Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn!

Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn! (Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn!)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. Ee?! Ore ga Mafia no 10 daime!? (Ee?! Ore ga Mafia no 10 daime!?)
2. The End of School!? (The End of School!?)
3. Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror! (Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!)
4. Hahi! Destroy Girls' Hearts! (Hahi! Destroy Girls' Hearts!)
5. The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom (The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom)
6. Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist! (Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!)
7. The Limit! Passionate Brother! (The Limit! Passionate Brother!)
8. The Senior Boss Thinks of His Family (The Senior Boss Thinks of His Family)
9. Short Life Skull Disease (Short Life Skull Disease)
10. Gahaha! The Exploding Lunchbox! (Gahaha! The Exploding Lunchbox!)
11. The Dumpling Bun of Love and Death (The Dumpling Bun of Love and Death)
12. Training Teacher! Strengthening Program (Training Teacher! Strengthening Program)
13. New Year! The Game of 100,000,000 Yen! (New Year! The Game of 100,000,000 Yen!)
14. First Date!? Hell's Zoo (First Date!? Hell's Zoo)
15. Survival Snow Battle (Survival Snow Battle)
16. Escape from the Mountain of Death! (Escape from the Mountain of Death!)
17. Hush Before Entering the Hospital (Hush Before Entering the Hospital)
18. Poisoned Love Chocolates (Poisoned Love Chocolates)
19. 100% Accuracy? Ranking Everything (100% Accuracy? Ranking Everything)
20. Abrupt Attack (Abrupt Attack)
21. Injured Friends (Injured Friends)
22. The Unexpected Demonic Leader (The Unexpected Demonic Leader)
23. Saigo no Shinuki-dan (Saigo no Shinuki-dan)
24. Sorezore no hangeki (Sorezore no hangeki)
25. Kachitai! Mezame no shunkan (Kachitai! Mezame no shunkan)
26. Owari to sore kara (Owari to sore kara)
27. Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion (Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion)
28. It's a Lie! We Killed? (It's a Lie! We Killed?)
29. Broccoli's Sweetheart? (Broccoli's Sweetheart?)
30. Hide and Seek on a Cruise Ship (Hide and Seek on a Cruise Ship)
31. Welcoming at Mafia Island (Welcoming at Mafia Island)
32. A Shark in the Public Pool (A Shark in the Public Pool)
33. Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans? (Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans?)
34. Episode #1.34 (Episode #1.34)
35. The 7 Vongola Rings (The 7 Vongola Rings)
36. Katekyo, Start (Katekyo, Start)
37. Master and Disciple Combi, Set (Master and Disciple Combi, Set)
38. The Disapperance of the Stubborn Fawn (The Disapperance of the Stubborn Fawn)
39. The Unseen Enemy's Motive (The Unseen Enemy's Motive)
40. Fight for the Ring Begins! (Fight for the Ring Begins!)
41. Feelings of the Protector (Feelings of the Protector)
42. The Power to Rebound Adversity (The Power to Rebound Adversity)
43. Thunder Strike of 20 Years Later (Thunder Strike of 20 Years Later)
44. The Stolen Sky Ring (The Stolen Sky Ring)
45. Storm Brewed by Angry Waves (Storm Brewed by Angry Waves)
46. Reason to Fight (Reason to Fight)
47. The Strongest Invincible School (The Strongest Invincible School)
48. Namegata's Game (Namegata's Game)
49. Requiem of the Rain (Requiem of the Rain)
50. Episode #1.50 (Episode #1.50)
51. Illusion VS Illusion (Illusion VS Illusion)
52. The Truth of the Mist (The Truth of the Mist)
53. A Touch of Uneasiness (A Touch of Uneasiness)
54. The Guardian of Cloud's Rampage (The Guardian of Cloud's Rampage)
55. Resolution (Resolution)
56. Gokudera's Story (Gokudera's Story)
57. The Battle of the Sky, Begins! (The Battle of the Sky, Begins!)
58. Flame of Wrath (Flame of Wrath)
59. Relieving Everyone (Relieving Everyone)
60. Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough (Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough)
61. Zero Point Breakthrough - Revised (Zero Point Breakthrough - Revised)
62. Strategy (Strategy)
63. Freezing Flame (Freezing Flame)
64. The Rage's Truth (The Rage's Truth)
65. Conclusion! (Conclusion!)
66. The Shivering Ghost (The Shivering Ghost)
67. Vongola Style Parent's Day (Vongola Style Parent's Day)
68. Happy? Wedding (Happy? Wedding)
69. Unthinkable Crime of Three Siblings (Unthinkable Crime of Three Siblings)
70. Shoichi Irie's Calamity (Shoichi Irie's Calamity)
71. Spirit Battle! Absolute Evil Fist (Spirit Battle! Absolute Evil Fist)
72. Expulsion Crisis (Expulsion Crisis)
73. Mom's Day of Thanks (Mom's Day of Thanks)
74. World of Ten Years Later (World of Ten Years Later)
75. Hideout (Hideout)
76. Search for the Guardian (Search for the Guardian)
77. The Resolution's Flame (The Resolution's Flame)
78. The Clue to the Past (The Clue to the Past)
79. First Trial (First Trial)
80. Dissonance (Dissonance)
81. Combination (Combination)
82. The Strongest Guardian (The Strongest Guardian)
83. Information Brought To (Information Brought To)
84. Be Too Distant Way Home (Be Too Distant Way Home)
85. The Agitation Point Is Where? (The Agitation Point Is Where?)
86. The Most Fearful Tutor (The Most Fearful Tutor)
87. Succession (Succession)
88. Tri-Ni-Set (Tri-Ni-Set)
89. Piano of Sorrow (Piano of Sorrow)
90. Rain Owl (Rain Owl)
91. Those Who Believe (Those Who Believe)
92. The Entrusted Decision (The Entrusted Decision)
93. Emergency Warning Level D (Emergency Warning Level D)
94. True Natures Revealed (True Natures Revealed)
95. Determination (Determination)
96. X Burner (X Burner)
97. Large Pursuit (Large Pursuit)
98. Declaration (Declaration)
99. Last Ordeal (Last Ordeal)
100. Rushing Into the Last Night (Rushing Into the Last Night)
101. Night Attack (Night Attack)
102. Mission Start (Mission Start)
103. The First Barrier (The First Barrier)
104. Magician of Fate (Magician of Fate)
105. Regret (Regret)
106. The Student's Maturation (The Student's Maturation)
107. Absolute Desperation (Absolute Desperation)
108. A Man's Box Weapon (A Man's Box Weapon)
109. Captive (Captive)
110. The Secret of Merone Base (The Secret of Merone Base)
111. The Enemy Is Octopus Head (The Enemy Is Octopus Head)
112. Boomerang Trap (Boomerang Trap)
113. Lightning Strikes Again (Lightning Strikes Again)
114. The Storm Guardian, Stands (The Storm Guardian, Stands)
116. Difference in Resolve (Difference in Resolve)
117. Storm Fights Back (Storm Fights Back)
118. The Princess's Conviction (The Princess's Conviction)
119. Interval Between Battles (Interval Between Battles)
120. Virtual Space (Virtual Space)
121. Two Battles (Two Battles)
122. The Ultimate Swordsman (The Ultimate Swordsman)
123. Teachings of the Sword Emperor (Teachings of the Sword Emperor)
124. Obstructing Mist (Obstructing Mist)
125. More Intruders (More Intruders)
126. The Strongest Versus the Strongest (The Strongest Versus the Strongest)
127. A Bewitching Flower (A Bewitching Flower)
128. The Head Prefect Comes (The Head Prefect Comes)
129. Operation X (Operation X)
130. Resolve and Irritation (Resolve and Irritation)
131. Rampage (Rampage)
132. Final Block of Defense (Final Block of Defense)
133. A Game-Changing Move (A Game-Changing Move)
134. Hell Knight (Hell Knight)
135. Arrival (Arrival)
136. Revealed Truth (Revealed Truth)
137. Main Battle in Italy (Main Battle in Italy)
138. Twin Princes (Twin Princes)
139. Furious Roar (Furious Roar)
140. Another Sky (Another Sky)
141. Reunion (Reunion)
142. The Strongest Seven (The Strongest Seven)
143. Trial #1 (Trial #1)
144. The Arcobaleno Seals (The Arcobaleno Seals)
145. Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist (Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist)
146. Box Weapon Prototype (Box Weapon Prototype)
147. Catch the Wind (Catch the Wind)
148. Two Successors of the Sky (Two Successors of the Sky)
149. Reborn's Trial (Reborn's Trial)
150. A Path Is Closed Off (A Path Is Closed Off)
151. Once the Rainbow Is Complete (Once the Rainbow Is Complete)
152. A Boss' Resolve (A Boss' Resolve)
153. The Final Seal (The Final Seal)
154. To the Next Battle (To the Next Battle)
155. The Real Six Funeral Wreaths (The Real Six Funeral Wreaths)
156. Inspiring Allies (Inspiring Allies)
157. Namimori Holiday (Namimori Holiday)
158. A Warm Place (A Warm Place)
159. For My Friends (For My Friends)
160. Gaining Mobility (Gaining Mobility)
161. Airbike (Airbike)
162. The Sky Vongola Box (The Sky Vongola Box)
163. Terror! Turmoil on Base (Terror! Turmoil on Base)
164. Vongola Box, Training Begins (Vongola Box, Training Begins)
165. Boycott Declared (Boycott Declared)
166. With the Same Heart (With the Same Heart)
167. Day of the Battle (Day of the Battle)
168. Choice Begins (Choice Begins)
169. Sky Lion: Leone Di Cielo Ver. Vongola (Sky Lion: Leone Di Cielo Ver. Vongola)
170. Fateful Showdown (Fateful Showdown)
171. Revenge (Revenge)
172. Kikyo's Assault (Kikyo's Assault)
173. Choice Ends (Choice Ends)
174. The Truth About the Future (The Truth About the Future)
175. Yuni Comes (Yuni Comes)
176. Escape (Escape)
177. After the Battle (After the Battle)
178. After the Battle (After the Battle)
179. Inheritance Begins (Inheritance Begins)
180. The Duty of the Rain Guardian (The Duty of the Rain Guardian)
181. Furious Bolt of Lightning (Furious Bolt of Lightning)
182. Silent Storm (Silent Storm)
183. Aloof Cloud (Aloof Cloud)
184. Sunny Then Cloudy (Sunny Then Cloudy)
185. The Trap Is Set (The Trap Is Set)
186. Bewitching Mist (Bewitching Mist)
187. Memories of Betrayal (Memories of Betrayal)
188. Primo's Will (Primo's Will)
189. The Family's Resolve (The Family's Resolve)
190. The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack! (The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack!)
191. Open Carnage Box (Open Carnage Box)
192. Alaude's Handcuffs (Alaude's Handcuffs)
193. Daemon Spade's Devil Lens (Daemon Spade's Devil Lens)
194. The Final Battle Begins (The Final Battle Begins)
195. G's Archery (G's Archery)
196. Lampo's Shield (Lampo's Shield)
197. Knuckle's Maximum Break (Knuckle's Maximum Break)
198. The Last Real Funeral Wreath (The Last Real Funeral Wreath)
199. Ghost Awakens (Ghost Awakens)
200. Sky Full of Desire (Sky Full of Desire)
201. Precious Moments in Time (Precious Moments in Time)
202. Sea. Clam. Rainbow. (Sea. Clam. Rainbow.)
203. To a New Future (To a New Future)