Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire (Lizzie McGuire)
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1. série
1. Rumors (Rumors)
2. Picture Day (Picture Day)
3. When Moms Attack (When Moms Attack)
4. Pool Party (Pool Party)
5. I've Got Rhythmic (I've Got Rhythmic)
6. Jack of All Trades (Jack of All Trades)
7. Aaron Carter's Coming to Town (Aaron Carter's Coming to Town)
8. Misadventures in Babysitting (Misadventures in Babysitting)
9. Election (Election)
10. I Do, I Don't (I Do, I Don't)
11. Bad Girl McGuire (Bad Girl McGuire)
12. Between a Rock and a Bra Place (Between a Rock and a Bra Place)
13. Come Fly with Me (Come Fly with Me)
14. Random Acts of Miranda (Random Acts of Miranda)
15. Lizzie's Nightmares (Lizzie's Nightmares)
16. Obsession (Obsession)
17. Sibling Bonds (Sibling Bonds)
18. Rated Aargh (Rated Aargh)
19. Gordo and the Girl (Gordo and the Girl)
20. Educating Ethan (Educating Ethan)
21. Lizzie Strikes Out (Lizzie Strikes Out)
22. The Untitled Stan Jansen Project (The Untitled Stan Jansen Project)
23. Last Year's Model (Last Year's Model)
24. Night of the Day of the Dead (Night of the Day of the Dead)
25. Facts of Life (Facts of Life)
26. Scarlett Larry (Scarlett Larry)
27. Gordo and the Dwarves (Gordo and the Dwarves)
28. Lizzie and Kate's Big Adventure (Lizzie and Kate's Big Adventure)
29. The Courtship of Miranda Sanchez (The Courtship of Miranda Sanchez)
30. Gordo's Video (Gordo's Video)
31. Gordo's Bar Mitzvah (Gordo's Bar Mitzvah)
2. série
1. First Kiss (First Kiss)
2. El Oro de Montezuma (El Oro de Montezuma)
3. Mom's Best Friend (Mom's Best Friend)
4. Rise and Fall of Kate (Rise and Fall of Kate)
5. Working Girl (Working Girl)
6. And the Winner Is (And the Winner Is)
7. The Longest Yard (The Longest Yard)
8. Just Friends (Just Friends)
9. Those Freaky McGuires (Those Freaky McGuires)
10. In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust (In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust)
11. Over the Hill (Over the Hill)
12. Best Dressed for Much Less (Best Dressed for Much Less)
13. You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire (You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire)
14. Just Like Lizzie (Just Like Lizzie)
15. Lizzie in the Middle (Lizzie in the Middle)
16. Inner Beauty (Inner Beauty)
17. Movin' on Up (Movin' on Up)
18. Party Over Here (Party Over Here)
19. She Said, He Said, She Said (She Said, He Said, She Said)
20. Xtreme Xmas (Xtreme Xmas)
21. Lizzie's Eleven (Lizzie's Eleven)
22. Dear Lizzie (Dear Lizzie)
23. Clue-Less (Clue-Less)
24. Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High (Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High)
25. Bunkies (Bunkies)
26. A Gordo Story (A Gordo Story)
27. Grubby Longjohn's Olde Tyme Revue (Grubby Longjohn's Olde Tyme Revue)
28. The Greatest Crush of All (The Greatest Crush of All)
29. Grand Ole' Grandma (Grand Ole' Grandma)
30. My Fair Larry (My Fair Larry)
31. The Gordo Shuffle (The Gordo Shuffle)
32. My Dinner with Dig (My Dinner with Dig)
33. Just One of the Guys (Just One of the Guys)
34. Magic Train (Magic Train)