scoot Along Si (Scoot Along Si)
8. Jerky Boys (Jerky Boys)
9. Going Si-ral (Going Si-ral)
10. Quack O'Lanterns (Quack O'Lanterns)
11. TBA (TBA)
12. TBA (TBA)
13. Life of Si (Life of Si)
5. série
1. Willie's Number Two (Willie's Number Two)
4. From Duck 'til Dawn (From Duck 'til Dawn)
5. Burger Commander (Burger Commander)
6. G.I. Si (G.I. Si)
7. Jase and the Argonauts (Jase and the Argonauts)
8. Fowl Playhouse (Fowl Playhouse)
10. Stand By Mia (Stand By Mia)
6. série
1. Governor's Travels (Governor's Travels)
2. Quack and Gown (Quack and Gown)
3. Hands on a Woodchipper (Hands on a Woodchipper)
4. Quackdraft (Quackdraft)
5. Brand of Brothers (Brand of Brothers)
6. De-Bug Life (De-Bug Life)
7. Men vs. Wild (Men vs. Wild)
8. Return of the Beavers (Return of the Beavers)
9. Lake Boss (Lake Boss)
10. Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty (Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty)
7. série
1. Glory is the Reward of Mallard (Glory is the Reward of Mallard)
2. Good Night and Good Duck (Good Night and Good Duck)
3. Quack in the Saddle (Quack in the Saddle)
4. A Home for the Holidays (A Home for the Holidays)
5. The Cannonball Runs (The Cannonball Runs)
6. Mo Math, Mo Problems (Mo Math, Mo Problems)
7. Coop! There it Is! (Coop! There it Is!)
8. Friday Afternoon Lights (Friday Afternoon Lights)
9. Master and Duck Commander (Master and Duck Commander)
10. Sweet Home Louisiana (Sweet Home Louisiana)
8. série
1. Grooming the Groom (Grooming the Groom)
2. Induckpendence Day (Induckpendence Day)
3. Search n' Decoy (Search n' Decoy)
4. Wild Wild Pest (Wild Wild Pest)
5. Pranks for Everything (Pranks for Everything)
6. Bachelor Party Blowout (Bachelor Party Blowout)
7. The Ducket List (The Ducket List)
8. Pit Perfect (Pit Perfect)
9. John Luke Gets Hitched (John Luke Gets Hitched)
9. série
1. Inlawful Entry (Inlawful Entry)
2. Flock And Key (Flock And Key)
3. Ball In The Family (Ball In The Family)
4. Drone Survivor (Drone Survivor)
5. Alan In Charge (Alan In Charge)
6. Renaissance Men (Renaissance Men)
7. Heroes Welcome (Heroes Welcome)
8. Pie Hard (Pie Hard)
9. Van He'llsing (Van He'llsing)
10. Toad to Perdition (Toad to Perdition)
11. 100th Episode: RV There Yet? (1) (100th Episode: RV There Yet? (1))
12. RV There Yet? (2) (RV There Yet? (2))
13. Jep's Funniest Moments (Jep's Funniest Moments)
14. RV There Yet? (2) (RV There Yet? (2))
10. série
1. Willie & Korie's Anniversorry (Willie & Korie's Anniversorry)
2. A Decent Proposal (A Decent Proposal)
3. A Decent Proposal (A Decent Proposal)
4. Wild Wild West Monroe (Wild Wild West Monroe)
5. In The Kill Of The Night (In The Kill Of The Night)
6. Half In The Bag (Half In The Bag)
7. There Will Be Flood (There Will Be Flood)
8. Bingo Star (Bingo Star)
9. Sadie's Choice (Sadie's Choice)
10. Children of the Cornbread (Children of the Cornbread)
11. Whole Lotta Bull (Whole Lotta Bull)
12. Here Comes the Son (Here Comes the Son)
13. Bro'd Trip (Bro'd Trip)
14. Techs and Balances (Techs and Balances)
16. Half In The Bag (Half In The Bag)
11. série
1. The West Monroe Wing (The West Monroe Wing)
2. Automation Frustration (Automation Frustration)
3. Razing the Snakes (Razing the Snakes)
4. Uneasy Rider (Uneasy Rider)
5. Good Willie Hunting (Good Willie Hunting)
6. Sleep Cover (Sleep Cover)
7. Drive-In Revivin' (Drive-In Revivin')
8. Fishful Thinking (Fishful Thinking)
9. When Doves Fry (When Doves Fry)
10. Carpnado (Carpnado)
11. The Campfire Diaries (The Campfire Diaries)
12. Rowdy's Big Day (Rowdy's Big Day)
13. Disappearing Acts (Disappearing Acts)
14. Dance Dads (Dance Dads)
15. End of an Era, Part 1 (End of an Era, Part 1)
16. End of an Era, Part 2 (End of an Era, Part 2)