Továrna na sny Roba Dyrdeka

Továrna na sny Roba Dyrdeka (Fantasy Factory) — 2. série
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1. série
1. Super Blob (Super Blob)
2. Get with Your Power Animal (Get with Your Power Animal)
3. Extreme Timmy (Extreme Timmy)
4. Motelier (Motelier)
5. Bangin' on Fools (Bangin' on Fools)
6. This Is Not Mom Certified (This Is Not Mom Certified)
7. Shark Sugar (Shark Sugar)
8. Unseen Footage Show (Unseen Footage Show)
9. No Mandals (No Mandals)
10. Cole Hernandez (Cole Hernandez)
11. Best of and Behind the Scenes (Best of and Behind the Scenes)
12. Dusty Monkey (Dusty Monkey)
2. série
1. Dirty Man-Horse (Dirty Man-Horse)
2. Natural Born Gymkhana-er (Natural Born Gymkhana-er)
3. Trust Your Pilot, Respect Your Monkey (Trust Your Pilot, Respect Your Monkey)
4. Local Celebrity Almost Dies! (Local Celebrity Almost Dies!)
5. Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes (Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes)
6. The Dyrdek Family Vacation (The Dyrdek Family Vacation)
7. Lights Out (Lights Out)
8. The Berrics vs. Fantasy Factory (The Berrics vs. Fantasy Factory)
9. Making Moves (Making Moves)
3. série
1. This Is a Skateboard Car (This Is a Skateboard Car)
2. Live Your Brand (Live Your Brand)
3. Cheese Ballers! (Cheese Ballers!)
4. It's Barry... Barry Bright (It's Barry... Barry Bright)
5. Fantasy Factory's Sketchiest Moments (Fantasy Factory's Sketchiest Moments)
6. Save Patty (Save Patty)
7. He's Just a Little Mini-Pig (He's Just a Little Mini-Pig)
8. I'm an Awkward Enabler! (I'm an Awkward Enabler!)
9. Best of: Bonus and Behind the Scenes (Best of: Bonus and Behind the Scenes)
10. Hawaiian Manventure (Hawaiian Manventure)
11. WWII...1972 (WWII...1972)
12. Jingle Z (Jingle Z)
13. Episode #3.13 (Episode #3.13)
4. série
1. Welcome, Big Black (Welcome, Big Black)
2. Project Man Dime (Project Man Dime)
3. The Bleeding Frogs (The Bleeding Frogs)
4. Dodging Devil Donkeys (Dodging Devil Donkeys)
5. Clip Show (Clip Show)
6. inger Lion (inger Lion)
7. Kid Lightning (Kid Lightning)
8. Joe C. and the Magic Goatee (Joe C. and the Magic Goatee)
9. Brother Bond (Brother Bond)
10. Phoenix of Love (Phoenix of Love)
5. série
1. Super Sonic Rob (Super Sonic Rob)
2. We're In The Burrito Game! (We're In The Burrito Game!)
3. Chunky As Charged (Chunky As Charged)
4. You Can Never Be Too Big (You Can Never Be Too Big)
5. Eat My Cookie (Eat My Cookie)
6. Full Scale, Full-Fledged, Certified Minister (Full Scale, Full-Fledged, Certified Minister)
7. I'm Livin' It (I'm Livin' It)
8. Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes (Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes)
9. Thy Kingdom of Fantasy Factory (Thy Kingdom of Fantasy Factory)
10. Dyrdek Day (Dyrdek Day)
11. Big Black's Dump Truck (Big Black's Dump Truck)
12. I'm An Alien! (I'm An Alien!)
6. série
1. The Best of Everything We've Ever Done (The Best of Everything We've Ever Done)
2. Born a Lion (Born a Lion)
3. Butt Brother (Butt Brother)
4. Shoe Trees (Shoe Trees)
5. Ultimate Funcle (Ultimate Funcle)
6. Big Black's BBW Round Up (Big Black's BBW Round Up)
7. Snack Off (Snack Off)
8. Uploaded (Uploaded)
9. Bor Kedryd (Bor Kedryd)