Lights Out

Lights Out (Lights Out)
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1. série
1. First Person Singular (First Person Singular)
2. Something in the Wind (Something in the Wind)
3. DeMortius (DeMortius)
4. The Brave Man with a Cord (The Brave Man with a Cord)
2. série
1. Edna Warren (Edna Warren)
2. Promise (Promise)
3. Long Distance (Long Distance)
4. The Crater (The Crater)
5. Souvenirs of His Dead Wife (Souvenirs of His Dead Wife)
6. The Housekeeper (The Housekeeper)
7. Dressing Gown (Dressing Gown)
8. The Whisper (The Whisper)
9. Conquerer's Isle (Conquerer's Isle)
10. Pengallen's Bell (Pengallen's Bell)
11. The Fall of the House of Usher (The Fall of the House of Usher)
12. I Dreamt I Died (I Dreamt I Died)
13. Something in the Wind (Something in the Wind)
14. Justice Lies Waiting (Justice Lies Waiting)
15. The Elevator (The Elevator)
16. The Man Who Couldn't Lose (The Man Who Couldn't Lose)
17. The Riverman (The Riverman)
18. Judgment Reversed (Judgment Reversed)
19. The Green Dress (The Green Dress)
20. The Devil to Pay (The Devil to Pay)
21. Reservations for Four (Reservations for Four)
22. Dead Pigeon (Dead Pigeon)
23. The Invisible Staircase (The Invisible Staircase)
24. Graven Image (Graven Image)
25. Portrait of a Dead Man (Portrait of a Dead Man)
26. The Strange Case of John Kingman (The Strange Case of John Kingman)
27. The Emerald Lavalier (The Emerald Lavalier)
28. The Scarab (The Scarab)
29. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary)
30. The Queen Is Dead (The Queen Is Dead)
31. The Faithful Heart (The Faithful Heart)
32. A Toast to Sergeant Farnsworth (A Toast to Sergeant Farnsworth)
33. The Man Who Couldn't Remember (The Man Who Couldn't Remember)
34. The Gloves of Gino (The Gloves of Gino)
35. The Silent Voice (The Silent Voice)
36. The House That Time Forgot (The House That Time Forgot)
37. Rendezvous (Rendezvous)
38. How Love Came to Professor Guilda (How Love Came to Professor Guilda)
39. The Heart of Jonathan O'Rourke (The Heart of Jonathan O'Rourke)
40. The Determined Lady (The Determined Lady)
41. A Child Is Crying (A Child Is Crying)
42. An Encore (An Encore)
43. The Whisper (Restaged) (The Whisper (Restaged))
44. I Dreamt I Died (Restaged) (I Dreamt I Died (Restaged))
45. The Devil to Pay (Restaged) (The Devil to Pay (Restaged))
46. The Strange Case of John Kingman (Restaged) (The Strange Case of John Kingman (Restaged))
47. The Queen Is Dead (Restaged) (The Queen Is Dead (Restaged))
48. The Heart of Jonathan O'Rourke (Restaged) (The Heart of Jonathan O'Rourke (Restaged))
3. série
1. The Ides of April (The Ides of April)
2. Benuili Chant (Benuili Chant)
3. The Dark Corner (The Dark Corner)
4. The Leopard Lady (The Leopard Lady)
5. Sisters of Shadow (Sisters of Shadow)
6. The Posthumous Dead (The Posthumous Dead)
7. Just What Happened (Just What Happened)
8. The Thing Upstairs (The Thing Upstairs)
9. The Skeptics (The Skeptics)
10. The Martian Eyes (The Martian Eyes)
11. The Half-Pint Flask (The Half-Pint Flask)
12. The Waxwork (The Waxwork)
13. Dr. Heidegger's Experiment (Dr. Heidegger's Experiment)
14. The Mule Man (The Mule Man)
15. Beware This Woman (Beware This Woman)
16. Masque (Masque)
17. The Men on the Mountain (The Men on the Mountain)
18. Jasper (Jasper)
19. The Haunted Skyscraper (The Haunted Skyscraper)
20. Bird of Time (Bird of Time)
21. The Bottle Imp (The Bottle Imp)
22. For Release Today (For Release Today)
