Ink Master: Redemption

Ink Master: Redemption (Ink Master: Redemption)
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1. série
1. Hula Girls & Garter Belts (Hula Girls & Garter Belts)
2. Mystical Mistakes (Mystical Mistakes)
3. Walk-outs (Walk-outs)
4. Fool Me Twice (Fool Me Twice)
5. Settling The Score (Settling The Score)
6. Mind Over Master (Mind Over Master)
2. série
1. Triple Threat (Triple Threat)
2. Two Right Feet (Two Right Feet)
3. Behind Every Inked Man (Behind Every Inked Man)
4. Cheetah Print Pain (Cheetah Print Pain)
5. Stained Glass From the Past (Stained Glass From the Past)
6. The Witch Is Back (The Witch Is Back)
7. Two Heads Are Better (Two Heads Are Better)
8. Reinking History (Reinking History)
9. You Get What You Pay For (You Get What You Pay For)
10. Inked in Honor (Inked in Honor)
11. Spousal Support (Spousal Support)
12. Nice Guys Finish Last? (Nice Guys Finish Last?)
3. série
1. Master Canvas Call Out (Master Canvas Call Out)
2. Finish What You Started (Finish What You Started)
3. One Tatt Wonders (One Tatt Wonders)
4. Peace Out, Cub Scout (Peace Out, Cub Scout)
5. X-rated Blunders (X-rated Blunders)
6. Coming In Hot (Coming In Hot)
7. Road Show (Road Show)
8. Master Of Horror (Master Of Horror)
9. Don't Butcher My Baby (Don't Butcher My Baby)
10. Massacred Memorials (Massacred Memorials)
11. High Anxiety (High Anxiety)
12. Birds Of Prey (Birds Of Prey)
4. série
1. Declaration Of Ink-dependence (Declaration Of Ink-dependence)
2. Coach Cleen (Coach Cleen)
3. Third Time's The Charm (Third Time's The Charm)
4. The Key To Redemption (The Key To Redemption)
5. Bury The Redemption Hatchet (Bury The Redemption Hatchet)
6. Close Encounters Of The Redemption Kind (Close Encounters Of The Redemption Kind)
7. Tuff Redemption (Tuff Redemption)
8. Redemption Showdown (Redemption Showdown)
9. A Redemption Best Served Cold (A Redemption Best Served Cold)
10. Holy Trinity Of Redemption (Holy Trinity Of Redemption)
11. Redemption Rescue (Redemption Rescue)
12. Down The Redemption Highway (Down The Redemption Highway)
13. A Master Redemption (A Master Redemption)
14. Are You A Champion? (Are You A Champion?)