Likvidátor (Liquidator, The)
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1. série
1. Bricks and Mortals (Bricks and Mortals)
2. Heads... Or Tail Between Legs (Heads... Or Tail Between Legs)
3. Everything Must Go (Everything Must Go)
4. The Flip (The Flip)
5. Of Mensch and Men (Of Mensch and Men)
6. Turn Over (Turn Over)
7. Up in Smoke (Up in Smoke)
8. No Way, Jose (No Way, Jose)
9. Storage Locker Roulette (Storage Locker Roulette)
10. Dealmakers Anonymous (Dealmakers Anonymous)
11. A Chip Off the Old Block (A Chip Off the Old Block)
12. Settling the Score (Settling the Score)
13. On the Block (On the Block)
2. série
1. Risky Business (Risky Business)
2. Has the Master Lost His Mojo? (Has the Master Lost His Mojo?)
3. No Rest for the Wicked (No Rest for the Wicked)
4. A Matter of Trust (A Matter of Trust)
5. Collecting Cash (Collecting Cash)
6. Man in the Middle (Man in the Middle)
7. Tough Sell (Tough Sell)
8. A Hand Up (A Hand Up)
9. The Floor (The Floor)
10. You Get What You Pay For (You Get What You Pay For)
11. Eye Candy (Eye Candy)
12. Good Buys and Goodbyes (Good Buys and Goodbyes)
13. Man Toys (Man Toys)
3. série
1. Bailiff Booty (Bailiff Booty)
2. Armed to the Rafters (Armed to the Rafters)
3. Size Matters (Size Matters)
4. Tongue Twisted (Tongue Twisted)
5. The Irregulars (The Irregulars)
6. Belly Up (Belly Up)
7. Friends with Benefits (Friends with Benefits)
8. The More, the Barrier (The More, the Barrier)
9. Brief Encounters (Brief Encounters)
10. I'd Bet the Pot (I'd Bet the Pot)
11. He Works Hard for the Money (He Works Hard for the Money)
12. What's Your Beef? (What's Your Beef?)
13. Phone a Friend (Phone a Friend)
14. What Women Want (What Women Want)
15. Coffin Up Cash (Coffin Up Cash)
16. The Smell of Money (The Smell of Money)
17. California Dreamin' (California Dreamin')
18. Operation: Liquidate (Operation: Liquidate)
19. Down... But Not Out (Down... But Not Out)
20. Crossing the Line (Crossing the Line)
21. Bail Out (Bail Out)
22. Taken for a Ride (Taken for a Ride)
23. Treasure or Trash? (Treasure or Trash?)
24. Rotten Timing (Rotten Timing)
25. Hairy Situation (Hairy Situation)
26. Redneck Round-Up (Redneck Round-Up)
4. série
1. Sink or Swim (Sink or Swim)
2. King of Scrap (King of Scrap)
3. Measuring Up (Measuring Up)
4. Big Flipping Deal (Big Flipping Deal)
5. Hare Raising Deals (Hare Raising Deals)
6. Going, Going... Bong (Going, Going... Bong)
7. Doll-ars to Dough-nuts (Doll-ars to Dough-nuts)
8. The Orient Distress (The Orient Distress)
9. Lost in Persuasion (Lost in Persuasion)
10. In the Schwarz Team (In the Schwarz Team)
11. Show Me the Moo-la (Show Me the Moo-la)
12. Hustle Apostle (Hustle Apostle)
13. Cagey Dealing (Cagey Dealing)
14. Pimping Iron (Pimping Iron)
15. Cut Me a Deal (Cut Me a Deal)
16. Stripped Bare (Stripped Bare)
17. Desperate Measures (Desperate Measures)
18. Jaded (Jaded)
19. Clean Sweep (Clean Sweep)
20. Sweeten the Deal (Sweeten the Deal)
21. The Blind Side (The Blind Side)
22. Floor Your Friends (Floor Your Friends)
23. Eyes on the Prize (Eyes on the Prize)
24. The Right Combination (The Right Combination)
25. Worth His Salt (Worth His Salt)
26. Profit Wars (Profit Wars)
27. Not My First Rodeo (Not My First Rodeo)
28. Heads and Tails (Heads and Tails)
29. Flip Flop (Flip Flop)
30. Bucked Off (Bucked Off)
31. Toolin Around (Toolin Around)
32. José ’em Down (José ’em Down)
33. Street Cred (Street Cred)
34. Straddle the Saddle (Straddle the Saddle)
35. A Passage to India (A Passage to India)
36. The Schwarz that Broke the Camel’s Back (The Schwarz that Broke the Camel’s Back)