Elena z Avaloru

Elena z Avaloru (Elena of Avalor)
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1. série
1. First Day of Rule (First Day of Rule)
2. Model Sister (Model Sister)
3. All Heated Up (All Heated Up)
4. Island of Youth (Island of Youth)
5. Spellbound (Spellbound)
6. Prince Too Charming (Prince Too Charming)
7. Finders Leapers (Finders Leapers)
8. Royal Retreat (Royal Retreat)
9. A Day to Remember (A Day to Remember)
10. The Scepter of Light (The Scepter of Light)
11. Elena and the Secret of Avalor (Elena and the Secret of Avalor)
12. Feliz Navidad: A Royal Christmas (Feliz Navidad: A Royal Christmas)
13. Olaball (Olaball)
14. Crystal in the Rough (Crystal in the Rough)
15. Crystal in the Rough (Crystal in the Rough)
16. The Princess Knight (The Princess Knight)
17. Captain Turner Returns (Captain Turner Returns)
18. King of the Carnaval (King of the Carnaval)
19. My Fair Naomi (My Fair Naomi)
20. Spirit Monkey Business (Spirit Monkey Business)
21. Wizard-in-Training (Wizard-in-Training)
22. Realm of the Jaquins (Realm of the Jaquins)
23. The Gecko's Tale (The Gecko's Tale)
24. Party of a Lifetime (Party of a Lifetime)
25. Blockheads (Blockheads)
26. Masks of Magic (Masks of Magic)
2. série
1. The Jewel of Maru (The Jewel of Maru)
2. Royal Rivalry (Royal Rivalry)
3. The Curse of El Guapo (The Curse of El Guapo)
4. Three Jaquins and a Princess (Three Jaquins and a Princess)
5. A Spy in the Palace (A Spy in the Palace)
7. Rise of the Sorceress (Rise of the Sorceress)
8. Shapeshifters (Shapeshifters)
9. The Sceptor of Night (The Sceptor of Night)
10. The Race for the Realm (The Race for the Realm)
11. A Tale of Two Scepters (A Tale of Two Scepters)
12. Class Act (Class Act)
13. All Kingdoms Fair (All Kingdoms Fair)
14. A Lava Story (A Lava Story)
16. The Tides of Change (The Tides of Change)
17. The Return of El Capitán (The Return of El Capitán)
18. Finding Zuzo (Finding Zuzo)
19. Snow Place Like Home (Snow Place Like Home)