Horalové (Mountain Men) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Winter Is Coming (Winter Is Coming)
2. Mayhem (Mayhem)
3. Lost (Lost)
4. Miles from Home (Miles from Home)
5. Surviving Winter (Surviving Winter)
6. Show Me the Money (Show Me the Money)
7. The Final Stand (The Final Stand)
8. This Is the End (This Is the End)
2. série
1. Into the Wild (Into the Wild)
2. The Night's Watch (The Night's Watch)
3. Winter Strikes (Winter Strikes)
4. Last Chance (Last Chance)
5. Three Toes Returns (Three Toes Returns)
6. Bloody Sunday (Bloody Sunday)
7. No Way Out (No Way Out)
8. Disaster Strikes (Disaster Strikes)
9. End of the Line (End of the Line)
10. Thin Ice (Thin Ice)
11. Going for Broke (Going for Broke)
12. Ticking Clock (Ticking Clock)
13. Settling the Score (Settling the Score)
14. Judgment Day (Judgment Day)
15. Meltdown (Meltdown)
16. Misty Mountain (Misty Mountain)
3. série
1. Winter's Wrath (Winter's Wrath)
2. The Darkness (The Darkness)
3. Valley of the Wolves (Valley of the Wolves)
4. The Revelations (The Revelations)
5. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire (Where There's Smoke, There's Fire)
6. Training Day (Training Day)
7. Rite of Passage (Rite of Passage)
8. Call of the Wild (Call of the Wild)
9. Hell on Ice (Hell on Ice)
10. Death Trap (Death Trap)
11. Deep Freeze (Deep Freeze)
12. Predator (Predator)
13. Live, Fight, and Die (Live, Fight, and Die)
14. Stranded (Stranded)
15. The Great Escape (The Great Escape)
16. No Rest for the Weary (No Rest for the Weary)
4. série
1. Adapt or Die (Adapt or Die)
2. Dark Crossing (Dark Crossing)
3. Welcome to the Tundra (Welcome to the Tundra)
4. Best Laid Plans (Best Laid Plans)
5. Deadly Ascent (Deadly Ascent)
6. Snowblind (Snowblind)
7. The Fallen (The Fallen)
8. Lifeblood (Lifeblood)
9. So Close, Yet So Far Away (So Close, Yet So Far Away)
10. Hard Target (Hard Target)
11. Touchdown (Touchdown)
12. Miles to Go (Miles to Go)
13. In the Blood (In the Blood)
14. Touchdown (Touchdown)
15. Awakening (Awakening)
16. Hard Fought and Fairly Won (Hard Fought and Fairly Won)
5. série
1. The Wasteland (The Wasteland)
2. Fallout (Fallout)
3. All Work and No Pay (All Work and No Pay)
4. No Man Is An Island (No Man Is An Island)
5. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained)
6. Gone (Gone)
7. Freeze Out (Freeze Out)
8. Killer Instinct (Killer Instinct)
9. Crash And Burn (Crash And Burn)
10. Concussion (Concussion)
11. The Bull & The Bear (The Bull & The Bear)
12. Rock Bottom (Rock Bottom)
13. Nemesis (Nemesis)
14. The Sting of Defeat (The Sting of Defeat)
15. I'll Go Down Fighting (I'll Go Down Fighting)
16. Generations (Generations)
6. série
1. TBA (TBA)
2. TBA (TBA)
3. Breakage (Breakage)
4. Hard Luck (Hard Luck)
5. The Surge (The Surge)
6. Let the Weight of the Hammer Do the Work (Let the Weight of the Hammer Do the Work)
7. Hunter And Hunted (Hunter And Hunted)
8. The Cut (The Cut)
9. Birthright (Birthright)
10. Only The Strong Survive (Only The Strong Survive)
11. Waste Not, Want Not (Waste Not, Want Not)
12. Long Shot (Long Shot)
13. High & Dry (High & Dry)
14. Race To Ruin (Race To Ruin)
15. Stand Your Ground (Stand Your Ground)
16. To Every Thing There Is a Season (To Every Thing There Is a Season)