Lovci z aukcí

Lovci z aukcí  (Auction Hunters) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Divoký západ (The Wild West)
2. The Big Score (The Big Score)
3. Ton's Got a Gun (Ton's Got a Gun)
4. Strat'ed for Cash (Strat'ed for Cash)
5. The Real Thing (The Real Thing)
6. Weapons of Past Destruction (Weapons of Past Destruction)
7. Gangster Whiskey (Gangster Whiskey)
8. Home on the Gun Range (Home on the Gun Range)
2. série
1. Miami Heat (Miami Heat)
2. Quadzilla Attacks! (Quadzilla Attacks!)
3. Sink or Swim (Sink or Swim)
4. Disco and Dice (Disco and Dice)
5. Labor of Love (Labor of Love)
6. The Chicago Grand Slam (The Chicago Grand Slam)
7. The Chi-town Showdown (The Chi-town Showdown)
8. Fire in the Hole! (Fire in the Hole!)
9. Animal Instincts (Animal Instincts)
10. Everything's Bigger in Texas (Everything's Bigger in Texas)
11. The Smoking Ton (The Smoking Ton)
12. Top Gun Ton (Top Gun Ton)
13. Beantown Bidders (Beantown Bidders)
14. Diesel Digs (Diesel Digs)
15. The Dallas Mavericks (The Dallas Mavericks)
16. Knuckle Dust (Knuckle Dust)
17. Half Pipe Dreams (Half Pipe Dreams)
18. Viva la Vegas (Viva la Vegas)
19. Rodeo Ton (Rodeo Ton)
20. Sin City Shootout (Sin City Shootout)
21. Night of the Digging Dead (Night of the Digging Dead)
22. Battle Bought (Battle Bought)
23. Hot Wheels (Hot Wheels)
24. Great American Cashtime (Great American Cashtime)
25. Auction Hunters, Ink. (Auction Hunters, Ink.)
26. Reel Money (Reel Money)
27. Early Bird Special (Early Bird Special)
3. série
1. Auction Hunters: Live (Auction Hunters: Live)
2. Cold Hard Cash (Cold Hard Cash)
3. Ton's Driller Instinct (Ton's Driller Instinct)
4. Hidden Hot Wheels (Hidden Hot Wheels)
5. Auction Hunter Shuffle (Auction Hunter Shuffle)
6. Big Easy Money (Big Easy Money)
7. High Flying Ton (High Flying Ton)
8. Drumming Up Cash (Drumming Up Cash)
9. Bowling Pin Payday (Bowling Pin Payday)
10. Fake Punt Payoff (Fake Punt Payoff)
11. The Jersey Score (The Jersey Score)
12. Allen's Got Balls (Allen's Got Balls)
13. Mr. Haff Goes to Washington (Mr. Haff Goes to Washington)
14. Voodoo Moola (Voodoo Moola)
15. Dead Aim (Dead Aim)
16. Sidecar Surprise (Sidecar Surprise)
17. Little-Ton Jones (Little-Ton Jones)
18. Choo-Choo, Cha-Ching! (Choo-Choo, Cha-Ching!)
19. Ton's Hot Commodity (Ton's Hot Commodity)
20. Ice, Ice, Baby (Ice, Ice, Baby)
21. Gangs of New York (Gangs of New York)
22. Allen's Ruff Day (Allen's Ruff Day)
23. Hula Moola (Hula Moola)
24. Friends in Hawaii Places (Friends in Hawaii Places)
25. Money Makin' Monster Machines (Money Makin' Monster Machines)
26. Gold 'n' Gloves (Gold 'n' Gloves)
4. série
1. Once a Pawn a Time (Once a Pawn a Time)
2. Win Lose or Joust (Win Lose or Joust)
3. It's Raining Ton (It's Raining Ton)
4. Rock-et to Me! (Rock-et to Me!)
5. Off the Deep End (Off the Deep End)
6. Trading Places (Trading Places)
7. Flying Ton, Creeping Allen (Flying Ton, Creeping Allen)
8. Whip It Good (Whip It Good)
9. Machine Gun Ton (Machine Gun Ton)
10. Always Money in Philadelphia (Always Money in Philadelphia)
11. Carolyn Goes Topless (Carolyn Goes Topless)
12. Don't Taze Me Bro (Don't Taze Me Bro)
13. The Fall Guys (The Fall Guys)
14. Separation Anxiety (Separation Anxiety)
15. Allen vs. Ton (Allen vs. Ton)
16. You Got Served (You Got Served)
17. Without a Chute (Without a Chute)
18. Ton Voyage (Ton Voyage)
19. You Foos You Lose (You Foos You Lose)
20. Allen’s Big Crush (Allen’s Big Crush)
21. Nothing But Net (Nothing But Net)
22. Hall of Fame Game (Hall of Fame Game)
23. Cashville, Tennessee (Cashville, Tennessee)
24. Big Sis Ducks Out (Big Sis Ducks Out)
25. Gone in 20 Seconds (Gone in 20 Seconds)
26. To Pawn or Not to Pawn (To Pawn or Not to Pawn)
5. série
1. Space Cowboys (Space Cowboys)
2. Ramped Up (Ramped Up)
3. Hook, Line & Printer (Hook, Line & Printer)
4. Rock and Roll (Rock and Roll)
5. Betsy's Last Stand (Betsy's Last Stand)
6. Risk & Reward (Risk & Reward)
7. Blazing Saddles (Blazing Saddles)
8. Party Gras (Party Gras)
9. Louisiana Purchase (Louisiana Purchase)
10. Missouri Loves Company (Missouri Loves Company)
11. Tough as Nails (Tough as Nails)
12. Ton-Geons & Dragons (Ton-Geons & Dragons)
13. Wreck-Shaw (Wreck-Shaw)
14. Carnies & Armories (Carnies & Armories)
15. The Unsinkable Ton (The Unsinkable Ton)
16. Pucks for Bucks (Pucks for Bucks)
17. Whiskey Business (Whiskey Business)
18. Haff-Inated (Haff-Inated)
19. Brew-Phoria (Brew-Phoria)
20. Catch My Drift? (Catch My Drift?)