Log Horizon

Log Horizon (Log Horizon) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Apocalypse (The Apocalypse)
2. The Battle of Loka (The Battle of Loka)
3. The Depths of Palm (The Depths of Palm)
4. Escape (Escape)
5. Return to Akihabara (Return to Akihabara)
6. Resolve (Resolve)
7. Crescent Moon (Crescent Moon)
8. Villain in Glasses (Villain in Glasses)
9. Round-table Conference (Round-table Conference)
10. Hold It in This Hand (Hold It in This Hand)
11. Invitation from Isutaru (Invitation from Isutaru)
12. The Forest of Lagranda (The Forest of Lagranda)
13. Freedom Shield (Freedom Shield)
14. World Fraction (World Fraction)
15. Shock Attack (Shock Attack)
16. Return of the Goblin King (Return of the Goblin King)
17. The Lazy and Cowardly Princess (The Lazy and Cowardly Princess)
18. Expeditionary Force (Expeditionary Force)
19. Chasing That Back (Chasing That Back)
20. Contract (Contract)
21. The Waltz of Two (The Waltz of Two)
22. Swallow and Starling (Swallow and Starling)
23. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)
24. Chaos (Chaos)
25. The Scale Festival (The Scale Festival)
2. série
1. Episode #2.1 (Episode #2.1)
2. Muhomono to Misuri Ruaizu (Muhomono to Misuri Ruaizu)
3. The Abyssal Shaft (The Abyssal Shaft)
4. Shattered Wings (Shattered Wings)
5. Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve)
6. A Lost Child at Dawn (A Lost Child at Dawn)
7. The Maidens of Watermaple (The Maidens of Watermaple)
8. Akihabara Raid (Akihabara Raid)
9. The Changing Battlefield (The Changing Battlefield)
10. Guild Master (Guild Master)
11. Retry (Retry)
12. The Gold of the Kunie (The Gold of the Kunie)
13. Episode #2.13 (Episode #2.13)
14. Kanami, Go East (Kanami, Go East)
15. A New Journey (A New Journey)
16. The Midday Vampire (The Midday Vampire)
17. Odyssey Knights (Odyssey Knights)
18. When the Concert Ends (When the Concert Ends)
19. The Red Night (The Red Night)
20. Birthday Song (Birthday Song)
21. The Skylarks Take Flight (The Skylarks Take Flight)
22. Stranger (Stranger)
23. Isaac and Iselus (Isaac and Iselus)
24. Sleep of the Eternal Moth (Sleep of the Eternal Moth)
25. Kaitakusha-tachi (Kaitakusha-tachi)