Inspektor Regan

Inspektor Regan (Sweeney, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Ringer (Ringer)
2. Jackpot (Jackpot)
3. Thin Ice (Thin Ice)
4. Queen's Pawn (Queen's Pawn)
5. Jigsaw (Jigsaw)
6. Night Out (Night Out)
7. The Placer (The Placer)
8. Cover Story (Cover Story)
9. Golden Boy (Golden Boy)
10. Stoppo Driver (Stoppo Driver)
11. Big Spender (Big Spender)
12. Contact Breaker (Contact Breaker)
13. Abduction (Abduction)
2. série
1. Chalk and Cheese (Chalk and Cheese)
2. Faces (Faces)
3. Supersnout (Supersnout)
4. Big Brother (Big Brother)
5. Hit and Run (Hit and Run)
6. Trap (Trap)
7. Golden Fleece (Golden Fleece)
8. Poppy (Poppy)
9. Stay Lucky, Eh? (Stay Lucky, Eh?)
10. Trojan Bus (Trojan Bus)
11. I Want the Man! (I Want the Man!)
12. Country Boy (Country Boy)
13. Thou Shalt Not Kill (Thou Shalt Not Kill)
3. série
1. Selected Target (Selected Target)
2. In from the Cold (In from the Cold)
3. Visiting Fireman (Visiting Fireman)
4. Tomorrow Man (Tomorrow Man)
5. Taste of Fear (Taste of Fear)
6. Bad Apple (Bad Apple)
7. May (May)
8. Sweet Smell of Succession (Sweet Smell of Succession)
9. Down to You, Brother! (Down to You, Brother!)
10. Payoff (Payoff)
11. Loving Arms (Loving Arms)
12. Lady Luck (Lady Luck)
13. On The Run (On The Run)
4. série
1. Messenger of the Gods (Messenger of the Gods)
2. Hard Men (Hard Men)
3. Drag Act (Drag Act)
4. Trust Red (Trust Red)
5. Nightmare (Nightmare)
6. Money, Money, Money (Money, Money, Money)
7. Bait (Bait)
8. The Bigger They Are (The Bigger They Are)
9. Feet of Clay (Feet of Clay)
10. One of Your Own (One of Your Own)
11. Hearts and Minds (Hearts and Minds)
12. Latin Lady (Latin Lady)
13. Victims (Victims)
14. Jack or Knave? (Jack or Knave?)