Marcus Welby, M.D.

Marcus Welby, M.D. (Marcus Welby, M.D.) — 1. série
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1. série
0. Marcus Welby, M.D. (Marcus Welby, M.D.)
1. Hello, Goodbye, Hello (Hello, Goodbye, Hello)
2. The Foal (The Foal)
3. Don't Ignore the Miracles (Don't Ignore the Miracles)
4. Silken Threads and Silver Hooks (Silken Threads and Silver Hooks)
5. All Flags Flying (All Flags Flying)
6. Echo of a Baby's Laugh (Echo of a Baby's Laugh)
7. The White Cane (The White Cane)
8. The Vrahnas Demon (The Vrahnas Demon)
9. Madonna with Knapsack and Flute (Madonna with Knapsack and Flute)
10. Homecoming (Homecoming)
11. Let Ernest Come Over (Let Ernest Come Over)
12. The Chemistry of Hope (The Chemistry of Hope)
13. Neither Punch nor Judy (Neither Punch nor Judy)
14. Diagnosis: Fear (Diagnosis: Fear)
15. The Soft Phrase of Peace (The Soft Phrase of Peace)
16. Fun and Games and Michael Ambrose (Fun and Games and Michael Ambrose)
17. The Legacy (The Legacy)
18. Dance to No Music (Dance to No Music)
19. Go Get 'Em, Tiger (Go Get 'Em, Tiger)
20. Nobody Wants a Fat Jockey (Nobody Wants a Fat Jockey)
21. The Other Side of the Chart (The Other Side of the Chart)
22. The Merely Syndrome (The Merely Syndrome)
23. Sea of Security (Sea of Security)
24. The Daredevil Gesture (The Daredevil Gesture)
25. Enid (Enid)
26. The Rebel Doctor (The Rebel Doctor)
2. série
1. A Very Special Sailfish (A Very Special Sailfish)
2. The Worth of a Man (The Worth of a Man)
3. Warn the World About Mike (Warn the World About Mike)
4. Epidemic (Epidemic)
5. To Get Through the Night (To Get Through the Night)
6. Daisy in the Shadows (Daisy in the Shadows)
7. Labyrinth (Labyrinth)
8. The Girl from Rainbow Beach (The Girl from Rainbow Beach)
9. Aura to a New Tomorrow (Aura to a New Tomorrow)
10. Sounding Brass (Sounding Brass)
11. To Carry the Sun in a Golden Cup (To Carry the Sun in a Golden Cup)
12. All the Golden Dandelions Are Gone (All the Golden Dandelions Are Gone)
13. Brave on a Mountain Top (Brave on a Mountain Top)
14. Another Buckle for Wesley Hill (Another Buckle for Wesley Hill)
15. False Spring (False Spring)
16. A Passing of Torches (A Passing of Torches)
17. A Woman's Place (A Woman's Place)
18. A Spanish Saying I Made Up (A Spanish Saying I Made Up)
19. Cynthia (Cynthia)
20. Don't Kid a Kidder (Don't Kid a Kidder)
21. Elegy for a Mad Dog (Elegy for a Mad Dog)
22. The Contract (The Contract)
23. The Windfall (The Windfall)
24. The House of Alquist (The House of Alquist)
3. série
1. The Tender Comrade (The Tender Comrade)
2. A Portrait of Debbie (A Portrait of Debbie)
3. In My Father's House (In My Father's House)
4. I Can Hardly Tell You Apart (I Can Hardly Tell You Apart)
5. This Is Max (This Is Max)
6. Men Who Care: Part 1 (Men Who Care: Part 1)
7. Men Who Care: Part 2 (Men Who Care: Part 2)
8. Ask Me Again Tomorrow (Ask Me Again Tomorrow)
9. Don't Phase Me Out (Don't Phase Me Out)
10. Echo from Another World (Echo from Another World)
11. The Best Is Yet to Be (The Best Is Yet to Be)
12. A Yellow Bird (A Yellow Bird)
13. They Grow Up (They Grow Up)
14. Of Magic Shadow Shapes (Of Magic Shadow Shapes)
15. Cross-Match (Cross-Match)
16. The Basic Moment: Part 1 (The Basic Moment: Part 1)
17. The Basic Moment: Part 2 (The Basic Moment: Part 2)
18. All the Pretty People (All the Pretty People)
19. I'm Really Trying (I'm Really Trying)
20. Is It So Soon That I Am Done for - I Wonder What I Was Begun For? (Is It So Soon That I Am Done for - I Wonder What I Was Begun For?)
21. Just a Little Courage (Just a Little Courage)
22. Don't Talk About Darkness (Don't Talk About Darkness)
23. Once There Was a Bantu Prince (Once There Was a Bantu Prince)
24. A Taste of Salt (A Taste of Salt)
25. Solomon's Choice (Solomon's Choice)
4. série
1. A Fragile Possession (A Fragile Possession)
2. Love Is When They Say They Need You (Love Is When They Say They Need You)
3. We'll Walk Out of Here Together (We'll Walk Out of Here Together)
4. In Sickness and in Health (In Sickness and in Health)
5. House of Mirrors (House of Mirrors)
6. He Could Sell Iceboxes to Eskimos (He Could Sell Iceboxes to Eskimos)
7. The Wednesday Game (The Wednesday Game)
8. Don and Denise (Don and Denise)
9. Please Don't Send Flowers (Please Don't Send Flowers)
10. With a Shout, Not a Whimper (With a Shout, Not a Whimper)
11. Jason Be Nimble, Jason Be Quick (Jason Be Nimble, Jason Be Quick)
12. Unto the Next Generation (Unto the Next Generation)
13. Heartbeat for Yesterday (Heartbeat for Yesterday)
14. Dinner of Herbs (Dinner of Herbs)
15. A More Exciting Case (A More Exciting Case)
16. A Necessary End (A Necessary End)
17. Who Are You Arthur Kolinski? (Who Are You Arthur Kolinski?)
18. Gemini Descending (Gemini Descending)
19. The Problem with Charlie (The Problem with Charlie)
20. Catch a Ring That Isn't There (Catch a Ring That Isn't There)
21. The Working Heart (The Working Heart)
22. The Other Martin Loring (The Other Martin Loring)
23. The Day After Forever (The Day After Forever)
24. The Tortoise Dance (The Tortoise Dance)
5. série
1. The Panic Path (The Panic Path)
2. A Joyful Song (A Joyful Song)
3. For Services Rendered (For Services Rendered)
4. Blood Kin (Blood Kin)
5. The Light at the Threshold (The Light at the Threshold)
6. A Question of Fault (A Question of Fault)
7. Friends in High Places (Friends in High Places)
8. The Endless Moment (The Endless Moment)
9. The Tall Tree (The Tall Tree)
10. The Circles of Shame (The Circles of Shame)
11. Nguyen (Nguyen)
12. A Cry in the Night (A Cry in the Night)
13. Death Is Only a Side Effect (Death Is Only a Side Effect)
14. The Comeback (The Comeback)
15. A Full Life (A Full Life)
16. No Charity for the MacAllisters (No Charity for the MacAllisters)
17. Each Day a Miracle (Each Day a Miracle)
18. The Fear of Silence (The Fear of Silence)
19. Angela's Nightmare (Angela's Nightmare)
20. The Mugging (The Mugging)
21. The Latch-Key Child (The Latch-Key Child)
22. Out of Control (Out of Control)
23. I've Promised You a Father: Part 1 (I've Promised You a Father: Part 1)
24. I've Promised You a Father: Part 2 (I've Promised You a Father: Part 2)
25. Designs (Designs)
6. série
1. The Brittle Warrior (The Brittle Warrior)
2. The Faith of Childish Things (The Faith of Childish Things)
3. Last Flight to Babylon (Last Flight to Babylon)
4. To Father a Child (To Father a Child)
5. The Outrage (The Outrage)
6. The Fatal Challenge (The Fatal Challenge)
7. A Fevered Angel (A Fevered Angel)
8. Feedback (Feedback)
9. No Gods in Sight (No Gods in Sight)
10. Hell Is Upstairs (Hell Is Upstairs)
11. The Last Rip-Off (The Last Rip-Off)
12. Child of Silence (Child of Silence)
13. The 266 Days (The 266 Days)
14. The Resident (The Resident)
15. Dark Fury: Part 1 (Dark Fury: Part 1)
16. Dark Fury: Part 2 (Dark Fury: Part 2)
17. Public Secrets (Public Secrets)
18. The Time Bomb (The Time Bomb)
19. Four Plus Hot (Four Plus Hot)
20. Jake's Okay (Jake's Okay)
21. Save the Last Dance for Me (Save the Last Dance for Me)
22. Unindicted Wife (Unindicted Wife)
23. Dark Corridors (Dark Corridors)
24. Loser in a Dead Heat (Loser in a Dead Heat)
7. série
1. Tomorrow May Never Come (Tomorrow May Never Come)
2. The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes (The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes)
3. The Lie (The Lie)
4. The Covenant (The Covenant)
5. The Double-Edged Razor (The Double-Edged Razor)
6. To Live Another Day (To Live Another Day)
7. An End and a Beginning (An End and a Beginning)
8. The Tidal Wave (The Tidal Wave)
9. The Strange Behavior of Paul Kelland (The Strange Behavior of Paul Kelland)
10. Calculated Risk (Calculated Risk)
11. Killers of Dreams (Killers of Dreams)
12. The Medea Factor (The Medea Factor)
13. The One Face in the World (The One Face in the World)
14. Go Ahead and Cry (Go Ahead and Cry)
15. Strike Two! (Strike Two!)
16. How Do You Know What Hurts Me? (How Do You Know What Hurts Me?)
17. Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 1 (Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 1)
18. Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 2 (Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 2)
19. The Highest Mountain (The Highest Mountain)
20. To Trump an Ace (To Trump an Ace)
21. All Passions Spent (All Passions Spent)
22. Aspects of Love (Aspects of Love)
23. Vanity Case (Vanity Case)