Moucha (Fly Tales)
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1. série
1. All Night Clubbing (All Night Clubbing)
2. Angel or Devil (Angel or Devil)
3. AstroFly (AstroFly)
4. Busy as a Bee (Busy as a Bee)
5. Desperately Seeking Shoes (Desperately Seeking Shoes)
6. Doctor Fly and Mister Bzz (Doctor Fly and Mister Bzz)
7. Dog Bug (Dog Bug)
8. Fear of the Dark (Fear of the Dark)
9. Fly me to the Moon (Fly me to the Moon)
10. Hair (Hair)
11. Heads up (Heads up)
12. Hiccups (Hiccups)
13. Inside a Dog (Inside a Dog)
14. It's a Wonderful Fly (It's a Wonderful Fly)
15. Mission Control (Mission Control)
16. Nightmare (Nightmare)
17. Oh Christmas Tree (Oh Christmas Tree)
18. Police Fly (Police Fly)
19. Rock-a-bye-Fly (Rock-a-bye-Fly)
20. Showtime (Showtime)
21. Sleep (Sleep)
22. Snowfly (Snowfly)
23. Soccer Madness (Soccer Madness)
24. Superfeast at the Super Market (Superfeast at the Super Market)
25. Superfly (Superfly)
26. The Ants (The Ants)
27. The Beach (The Beach)
28. The Blind Fly (The Blind Fly)
29. The Bumble Bee (The Bumble Bee)
30. The Butterfly's Ball (The Butterfly's Ball)
31. The Chocolate Coin (The Chocolate Coin)
32. The Clones (The Clones)
33. The Cockroach (The Cockroach)
34. The Comic Strip (The Comic Strip)
35. The Cosmos and Beyond (The Cosmos and Beyond)
36. The Cuckoo Clock (The Cuckoo Clock)
37. The Disappearance (The Disappearance)
38. The Drop Of Orange (The Drop Of Orange)
39. The Factory (The Factory)
40. The Fax Machine (The Fax Machine)
41. The Fly and the Baby (The Fly and the Baby)
42. The Fly and the Beetle (The Fly and the Beetle)
43. The Fly and the Termite (The Fly and the Termite)
44. The Fly, the Brute and the Beetle (The Fly, the Brute and the Beetle)
45. The Genius (The Genius)
46. The Ghost (The Ghost)
47. The Glutter (The Glutter)
48. The Gilded Cage (The Gilded Cage)
49. The Gum Machine (The Gum Machine)
50. The Gym (The Gym)
51. The Jungle (The Jungle)
52. The Matador (The Matador)
53. The Museum (The Museum)
54. The Old House (The Old House)
55. The Orchestra (The Orchestra)
56. The Photograph (The Photograph)
57. The Production Line (The Production Line)
58. The Radio (The Radio)
59. The Restaurant (The Restaurant)
60. The Sand Castle (The Sand Castle)
61. The Thief (The Thief)
62. The Treasure (The Treasure)
63. The Worm (The Worm)
64. Tornado (Tornado)
65. Toys (Toys)