I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy (I Love Lucy)
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1. série
1. The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub (The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub)
2. Be a Pal (Be a Pal)
3. The Diet (The Diet)
4. Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder Her (Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder Her)
5. The Quiz Show (The Quiz Show)
6. The Audition (The Audition)
7. The Seance (The Seance)
8. Men Are Messy (Men Are Messy)
9. The Fur Coat (The Fur Coat)
10. Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer (Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer)
11. Drafted (Drafted)
12. The Adagio (The Adagio)
13. The Benefit (The Benefit)
14. The Amateur Hour (The Amateur Hour)
15. Lucy Plays Cupid (Lucy Plays Cupid)
16. Lucy Fakes Illness (Lucy Fakes Illness)
17. Lucy Writes a Play (Lucy Writes a Play)
18. Breaking the Lease (Breaking the Lease)
19. The Ballet (The Ballet)
20. The Young Fans (The Young Fans)
21. New Neighbors (New Neighbors)
22. Fred and Ethel Fight (Fred and Ethel Fight)
23. The Mustache (The Mustache)
24. The Gossip (The Gossip)
25. Pioneer Women (Pioneer Women)
26. The Marriage License (The Marriage License)
27. The Kleptomaniac (The Kleptomaniac)
28. Cuban Pals (Cuban Pals)
29. The Freezer (The Freezer)
30. Lucy Does a TV Commercial (Lucy Does a TV Commercial)
31. The Publicity Agent (The Publicity Agent)
32. Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio (Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio)
33. Lucy's Schedule (Lucy's Schedule)
34. Ricky Thinks He's Going Bald (Ricky Thinks He's Going Bald)
35. Ricky Asks for a Raise (Ricky Asks for a Raise)
2. série
1. Job Switching (Job Switching)
2. The Saxophone (The Saxophone)
3. The Anniversary Present (The Anniversary Present)
4. The Handcuffs (The Handcuffs)
5. The Operetta (The Operetta)
6. Vacation from Marriage (Vacation from Marriage)
7. The Courtroom (The Courtroom)
8. Redecorating (Redecorating)
9. Ricky Loses His Voice (Ricky Loses His Voice)
10. Lucy Is Enceinte (Lucy Is Enceinte)
11. Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable (Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable)
12. Lucy's Show-Biz Swan Song (Lucy's Show-Biz Swan Song)
13. Lucy Hires an English Tutor (Lucy Hires an English Tutor)
14. Ricky has Labor Pains (Ricky has Labor Pains)
15. Lucy Becomes a Sculptress (Lucy Becomes a Sculptress)
16. Lucy Goes to the Hospital (Lucy Goes to the Hospital)
17. Sales Resistance (Sales Resistance)
18. The Inferiority Complex (The Inferiority Complex)
19. The Club Election (The Club Election)
20. The Black Eye (The Black Eye)
21. Lucy Changes Her Mind (Lucy Changes Her Mind)
22. No Children Allowed (No Children Allowed)
23. Lucy Hires a Maid (Lucy Hires a Maid)
24. The Indian Show (The Indian Show)
25. Lucy's Last Birthday (Lucy's Last Birthday)
26. The Ricardos Change Apartments (The Ricardos Change Apartments)
27. Lucy Is a Matchmaker (Lucy Is a Matchmaker)
28. Lucy Wants New Furniture (Lucy Wants New Furniture)
29. The Camping Trip (The Camping Trip)
30. Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans (Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans)
31. Never Do Business with Friends (Never Do Business with Friends)
3. série
1. Ricky's Life Story (Ricky's Life Story)
2. The Girls Go Into Business (The Girls Go Into Business)
3. Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress (Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress)
4. Equal Rights (Equal Rights)
5. Baby Pictures (Baby Pictures)
6. Lucy Tells the Truth (Lucy Tells the Truth)
7. The French Revue (The French Revue)
8. Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment (Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment)
9. Too Many Crooks (Too Many Crooks)
10. Changing the Boys' Wardrobe (Changing the Boys' Wardrobe)
11. Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined (Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined)
12. Ricky's Old Girlfriend (Ricky's Old Girlfriend)
13. The Million Dollar Idea (The Million Dollar Idea)
14. Ricky Minds the Baby (Ricky Minds the Baby)
15. The Charm School (The Charm School)
16. Sentimental Anniversary (Sentimental Anniversary)
17. Fan Magazine (Fan Magazine)
18. Oil Wells (Oil Wells)
19. Ricky Loses His Temper (Ricky Loses His Temper)
20. Home Movies (Home Movies)
21. Bonus Bucks (Bonus Bucks)
22. Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation (Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation)
