Ed (Ed) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The World of Possibility (The World of Possibility)
3. Just Friends (Just Friends)
4. Pretty Girls and Waffles (Pretty Girls and Waffles)
5. Better Days (Better Days)
6. Home Is Where the Ducks Are (Home Is Where the Ducks Are)
7. Something Old, Something New (Something Old, Something New)
8. The Whole Truth (The Whole Truth)
9. Your Life Is Now (Your Life Is Now)
10. Losing Streak (Losing Streak)
11. Opposites Distract (Opposites Distract)
12. Hook, Line and Sinker (Hook, Line and Sinker)
13. The Music Box (The Music Box)
14. Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day)
15. Loyalties (Loyalties)
16. Live Deliberately (Live Deliberately)
17. Exceptions (Exceptions)
18. The Test (The Test)
19. Windows of Opportunity (Windows of Opportunity)
20. Mind Over Matter (Mind Over Matter)
21. Mixed Signals (Mixed Signals)
22. Prom Night (Prom Night)
2. série
1. The Stars Align (The Stars Align)
2. Changes (Changes)
3. A Job Well Done (A Job Well Done)
4. Crazy Time (Crazy Time)
5. Closure (Closure)
6. Replacements (Replacements)
7. The New World (The New World)
8. Goodbye Sadie (Goodbye Sadie)
9. Charity Cases (Charity Cases)
10. Small Town Guys (Small Town Guys)
11. Two Days of Freedom (Two Days of Freedom)
12. Ends and Means (Ends and Means)
13. Youth Bandits (Youth Bandits)
14. Things to Do Today (Things to Do Today)
15. Nice Guys Finish Last (Nice Guys Finish Last)
16. Wheel of Justice (Wheel of Justice)
17. Lloyd (Lloyd)
18. Trust (Trust)
19. The Shot (The Shot)
20. Power of the Person (Power of the Person)
21. Memory Lane (Memory Lane)
22. Last Chance (Last Chance)
3. série
1. Human Nature (Human Nature)
2. Miss Stuckeyville (Miss Stuckeyville)
3. The Road (The Road)
4. Charlotte & Wilbur (Charlotte & Wilbur)
5. The Divorce (The Divorce)
6. May the Best Man Win (May the Best Man Win)
7. The Wedding (The Wedding)
8. Trapped (Trapped)
9. Makeovers (Makeovers)
10. Neighbors (Neighbors)
11. Frankie (Frankie)
12. Partners (Partners)
13. Hyenas & Wildebeests (Hyenas & Wildebeests)
14. The Case (The Case)
15. Blips (Blips)
16. Good Advice (Good Advice)
17. Captain Lucidity (Captain Lucidity)
18. Business as Usual (Business as Usual)
19. Babysitting (Babysitting)
20. Second Chances (Second Chances)
21. The Movie (The Movie)
22. The Decision (The Decision)
4. série
1. New School (New School)
2. New Car Smell (New Car Smell)
3. The Dream (The Dream)
4. History Lessons (History Lessons)
5. Death, Debt & Dating (Death, Debt & Dating)
6. The Offer (The Offer)
7. Goodbye Stuckeyville (Goodbye Stuckeyville)
8. Therapy (Therapy)
9. The Proposal (The Proposal)
10. Just a Formality (Just a Formality)
11. Home for Christmas (Home for Christmas)
12. The Process (The Process)
13. Back in the Saddle (Back in the Saddle)
14. Hidden Agendas (Hidden Agendas)
15. Pressure Points (Pressure Points)
16. Best Wishes (Best Wishes)
17. Happily Ever After (Happily Ever After)