Here's Lucy

Here's Lucy (Here's Lucy) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Mod, Mod Lucy (Mod, Mod Lucy)
2. Lucy Visits Jack Benny (Lucy Visits Jack Benny)
3. Lucy, the Process Server (Lucy, the Process Server)
4. Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters (Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters)
5. Lucy, the Conclusion Jumper (Lucy, the Conclusion Jumper)
6. Lucy's Impossible Mission (Lucy's Impossible Mission)
7. Lucy and Eva Gabor (Lucy and Eva Gabor)
8. Lucy's Birthday (Lucy's Birthday)
9. Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton (Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton)
10. Lucy's Working Daughter (Lucy's Working Daughter)
11. Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50 (Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50)
12. Lucy, the Matchmaker (Lucy, the Matchmaker)
13. Lucy and the Gold Rush (Lucy and the Gold Rush)
14. Lucy the Fixer (Lucy the Fixer)
15. Lucy and the Ex-Con (Lucy and the Ex-Con)
16. Lucy Goes on Strike (Lucy Goes on Strike)
17. Lucy and Carol Burnett (Lucy and Carol Burnett)
18. Lucy and the Great Airport Chase (Lucy and the Great Airport Chase)
19. A Date for Lucy (A Date for Lucy)
20. Lucy, the Shopping Expert (Lucy, the Shopping Expert)
21. Lucy Gets Her Man (Lucy Gets Her Man)
22. Lucy's Safari (Lucy's Safari)
23. Lucy and Tennessee Ernie's Fun Farm (Lucy and Tennessee Ernie's Fun Farm)
24. Lucy Helps Craig Get a Driver's License (Lucy Helps Craig Get a Driver's License)
2. série
1. Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 1 (Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 1)
2. Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 2 (Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 2)
3. Lucy and the Indian Chief (Lucy and the Indian Chief)
4. Lucy Runs the Rapids (Lucy Runs the Rapids)
5. Lucy and Harry's Tonsils (Lucy and Harry's Tonsils)
6. Lucy and the Andrews Sisters (Lucy and the Andrews Sisters)
7. Lucy's Burglar's Alarm (Lucy's Burglar's Alarm)
8. Lucy at the Drive-In Movie (Lucy at the Drive-In Movie)
9. Lucy and the Used Car Dealer (Lucy and the Used Car Dealer)
10. Lucy, the Cement Worker (Lucy, the Cement Worker)
11. Lucy and Johnny Carson (Lucy and Johnny Carson)
12. Lucy and the Generation Gap (Lucy and the Generation Gap)
13. Lucy and the Bogie Affair (Lucy and the Bogie Affair)
14. Lucy Protects Her Job (Lucy Protects Her Job)
15. Lucy the Helpful Mother (Lucy the Helpful Mother)
16. Lucy and Liberace (Lucy and Liberace)
17. Lucy, the Laundress (Lucy, the Laundress)
18. Lucy and Lawrence Welk (Lucy and Lawrence Welk)
19. Lucy and Viv Visit TiJuana (Lucy and Viv Visit TiJuana)
20. Lucy and Ann-Margret (Lucy and Ann-Margret)
21. Lucy and Wally Cox (Lucy and Wally Cox)
22. Lucy and Wayne Newton (Lucy and Wayne Newton)
23. Lucy Takes Over (Lucy Takes Over)
24. Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 2 (Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 2)
3. série
1. Lucy Meets the Burtons (Lucy Meets the Burtons)
2. Lucy, the Skydiver (Lucy, the Skydiver)
3. Lucy and Sammy Davis Jr. (Lucy and Sammy Davis Jr.)
4. Lucy and the Drum Contest (Lucy and the Drum Contest)
5. Lucy the Crusader (Lucy the Crusader)
6. Lucy, the Co-Ed (Lucy, the Co-Ed)
7. Lucy, the American Mother (Lucy, the American Mother)
8. Lucy's Wedding Party (Lucy's Wedding Party)
9. Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price (Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price)
10. Lucy the Diamond Cutter (Lucy the Diamond Cutter)
11. Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography (Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography)
12. Lucy and Rudy Vallee (Lucy and Rudy Vallee)
13. Lucy Loses Her Cool (Lucy Loses Her Cool)
14. Lucy, the Part-Time Wife (Lucy, the Part-Time Wife)
15. Lucy and Ma Parker (Lucy and Ma Parker)
16. Lucy Stops a Marriage (Lucy Stops a Marriage)
17. Lucy's Vacation (Lucy's Vacation)
18. Lucy and the 20-20 Vision (Lucy and the 20-20 Vision)
19. Lucy and the Raffle (Lucy and the Raffle)
20. Lucy's House Guest, Harry (Lucy's House Guest, Harry)
21. Lucy and Aladdin's Lamp (Lucy and Aladdin's Lamp)
22. Lucy and Carol Burnett (Lucy and Carol Burnett)
23. Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part One (Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part One)
24. Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part Two (Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part Two)
4. série
1. Lucy and Flip Go Legit (Lucy and Flip Go Legit)
2. Lucy and the Mountain Climber (Lucy and the Mountain Climber)
3. Lucy and Harry's Italian Bombshell (Lucy and Harry's Italian Bombshell)
4. Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage (Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage)
5. Lucy and the Astronauts (Lucy and the Astronauts)
6. Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars (Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars)
