Girlfriends (Girlfriends)
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1. série
1. Toe Sucking (Toe Sucking)
2. One Night Stand? (One Night Stand?)
3. Girlfrenzy (Girlfrenzy)
4. Hip-Ocracy (Hip-Ocracy)
5. I Pity the Fool (I Pity the Fool)
6. The Remains of the Date (The Remains of the Date)
7. Everything Fishy Ain't Fish (Everything Fishy Ain't Fish)
8. Pregnant Pause (Pregnant Pause)
9. Fried Turkey (Fried Turkey)
10. Never a Bridesmaid (Never a Bridesmaid)
11. The Importance of Being Frank (The Importance of Being Frank)
12. The List (The List)
13. They Gotta Have It (They Gotta Have It)
14. Bad Timing (Bad Timing)
15. Old Dog (Old Dog)
16. Friends, Colleagues, Brothers (Friends, Colleagues, Brothers)
17. The Declaration of Lynndependence (The Declaration of Lynndependence)
18. Diss-regard (Diss-regard)
19. A Kiss Before Lying (A Kiss Before Lying)
20. The Burning Vagina Monologues (The Burning Vagina Monologues)
21. Loose Lips Sink Relationships (Loose Lips Sink Relationships)
22. Jamaic-Up? (Jamaic-Up?)
2. série
1. The Fallout (The Fallout)
2. Just Say No (Just Say No)
3. A Full Court Conspiracy (A Full Court Conspiracy)
4. Un-Treatable (Un-Treatable)
5. Buh-Bye (Buh-Bye)
6. Willie or Won't He (Willie or Won't He)
7. Trick or Truth (Trick or Truth)
8. Joan Birthday Suit (Joan Birthday Suit)
9. Maya Takes a Stan (Maya Takes a Stan)
10. Mom's the Word (Mom's the Word)
11. You Better Watch Out (You Better Watch Out)
12. I Have a Dream House (I Have a Dream House)
13. Sister, Sistah (Sister, Sistah)
14. Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter? (Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?)
15. Can't Stan Ya! (Can't Stan Ya!)
16. Take Me Out After the Ballgame (Take Me Out After the Ballgame)
17. Childs in Charge (Childs in Charge)
18. Taming of the Realtess (Taming of the Realtess)
19. X Does Not Mark the Spot (X Does Not Mark the Spot)
20. My Mother, Myself (My Mother, Myself)
21. Just Dessert (Just Dessert)
22. Into the Woods (Into the Woods)
3. série
1. Coming to Terms (Coming to Terms)
2. Getting Our Act Together (Getting Our Act Together)
3. Secrets & Eyes (Secrets & Eyes)
4. Star Craving Mad (Star Craving Mad)
5. Don't Leave Me a Loan (Don't Leave Me a Loan)
6. Invasion of the Golddigger (Invasion of the Golddigger)
7. Blinded by the Lights (Blinded by the Lights)
8. Handling Baggage (Handling Baggage)
9. The Mommy Returns (The Mommy Returns)
10. A Little Romance (A Little Romance)
11. Santa v. Monica (Santa v. Monica)
12. Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning (Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning)
13. Howdy Partner (Howdy Partner)
14. Single Mama, Drama (Single Mama, Drama)
15. Happy Valentine's Day... Baby? (Happy Valentine's Day... Baby?)
16. Sex, Lies, and Books (Sex, Lies, and Books)
17. A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find (A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find)
