Horká stopa L.A.

Horká stopa L.A. (L.A. Heat)
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1. série
1. Daybomber (Daybomber)
2. Too Young to Die (Too Young to Die)
3. In Transit (In Transit)
4. Electra (Electra)
5. Silicon Sting (Silicon Sting)
6. Cop Star (Cop Star)
7. Strange Currencies (Strange Currencies)
8. Rage (Rage)
9. Words Will Never Hurt Me (Words Will Never Hurt Me)
10. Rap Sheet (Rap Sheet)
11. For Whom the Bullet Tolls (For Whom the Bullet Tolls)
12. Old Scores (Old Scores)
13. My Brother's Keeper (My Brother's Keeper)
14. 211 Kidney (211 Kidney)
15. Special Order 40 (Special Order 40)
16. Falcon (Falcon)
17. Green Justice (Green Justice)
18. Smash and Grab (Smash and Grab)
19. Killing on Lily Lane (Killing on Lily Lane)
20. Death House (Death House)
21. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)
22. Chester Nut (Chester Nut)
23. Captain Crimestopper (Captain Crimestopper)
24. Big Guns (Big Guns)
25. National Security (National Security)
26. Wake Up Call (Wake Up Call)
2. série
1. Fangs (Fangs)
2. F Is for Framed (F Is for Framed)
3. Burning Sanctuary (Burning Sanctuary)
4. Strip Show (Strip Show)
5. Eyewitness (Eyewitness)
6. Little Saigon (Little Saigon)
7. John Doe (John Doe)
8. Widow Maker (Widow Maker)
9. Obsession (Obsession)
10. Call of the Wild (Call of the Wild)
11. The Bigger They Are (The Bigger They Are)
12. Faces of Fear (Faces of Fear)
13. The Monk (The Monk)
14. Ties That Bind (Ties That Bind)
15. In Harm's Way (In Harm's Way)
16. Bad Reputation (Bad Reputation)
17. Danny the Eel (Danny the Eel)
18. Cop Killer (Cop Killer)
19. Professor Benton (Professor Benton)
20. Legacy of a Buffalo Soldier (Legacy of a Buffalo Soldier)
21. Armageddon (Armageddon)
22. Vengeance (Vengeance)