Harrigan and Son

Harrigan and Son (Harrigan and Son)
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1. série
1. Junior Joins the Law Firm (Junior Joins the Law Firm)
2. Young Man's World (Young Man's World)
3. Harrigan vs. Harrigan (Harrigan vs. Harrigan)
4. Mother Was a Nightclub Singer (Mother Was a Nightclub Singer)
5. Pay the Two Dollars (Pay the Two Dollars)
6. A Matter of Dignity (A Matter of Dignity)
7. Miss Claridge Finds Romance (Miss Claridge Finds Romance)
8. There's No Fool Like an Old Fool (There's No Fool Like an Old Fool)
9. Pipes Are Pipes (Pipes Are Pipes)
10. Junior Becomes a Senior (Junior Becomes a Senior)
11. Non Compos Mentis (Non Compos Mentis)
12. Junior Goes Society (Junior Goes Society)
13. Junior's Other Job (Junior's Other Job)
14. Poor Little Rich Guy (Poor Little Rich Guy)
15. My Fair Lawyer (My Fair Lawyer)
16. Shall We Dance? (Shall We Dance?)
17. The Magnificent Borough (The Magnificent Borough)
18. You Can Fight City Hall (You Can Fight City Hall)
19. The Comeback (The Comeback)
20. The Comics (The Comics)
21. 100 Proof (100 Proof)
22. They Were All in Step But Jim (They Were All in Step But Jim)
23. The Manly Art (The Manly Art)
24. A Ticket to Albany (A Ticket to Albany)
25. The Man Who Wouldn't Stay Dead (The Man Who Wouldn't Stay Dead)
26. Harrigan vs. Harvard (Harrigan vs. Harvard)
27. Senior Goes to Hollywood (Senior Goes to Hollywood)
28. The Case of the Missing Case (The Case of the Missing Case)
29. Hans Is Hot (Hans Is Hot)
30. Hello - Goodbye (Hello - Goodbye)
31. The Legacy (The Legacy)
32. Roommates (Roommates)
33. On Broadway (On Broadway)
34. The Testimonial (The Testimonial)