18. Runaway Bridesmaid (Runaway Bridesmaid)
19. The Pact (The Pact)
20. Where Everyone Knows My Name (Where Everyone Knows My Name)
21. Too Much Sharin (Too Much Sharin)
22. Blood Is Thicker Than Liquor (Blood Is Thicker Than Liquor)
23. The Fast Track & the Furious (The Fast Track & the Furious)
24. The Wedding (The Wedding)
4. série
1. Some Enchanted Evening (Some Enchanted Evening)
2. If It's Broke, Fix It (If It's Broke, Fix It)
3. Snoop, There It Is (Snoop, There It Is)
4. You Ain't Gotta Go Home But... You Know the Rest (You Ain't Gotta Go Home But... You Know the Rest)
5. Hopelessly Devoted to Two (Hopelessly Devoted to Two)
6. Inherit the Lynn (Inherit the Lynn)
7. And Baby Makes Four (And Baby Makes Four)
8. Viva Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas)
9. Between Brock and a Hard Place (Between Brock and a Hard Place)
10. Don't You Want Me Baby (Don't You Want Me Baby)
11. Merry Exmas (Merry Exmas)
12. Prophet & Loss (Prophet & Loss)
13. A Comedy of Eros (A Comedy of Eros)
14. Leggo My Ego (Leggo My Ego)
15. Good Catch or a Bad Hop? (Good Catch or a Bad Hop?)
16. On the Couch (On the Couch)
17. Love, Peace and Hair Grease (Love, Peace and Hair Grease)
18. Wieners and Losers (Wieners and Losers)
19. He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not (He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not)
20. A Partnerless Partner (A Partnerless Partner)
21. Just the Three of Us (Just the Three of Us)
22. Love Thy Neighbor (Love Thy Neighbor)
23. New York Bound (New York Bound)
24. New York Unbound (New York Unbound)
5. série
1. L.A. Bound (L.A. Bound)
2. The Rabbit Died (The Rabbit Died)
3. A Mile in Her Loubous (A Mile in Her Loubous)
4. The J Spot (The J Spot)
5. Maybe Baby (Maybe Baby)
6. Too Big for Her Britches (Too Big for Her Britches)
7. The Mother of All Episode (The Mother of All Episode)
8. When Hearts Attack (When Hearts Attack)
9. Who's Your Daddy? (Who's Your Daddy?)
10. Porn to Write (Porn to Write)
11. All the Creatures Were Stirring (All the Creatures Were Stirring)
12. P.D.A. - D.O.A. (P.D.A. - D.O.A.)
13. All in a Panic (All in a Panic)
14. Great Sexpectations (Great Sexpectations)
15. The Way We Were (The Way We Were)
16. See J-Spot Run (See J-Spot Run)
17. Good News, Bad News (Good News, Bad News)
18. Kids Say the Darndest Things (Kids Say the Darndest Things)
19. Finn-ished (Finn-ished)
20. The Bridges of Fresno County (The Bridges of Fresno County)
21. Wedding on the Rocks (Wedding on the Rocks)
22. ...With a Twist (...With a Twist)
6. série
1. Fits & Starts (Fits & Starts)
2. Odds & Ends (Odds & Ends)
3. And Nanny Makes Three (And Nanny Makes Three)
4. Latching on and Lashing Out (Latching on and Lashing Out)
5. Judging Edward (Judging Edward)
6. Everything Old Is New Again (Everything Old Is New Again)
7. Trial and Errors (Trial and Errors)
8. Hot Girl on Girl Action (Hot Girl on Girl Action)
9. Sleeping Dogs (Sleeping Dogs)
10. My Business, Not Your Business (My Business, Not Your Business)
11. All God's Children (All God's Children)
12. The Music in Me (The Music in Me)
13. The It Girl (The It Girl)
14. Work in Progress (Work in Progress)
15. Oh, Hell Yes: The Seminar (Oh, Hell Yes: The Seminar)
16. Game Over (Game Over)
17. I'll Be There for You... But Not Right Now (I'll Be There for You... But Not Right Now)
18. The Game (The Game)
19. It's Raining Men (It's Raining Men)
20. I Don't Wanna Be a Player No More (I Don't Wanna Be a Player No More)
21. Party Over Here (Party Over Here)
22. ...Ain't Nothing Over There (...Ain't Nothing Over There)
7. série
1. After the Storm (After the Storm)
2. In Too Deep (In Too Deep)
3. Bad Blood (Bad Blood)
4. Hustle & Dough (Hustle & Dough)
5. Everybody Hates Monica (Everybody Hates Monica)
6. If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Boonies (If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Boonies)
7. Just Joan (Just Joan)
8. Karaokee-Dokee (Karaokee-Dokee)
9. He Had a Dream (He Had a Dream)
10. I'll Have a Blue Line Christmas (I'll Have a Blue Line Christmas)
11. Wrong Side of the Tracks (Wrong Side of the Tracks)
12. I Want My Baby Back (I Want My Baby Back)
13. Hot for Preacher (Hot for Preacher)
14. Time to Man Up (Time to Man Up)
15. Willie He or Won't He III: This Time It's Personal (Willie He or Won't He III: This Time It's Personal)
16. 'What Had Happened Was...' ('What Had Happened Was...')
17. Church Lady (Church Lady)
18. Operation Does She Yield (Operation Does She Yield)
19. A Dingo Ate My Dream House (A Dingo Ate My Dream House)
20. A House Divided (A House Divided)
21. To Be Determined... (To Be Determined...)
22. It's Been Determined (It's Been Determined)
8. série
1. Range of Emotions (Range of Emotions)
2. Baghdad, My Bad (Baghdad, My Bad)
3. Where Did Lynn-Digo? (Where Did Lynn-Digo?)
4. Losing It (Losing It)
5. Good Grief (Good Grief)
6. Spree to Be Free (Spree to Be Free)
7. Snap Back (Snap Back)
8. Save the Last Dance (Save the Last Dance)
9. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means to William (R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means to William)
10. Deck the Halls with Bags and Folly (Deck the Halls with Bags and Folly)
11. Adapt to Adopt (Adapt to Adopt)
12. What's Black-a-Lackin'? (What's Black-a-Lackin'?)
13. Stand and Deliver (Stand and Deliver)