Lupin III Part III

Lupin III Part III (Lupin III Part III)
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1. série
1. The Gold Is Beckoning Lupin (The Gold Is Beckoning Lupin)
2. Expose the Great Trap (Expose the Great Trap)
3. Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel (Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel)
4. Telepathy Is Love's Signal (Telepathy Is Love's Signal)
5. Goemon Daydream (Goemon Daydream)
6. Lupin has Come with a Tank (Lupin has Come with a Tank)
7. The Man Is Called the Death Garb (The Man Is Called the Death Garb)
8. Virgin Mary's Getaway Strategy (Virgin Mary's Getaway Strategy)
9. The Copy-Man Comes Expensive (The Copy-Man Comes Expensive)
10. Lay a Plot with the Treasure (Lay a Plot with the Treasure)
11. The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears (The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears)
12. The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace (The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace)
13. Play a Joke on the Variation (Play a Joke on the Variation)
14. Let's Play the Abduction Game (Let's Play the Abduction Game)
15. The Killer Comes Along Quietly (The Killer Comes Along Quietly)
16. The Golden Apple has Poison (The Golden Apple has Poison)
17. Are You Really Getting Married? (Are You Really Getting Married?)
18. Show Time Is Death Feeling (Show Time Is Death Feeling)
19. An Act of Betrayal (An Act of Betrayal)
20. Cross His Name Off the List (Cross His Name Off the List)
21. Farewell, Golden Legend (Farewell, Golden Legend)
22. The Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond (The Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond)
23. The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery (The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery)
24. Pray for the Repose of Your Soul (Pray for the Repose of Your Soul)
25. We Are not Angels (We Are not Angels)
26. The Ghost of New York (The Ghost of New York)
27. Code Name Is Alaska Star (Code Name Is Alaska Star)
28. The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell (The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell)
29. Let's Go to the Honey-Moon (Let's Go to the Honey-Moon)
30. The Name of the Cocktail Is Revenge (The Name of the Cocktail Is Revenge)
31. Reversal. Reversal and Again Reversal (Reversal. Reversal and Again Reversal)
32. 10 million Dollar Key (10 million Dollar Key)
33. A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game (A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game)
34. Manhattan Crisis (Manhattan Crisis)
35. Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field (Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field)
36. The Eagle Alights on the Glory (The Eagle Alights on the Glory)
37. Pops Boils over with Rage (Pops Boils over with Rage)
38. Letiethia Loved Me (Letiethia Loved Me)
39. Give the Gold to the Rival (Give the Gold to the Rival)
40. In a Panic over the Treasure (In a Panic over the Treasure)
41. A Night under Martial Law (A Night under Martial Law)
42. Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance (Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance)
43. Farewell, Cinderella (Farewell, Cinderella)
44. Our Papa Is a Thief (Our Papa Is a Thief)
45. A Toast to the Con-Game (A Toast to the Con-Game)
46. Worn-Out Wings (Worn-Out Wings)
47. A Famous Picture (A Famous Picture)
48. Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes (Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes)
49. Pops Was Adopted into the Family (Pops Was Adopted into the Family)
50. Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov (Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov)