In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory (In Loving Memory)
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1. série
1. In Loving Memory (In Loving Memory)
2. The Legacy (The Legacy)
3. Gone Dancing (Gone Dancing)
4. The Rivals (The Rivals)
5. Pork (Pork)
6. Come Back Little Malcolm (Come Back Little Malcolm)
7. Onions (Onions)
2. série
1. The Outing (The Outing)
2. Play to Me, Gypsy (Play to Me, Gypsy)
3. The Honeymooners (The Honeymooners)
4. Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday)
5. Madam President (Madam President)
6. The Angels Want Me for a Sunbeam (The Angels Want Me for a Sunbeam)
7. The Fall of the House of Unsworth (The Fall of the House of Unsworth)
3. série
1. The Actress and the Undertaker (The Actress and the Undertaker)
2. Wedding Bells (Wedding Bells)
3. Bowls (Bowls)
4. Memories Are Made of This (Memories Are Made of This)
5. Gone But Not Forgotten (Gone But Not Forgotten)
6. To Billy a Son (To Billy a Son)
7. The Last Post (The Last Post)
8. Special: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Special: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
4. série
1. Flying Undertaker (Flying Undertaker)
2. Trouble at T' Mill (Trouble at T' Mill)
3. Blood Will Out (Blood Will Out)
4. Criminal Records (Criminal Records)
5. Cuckoo in the Nest (Cuckoo in the Nest)
6. Cash and Carry (Cash and Carry)
7. Do You Take This Woman? (Do You Take This Woman?)
5. série
1. And Auntie Came Too (And Auntie Came Too)
2. Three's a Crowd (Three's a Crowd)
3. They Shoot Undertakers, Don't They? (They Shoot Undertakers, Don't They?)
4. The Second Time Around (The Second Time Around)
5. King of the Mountains (King of the Mountains)
6. The Undertaker's Apprentice (The Undertaker's Apprentice)
7. Up in the World (Up in the World)