7. Someone's on the Ski Lift with Dinah (Someone's on the Ski Lift with Dinah)
8. Lucy and Her All-Nun Band (Lucy and Her All-Nun Band)
9. Won't You Calm Down Dan Dailey? (Won't You Calm Down Dan Dailey?)
10. Lucy and the Celebrities (Lucy and the Celebrities)
11. Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea (Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea)
12. Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night-Night (Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night-Night)
13. Lucy in the Jungle (Lucy in the Jungle)
14. Lucy and Candid Camera (Lucy and Candid Camera)
15. Lucy's Lucky Day (Lucy's Lucky Day)
16. Lucy's Bonus Bounces (Lucy's Bonus Bounces)
17. Lucy and the Little Old Lady (Lucy and the Little Old Lady)
18. Lucy and the Chinese Curse (Lucy and the Chinese Curse)
19. Lucy's Replacement (Lucy's Replacement)
20. Kim Moves Out (Kim Moves Out)
21. Lucy Sublets the Office (Lucy Sublets the Office)
22. Lucy's Punctured Romance (Lucy's Punctured Romance)
23. With Viv as a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy? (With Viv as a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?)
24. Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Whose Apron String (Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Whose Apron String)
5. série
1. Lucy's Big Break (Lucy's Big Break)
2. Lucy and Eva Gabor Are Hospital Roomies (Lucy and Eva Gabor Are Hospital Roomies)
3. Harrison Carter, Male Nurse (Harrison Carter, Male Nurse)
4. A Home Is Not an Office (A Home Is Not an Office)
5. Lucy and Joe Namath (Lucy and Joe Namath)
6. The Case of the Reckless Wheelchair Driver (The Case of the Reckless Wheelchair Driver)
7. Lucy, the Other Woman (Lucy, the Other Woman)
8. Lucy and Petula Clark (Lucy and Petula Clark)
9. Lucy and Jim Bailey (Lucy and Jim Bailey)
10. Dirty Gertie (Dirty Gertie)
11. Lucy and Donny Osmond (Lucy and Donny Osmond)
12. Lucy and Her Prince Charming (Lucy and Her Prince Charming)
13. My Fair Buzzi (My Fair Buzzi)
14. Lucy and the Group Encounter (Lucy and the Group Encounter)
15. Lucy Is Really in a Pickle (Lucy Is Really in a Pickle)
16. Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date (Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date)
17. Lucy and Her Genuine Twinby (Lucy and Her Genuine Twinby)
18. Lucy Goes to Prison (Lucy Goes to Prison)
19. Lucy and the Professor (Lucy and the Professor)
20. Lucy and the Franchise Fiasco (Lucy and the Franchise Fiasco)
21. Lucy and Uncle Harry's Pot (Lucy and Uncle Harry's Pot)
22. The Not-So-Popular-Mechanics (The Not-So-Popular-Mechanics)
23. Goodbye Mrs. Hips (Goodbye Mrs. Hips)
24. Lucy and Harry's Memoirs (Lucy and Harry's Memoirs)
6. série
1. Lucy and Danny Thomas (Lucy and Danny Thomas)
2. The Big Game (The Big Game)
3. Lucy, the Peacemaker (Lucy, the Peacemaker)
4. Lucy, the Wealthy Widow (Lucy, the Wealthy Widow)
5. The Bow Wow Boutique (The Bow Wow Boutique)
6. Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance (Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance)
7. Lucy's Tenant (Lucy's Tenant)
8. Lucy and Andy Griffith (Lucy and Andy Griffith)
9. Lucy and Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty (Lucy and Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty)
10. Tipsy Through the Tulips (Tipsy Through the Tulips)
11. The Carters Meets Frankie Avalon (The Carters Meets Frankie Avalon)
12. Harry Catches Gold Fever (Harry Catches Gold Fever)
13. Lucy and Chuck Connors Have a Surprise Slumber Party (Lucy and Chuck Connors Have a Surprise Slumber Party)
14. Lucy Plays Cops and Robbers (Lucy Plays Cops and Robbers)
15. Lucy Is a Bird-Sitter (Lucy Is a Bird-Sitter)
16. Meanwhile, Back at the Office (Meanwhile, Back at the Office)
17. Lucy Is N.G. as an R.N. (Lucy Is N.G. as an R.N.)
18. Lucy, the Sheriff (Lucy, the Sheriff)
19. Milton Berle Is the Life of the Party (Milton Berle Is the Life of the Party)
20. Mary Jane's Boyfriend (Mary Jane's Boyfriend)
21. Lucy and Phil Harris Strike Up the Band (Lucy and Phil Harris Strike Up the Band)
22. Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball (Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball)
23. Where Is My Wandering Mother Tonight? (Where Is My Wandering Mother Tonight?)
24. Lucy Fights the System (Lucy Fights the System)