My Two Dads

My Two Dads (My Two Dads)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Soho's by You? (Soho's by You?)
3. Crime and Punishment (Crime and Punishment)
4. Nicole's First Date (Nicole's First Date)
5. Friends and Lovers (Friends and Lovers)
6. Whose Night Is It, Anyway? (Whose Night Is It, Anyway?)
7. Once a Son (Once a Son)
8. Sex, Judge, and Rock & Roll (Sex, Judge, and Rock & Roll)
9. The Artful Dodger (The Artful Dodger)
10. Quality Time (Quality Time)
11. 'Tis the Season ('Tis the Season)
12. The Only Child (The Only Child)
13. Joey's Mother-In-Law (Joey's Mother-In-Law)
14. Nicole in Charge (Nicole in Charge)
15. The Wedge (The Wedge)
16. Advice and Consent (Advice and Consent)
17. She'll Get Over It (She'll Get Over It)
18. Michael's Sister Comes Over and Visits (Michael's Sister Comes Over and Visits)
19. Nicole's Big Adventure (Nicole's Big Adventure)
20. My Fair Joey (My Fair Joey)
21. The Family in Question (The Family in Question)
22. Friends of the Family (Friends of the Family)
2. série
1. Blast from the Past (Blast from the Past)
2. Who's on First? (Who's on First?)
3. Macho, Stupid Guy Time (Macho, Stupid Guy Time)
4. The Man in the Pink Slip (The Man in the Pink Slip)
5. Fallen Idol (Fallen Idol)
6. Story with a Twist (Story with a Twist)
7. Playing with Fire (Playing with Fire)
8. Dirty Dating (Dirty Dating)
9. The God of Love (The God of Love)
10. In Her Dreams (In Her Dreams)
11. Together We Stand (Together We Stand)
12. The Courtship of Nicole's Fathers (The Courtship of Nicole's Fathers)
13. Crushed (Crushed)
14. Basket Case (Basket Case)
15. You Love Me, Right? (You Love Me, Right?)
16. Getting Smart (Getting Smart)
3. série
1. That's No Lady, That's My Mother (That's No Lady, That's My Mother)
2. Say Goodnight, Gracie (Say Goodnight, Gracie)
3. Love and Learn (Love and Learn)
4. You Can Count on Me (You Can Count on Me)
5. Joey Gets Pinned (Joey Gets Pinned)
6. Story in Development (Story in Development)
7. Duel (Duel)
8. Dad Patrol (Dad Patrol)
9. Pop, the Question (Pop, the Question)
10. Thanks for the Memories (Thanks for the Memories)
11. Class (Class)
12. I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Episode (I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Episode)
13. Power Struggle (Power Struggle)
14. Bye Bye Baby (Bye Bye Baby)
15. Environ-mental Case (Environ-mental Case)
16. Party, Sweet 16: See Appendix (Party, Sweet 16: See Appendix)
17. It's My Art, and I'll Die If I Want To (It's My Art, and I'll Die If I Want To)
18. To Thine Own Elf Be True (To Thine Own Elf Be True)
19. You Only Surprise the Ones You Love (You Only Surprise the Ones You Love)
20. Kind of a Drag (Kind of a Drag)
21. When You Wish... (When You Wish...)
22. See You in September? (See You in September?)