Kitchen Boss

Kitchen Boss (Kitchen Boss) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Date Night (Date Night)
2. Italian Street Food (Italian Street Food)
3. Old Family Favourites (Old Family Favourites)
4. Sicilian Soiree (Sicilian Soiree)
5. Mauro's Favorites (Mauro's Favorites)
6. Pasta Party (Pasta Party)
7. Go To Dishes (Go To Dishes)
8. Sports Sunday (Sports Sunday)
9. Pizza Night (Pizza Night)
10. Italian Cooking (Italian Cooking)
11. Stuffed Stuff (Stuffed Stuff)
12. Uncle Cozmo's Favourites (Uncle Cozmo's Favourites)
13. Farmers Market Fun (Farmers Market Fun)
14. Valentines Day (Valentines Day)
15. Danny's Favorites (Danny's Favorites)
16. Sunday Dinner (Sunday Dinner)
17. Buddy's Dream Meal (Buddy's Dream Meal)
18. Family Dinner (Family Dinner)
19. Kids Supper (Kids Supper)
20. Simple Italian (Simple Italian)
21. Winter Supper (Winter Supper)
22. Buddy's Best Breakfast Eve (Buddy's Best Breakfast Eve)
23. Meal on a Budget (Meal on a Budget)
24. Brunch Bonanza (Brunch Bonanza)
25. Meaty Italian (Meaty Italian)
26. Pasta Classics (Pasta Classics)
27. Hoboken Style, Baby! (Hoboken Style, Baby!)
28. Italian Entertaining (Italian Entertaining)
29. What's In the Pantry (What's In the Pantry)
30. Soup and Panini (Soup and Panini)
31. Family Feast (Family Feast)
32. A Meal To Remember (A Meal To Remember)
33. Hot And Spicy (Hot And Spicy)
34. Seaside Suppers (Seaside Suppers)
35. Coking From The Heart (Coking From The Heart)
36. Aunt Nina's Secrets (Aunt Nina's Secrets)
37. Breakfast of Champs (Breakfast of Champs)
38. Getting Cheesy (Getting Cheesy)
39. Anniversary Dinner (Anniversary Dinner)
40. Everything Apple (Everything Apple)
2. série
1. Market Fresh (Market Fresh)
2. Italian Classics (Italian Classics)
3. Buddy's Bachelor Night (Buddy's Bachelor Night)
4. Buddy's Asian Spin (Buddy's Asian Spin)
5. Aunt Anna's Visit (Aunt Anna's Visit)
6. Soup & Sandwiches (Soup & Sandwiches)
7. Fair is Fowl (Fair is Fowl)
8. Valentine Bistro at Home (Valentine Bistro at Home)
9. Take Out Made Fresh (Take Out Made Fresh)
10. All In The Wrist (All In The Wrist)
11. Seaside Favorites (Seaside Favorites)
12. Cooking for a Crowd (Cooking for a Crowd)
13. Everything from Scratch (Everything from Scratch)
14. Picky Eaters (Picky Eaters)
15. Mediterranean Flavors (Mediterranean Flavors)
16. Movie Night (Movie Night)