23. The Masque of the Red Death (The Masque of the Red Death)
24. The House of Dust (The House of Dust)
25. Curtain Call (Curtain Call)
26. Strange Legacy (Strange Legacy)
27. The Dispossessed (The Dispossessed)
28. The Man with the Astrakhan Hat (The Man with the Astrakhan Hat)
29. Leda's Portrait (Leda's Portrait)
30. Western Night (Western Night)
31. The Power of the Brute (The Power of the Brute)
32. The Mad Dullaghan (The Mad Dullaghan)
33. The Crushed Rose (The Crushed Rose)
34. The Witness (The Witness)
35. The Fonceville Curse (The Fonceville Curse)
36. Grey Reminder (Grey Reminder)
37. The Lost Will of Dr. Rant (The Lost Will of Dr. Rant)
38. Dead Man's Coat (Dead Man's Coat)
39. The Cat's Cradle (The Cat's Cradle)
40. The Pattern (The Pattern)
41. The Martian Eyes (The Martian Eyes)
42. Pit of the Dead (Pit of the Dead)
43. Dead Freight (Dead Freight)
44. The Passage Beyond (The Passage Beyond)
45. And Adam Begot (And Adam Begot)
46. The Meddlers (The Meddlers)
47. The Devil in Glencairn (The Devil in Glencairn)
48. Zero Hour (Zero Hour)
49. The Fingers (The Fingers)
50. The Faceless Man (The Faceless Man)
51. The Man with the Watch (The Man with the Watch)
52. Follow Me (Follow Me)
4. série
1. Mrs. Manifold (Mrs. Manifold)
2. Blackwood Halt (Blackwood Halt)
3. Prophet of Darkness (Prophet of Darkness)
4. To See Ourselves (To See Ourselves)
5. Rappaccini's Daughter (Rappaccini's Daughter)
6. Will-o'-the-Wisp (Will-o'-the-Wisp)
7. Dark Image (Dark Image)
8. I Spy (I Spy)
9. The Deal (The Deal)
10. The Veil (The Veil)
11. The Chamber of Gloom (The Chamber of Gloom)
12. The Beast in the Garden (The Beast in the Garden)
13. Friday the Nineteenth (Friday the Nineteenth)
14. Beyond the Door (Beyond the Door)
15. The Silent Supper (The Silent Supper)
16. The Angry Birds (The Angry Birds)
17. Perchance to Dream (Perchance to Dream)
18. This Way to Heaven (This Way to Heaven)
19. Of Time and Third Avenue (Of Time and Third Avenue)
20. School for the Unspeakable (School for the Unspeakable)
21. Blood Relation (Blood Relation)
22. The Intruder (The Intruder)
23. The Third Door (The Third Door)
24. The Chain (The Chain)
25. Cries the String (Cries the String)
26. The Eyes from San Francisco (The Eyes from San Francisco)
27. The Perfect Servant (The Perfect Servant)
28. Private--Keep Out (Private--Keep Out)
29. The Upstairs Floor (The Upstairs Floor)
30. The Borgia Lamp (The Borgia Lamp)
31. Another Country (Another Country)
32. The Pit (The Pit)
33. The Men on the Mountain (Restaged) (The Men on the Mountain (Restaged))
34. A Lucky Piece (A Lucky Piece)
35. For Rent (For Rent)
36. A Journey into the Shadows (A Journey into the Shadows)
37. The Green Thumb (The Green Thumb)
38. Little Girl (Little Girl)
39. The Death's Head (The Death's Head)
40. Night Walk (Night Walk)
41. Blind Man's Bluff (Blind Man's Bluff)
42. Nightmare (Nightmare)
43. The Coins of Death (The Coins of Death)
44. The Lonely Albatross (The Lonely Albatross)
45. The Corpse in Room Thirteen (The Corpse in Room Thirteen)
46. The Bog-Oak Necklace (The Bog-Oak Necklace)
47. Death Trap (Death Trap)
48. Man in the Dark (Man in the Dark)
49. The Killer's Moon (The Killer's Moon)
50. Twist of Fate (Twist of Fate)
51. Death Is a Small Monkey (Death Is a Small Monkey)
52. The Verdict (The Verdict)
53. The Red Rose (The Red Rose)
54. The Darker Night (The Darker Night)
55. Flight Thirteen (Flight Thirteen)
56. The Hollow Man (The Hollow Man)