Mladý Hercules

Mladý Hercules (Young Hercules) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Treasure of Zeus: Part 1 (The Treasure of Zeus: Part 1)
2. The Treasure of Zeus: Part 2: Between Friends (The Treasure of Zeus: Part 2: Between Friends)
3. The Treasure of Zeus: Part 3: What a Crockery (The Treasure of Zeus: Part 3: What a Crockery)
4. Herc and Seek (Herc and Seek)
5. Girl Trouble (Girl Trouble)
6. Teacher's Pests (Teacher's Pests)
7. Inn Trouble (Inn Trouble)
8. Keeping Up with the Jasons (Keeping Up with the Jasons)
9. Amazon Grace (Amazon Grace)
10. Cyrano de Hercules (Cyrano de Hercules)
11. Battle Lines: Part 1 (Battle Lines: Part 1)
12. Battle Lines: Part 2 (Battle Lines: Part 2)
13. Forgery (Forgery)
14. No Way Out (No Way Out)
15. Ares on Trial (Ares on Trial)
16. Down and Out in Academy Hills (Down and Out in Academy Hills)
17. Winner Take All (Winner Take All)
18. A Serpent's Tooth (A Serpent's Tooth)
19. The Lure of the Lyre (The Lure of the Lyre)
20. Fame (Fame)
21. Lyre, Liar (Lyre, Liar)
22. A Lady in Hades (A Lady in Hades)
23. The Mysteries of Life (The Mysteries of Life)
24. Dad Always Liked Me Best (Dad Always Liked Me Best)
25. Herc's Nemesis (Herc's Nemesis)
26. Cold Feet (Cold Feet)
27. Mommy Dearests (Mommy Dearests)
28. In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams)
29. Sisters (Sisters)
30. Golden Bo (Golden Bo)
31. Home for the Holidays (Home for the Holidays)
32. Cram-Ped (Cram-Ped)
33. Con Ares (Con Ares)
34. Get Jason (Get Jason)
35. My Fair Lilith (My Fair Lilith)
36. Hind Sigh (Hind Sigh)
37. The Head That Wears the Crown (The Head That Wears the Crown)
38. Me, Myself and Eye (Me, Myself and Eye)
39. The Skeptic (The Skeptic)
40. Iolaus Goes Stag (Iolaus Goes Stag)
41. Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (Adventures in the Forbidden Zone)
42. The Prize (The Prize)
43. The Beasts Beneath (The Beasts Beneath)
44. Parents' Day (Parents' Day)
45. Life for a Life (Life for a Life)
46. Under Siege (Under Siege)
47. Mila (Mila)
48. Apollo (Apollo)
49. Ill Wind (Ill Wind)
50. Valley of the Shadow (Valley of the Shadow)