East Los High

East Los High (East Los High)
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1. série
1. Mystery Girl (Mystery Girl)
2. Chemistry Test (Chemistry Test)
3. The Beauty to the Bitch (The Beauty to the Bitch)
4. Hey! I Got Penetrated! (Hey! I Got Penetrated!)
5. The New Busboy (The New Busboy)
6. Revenge (Revenge)
7. Bang the Virgin (Bang the Virgin)
8. The Pinche Stick Keeps Turning Pink (The Pinche Stick Keeps Turning Pink)
9. The Bump Squad (The Bump Squad)
10. Dance 5 in Da House! (Dance 5 in Da House!)
11. The Loco with the Gun (The Loco with the Gun)
12. I Beat Up All My Boyfriends (I Beat Up All My Boyfriends)
13. All Rumors Are True (All Rumors Are True)
14. 28 Days Later (28 Days Later)
15. You're Gonna Be a Babby Daddy (You're Gonna Be a Babby Daddy)
16. 4Ever Gentleman's Club (4Ever Gentleman's Club)
17. Proms Are for Pussies (Proms Are for Pussies)
18. This Girl Better Not Die (This Girl Better Not Die)
19. The Fair's in Pomona (The Fair's in Pomona)
20. I've Been Keeping a Secret (I've Been Keeping a Secret)
21. How I Met Your Father (How I Met Your Father)
22. Somebody's Gotta Pay (Somebody's Gotta Pay)
23. The Real Baby Daddy (The Real Baby Daddy)
24. The Gun (The Gun)
25. Good Girls Don't (Good Girls Don't)
26. Congratulations and Felicidades (Congratulations and Felicidades)
2. série
1. New Dance Coach in da House (New Dance Coach in da House)
2. Best Friends with Benefits (Best Friends with Benefits)
3. Meet Starfighter (Meet Starfighter)
4. The Queen of Ugly and the King of Fools (The Queen of Ugly and the King of Fools)
5. Lesbians Out Loud (Lesbians Out Loud)
6. Luchadoras (Luchadoras)
7. Love Spells Are the Hardest (Love Spells Are the Hardest)
8. I Ain't No Victim (I Ain't No Victim)
9. Beauty Queens Don't Wear Trash (Beauty Queens Don't Wear Trash)
10. Just the Tip (Just the Tip)
11. It Was an Accident (It Was an Accident)
12. The Monster's Back (The Monster's Back)
3. série
1. La Virgen de East Los High (La Virgen de East Los High)
2. The Bitch Is Back (The Bitch Is Back)
3. End of an Era (End of an Era)
4. Sisters Before Misters (Sisters Before Misters)
5. From Witch to Bitch (From Witch to Bitch)
6. Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day)
7. Scar Wars (Scar Wars)
8. I'm Not Eating Mexican (I'm Not Eating Mexican)
9. Road Trip (Road Trip)
10. Mexifornia (Mexifornia)
11. Playing with My Balls (Playing with My Balls)
12. Dance Battle (Dance Battle)
4. série
1. Orange Is the New Brown (Orange Is the New Brown)
2. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Cholos (No Shirt, No Shoes, No Cholos)
3. Sex With the Ex (Sex With the Ex)
4. Eddie's Got a Heart-On (Eddie's Got a Heart-On)
5. We Have Obamacare! (We Have Obamacare!)
6. Wanna Bro Job? (Wanna Bro Job?)
7. You're Dancing Like a Gringo (You're Dancing Like a Gringo)
8. Mexican Wedding (Mexican Wedding)
9. I Hope She Was Worth It (I Hope She Was Worth It)
10. Caliente! (Caliente!)
11. Ride or Die (Ride or Die)
12. You're Free Now (You're Free Now)