23. Lucy Is Envious (Lucy Is Envious)
24. Lucy Writes a Novel (Lucy Writes a Novel)
25. Lucy's Club Dance (Lucy's Club Dance)
26. The Black Wig (The Black Wig)
27. The Diner (The Diner)
28. Tennessee Ernie Visits (Tennessee Ernie Visits)
29. Tennessee Ernie Hangs On (Tennessee Ernie Hangs On)
30. The Golf Game (The Golf Game)
31. The Sublease (The Sublease)
4. série
1. The Business Manager (The Business Manager)
2. Mertz and Kurtz (Mertz and Kurtz)
3. Lucy Cries Wolf (Lucy Cries Wolf)
4. The Matchmaker (The Matchmaker)
5. Ricky's Movie Offer (Ricky's Movie Offer)
6. Ricky's Screen Test (Ricky's Screen Test)
7. Lucy's Mother-in-Law (Lucy's Mother-in-Law)
8. Ethel's Birthday (Ethel's Birthday)
9. Ricky's Contract (Ricky's Contract)
10. Getting Ready (Getting Ready)
11. Lucy Learns to Drive (Lucy Learns to Drive)
12. California, Here We Come! (California, Here We Come!)
13. First Stop (First Stop)
14. Tennessee Bound (Tennessee Bound)
15. Ethel's Hometown (Ethel's Hometown)
16. Hollywood at Last (Hollywood at Last)
17. Don Juan and the Starlets (Don Juan and the Starlets)
18. Lucy Gets Into Pictures (Lucy Gets Into Pictures)
19. The Fashion Show (The Fashion Show)
20. The Hedda Hopper Story (The Hedda Hopper Story)
21. Don Juan Is Shelved (Don Juan Is Shelved)
22. Bullfight Dance (Bullfight Dance)
23. Hollywood Anniversary (Hollywood Anniversary)
24. Mr. and Mrs. T.V. Show (Mr. and Mrs. T.V. Show)
25. The Star Upstairs (The Star Upstairs)
26. In Palm Springs (In Palm Springs)
27. Lucy and Harpo Marx (Lucy and Harpo Marx)
28. The Dancing Star (The Dancing Star)
29. Ricky Needs an Agent (Ricky Needs an Agent)
30. The Tour (The Tour)
5. série
1. Lucy Visits Grauman's (Lucy Visits Grauman's)
2. Lucy and John Wayne (Lucy and John Wayne)
3. Lucy and the Dummy (Lucy and the Dummy)
4. Ricky Sells the Car (Ricky Sells the Car)
5. The Great Train Robbery (The Great Train Robbery)
6. The Homecoming (The Homecoming)
7. The Ricardos Are Interviewed (The Ricardos Are Interviewed)
8. Lucy Goes to the Rodeo (Lucy Goes to the Rodeo)
9. Nursery School (Nursery School)
10. Ricky's European Booking (Ricky's European Booking)
11. The Passports (The Passports)
12. Staten Island Ferry (Staten Island Ferry)
13. Bon Voyage (Bon Voyage)
14. Second Honeymoon (Second Honeymoon)
15. Lucy Meets the Queen (Lucy Meets the Queen)
16. The Fox Hunt (The Fox Hunt)
17. Lucy Goes to Scotland (Lucy Goes to Scotland)
18. Paris at Last (Paris at Last)
19. Lucy Meets Charles Boyer (Lucy Meets Charles Boyer)
20. Lucy Gets a Paris Gown (Lucy Gets a Paris Gown)
21. Lucy in the Swiss Alps (Lucy in the Swiss Alps)
22. Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy (Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy)
23. Lucy's Italian Movie (Lucy's Italian Movie)
24. Lucy's Bicycle Trip (Lucy's Bicycle Trip)
25. Lucy Goes to Monte Carlo (Lucy Goes to Monte Carlo)
26. Return Home from Europe (Return Home from Europe)
6. série
1. Lucy and Bob Hope (Lucy and Bob Hope)
2. Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums (Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums)
3. Lucy Meets Orson Welles (Lucy Meets Orson Welles)
4. Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright (Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright)
5. Visitor from Italy (Visitor from Italy)
6. Off to Florida (Off to Florida)
7. Deep Sea Fishing (Deep Sea Fishing)
8. Desert Island (Desert Island)
9. The Ricardos Visit Cuba (The Ricardos Visit Cuba)
10. Little Ricky's School Pageant (Little Ricky's School Pageant)
11. The I Love Lucy Christmas Show (The I Love Lucy Christmas Show)
12. Lucy and the Loving Cup (Lucy and the Loving Cup)
13. Lucy and Superman (Lucy and Superman)
14. Little Ricky Gets a Dog (Little Ricky Gets a Dog)
15. Lucy Wants to Move to the Country (Lucy Wants to Move to the Country)
16. Lucy Hates to Leave (Lucy Hates to Leave)
17. Lucy Misses the Mertzes (Lucy Misses the Mertzes)
18. Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors (Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors)
19. Lucy Raises Chickens (Lucy Raises Chickens)
20. Lucy Does the Tango (Lucy Does the Tango)
21. Ragtime Band (Ragtime Band)
22. Lucy's Night in Town (Lucy's Night in Town)
23. Housewarming (Housewarming)
24. Building a Bar-B-Q (Building a Bar-B-Q)
25. Country Club Dance (Country Club Dance)
26. Lucy Raises Tulips (Lucy Raises Tulips)
27. The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue (The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue)