Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo (Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Love Comes Riding a Shooting Star (Love Comes Riding a Shooting Star)
2. Entrance Exam of Love (Entrance Exam of Love)
3. Morning Coffee is the Aroma of Love?! (Morning Coffee is the Aroma of Love?!)
4. Chocolate is Love's Good Luck Charm?! (Chocolate is Love's Good Luck Charm?!)
5. Who Will Get the First Kiss?! (Who Will Get the First Kiss?!)
6. A Rival Enters the Scene?! A Love with Grim Prospects (A Rival Enters the Scene?! A Love with Grim Prospects)
7. The Service Ace of Love (The Service Ace of Love)
8. The Sudden First Date (The Sudden First Date)
9. The Time to Give Up on Love (The Time to Give Up on Love)
10. A Snowy Night's Confession (A Snowy Night's Confession)
11. My Sweetheart is Santa Claus (My Sweetheart is Santa Claus)
12. Toward Everyone's Own Dream... (Toward Everyone's Own Dream...)
13. A Trick of Fate (A Trick of Fate)
14. Where Love Parts Ways (Where Love Parts Ways)
15. Goodbye, Irie-kun (Goodbye, Irie-kun)
16. The Miracle of the Shooting Star (The Miracle of the Shooting Star)
2. série
1. Love in Okinawa (Love in Okinawa)
2. A Turbulent Honeymoon (A Turbulent Honeymoon)
3. My Marriage Still On Hold?! (My Marriage Still On Hold?!)
4. Hello Baby?! (Hello Baby?!)
5. Exciting! My First Date (Exciting! My First Date)
6. Extreme!? Mates in White Coat (Extreme!? Mates in White Coat)
7. A Genius and Jealousy (A Genius and Jealousy)
8. A Vow with a Nurse Cap (A Vow with a Nurse Cap)
9. Rivalry with Grandma Toyo (Rivalry with Grandma Toyo)
10. Here Comes A Cute Little Vixen! (Here Comes A Cute Little Vixen!)
11. Naoki, Counting on You for Kotoko! (Naoki, Counting on You for Kotoko!)
12. Kiss of Goodbye (Kiss of Goodbye)
13. ...and Love in KOBE (...and Love in KOBE)
14. Flowers and Storms (Flowers and Storms)
15. Stand Up For Love (Stand Up For Love)
16. Tearful Proposal (Tearful Proposal)
17. Best Birthday Gift Ever (Best Birthday Gift Ever)