Nejsmrtelnější úlovek

Nejsmrtelnější úlovek (Deadliest Catch: Crab Fishing in Alaska)
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1. série
1. Greenhorns (Greenhorns)
2. Long Sleepless Nights (Long Sleepless Nights)
3. Lady Luck (Lady Luck)
4. Beat the Clock (Beat the Clock)
5. Dead of Winter (Dead of Winter)
6. Man Overboard (Man Overboard)
7. High Hopes (High Hopes)
8. Good Fishing (Good Fishing)
9. The Clock's Ticking (The Clock's Ticking)
10. The Final Run (The Final Run)
2. série
1. Heading Out to Sea (Heading Out to Sea)
2. Batten Down the Hatches (Batten Down the Hatches)
3. On the Crab (On the Crab)
4. The Finish Line (The Finish Line)
5. Friends and Rivals (Friends and Rivals)
6. A New Hunt Begins (A New Hunt Begins)
7. Smoke on the Water (Smoke on the Water)
8. Man vs. Ice (Man vs. Ice)
9. On the Edge (On the Edge)
10. Pribilof Stare (Pribilof Stare)
11. Race Against the Ice (Race Against the Ice)
12. Cashing In (Cashing In)
3. série
1. A Tragic Beginning (A Tragic Beginning)
2. The Unforgiving Sea (The Unforgiving Sea)
3. Pain and Paybacks (Pain and Paybacks)
4. Cheating Death (Cheating Death)
5. Bering Sea Salvation (Bering Sea Salvation)
6. The Last Lap (The Last Lap)
7. New Beginnings (New Beginnings)
8. Caught in the Storm (Caught in the Storm)
9. Crossing the Line (Crossing the Line)
10. Trials of the Greenhorns (Trials of the Greenhorns)
11. Ice and Open Water (Ice and Open Water)
12. A Frozen Finish (A Frozen Finish)
4. série
1. Get 'Em Back Safe! (Get 'Em Back Safe!)
2. Striking Out (Striking Out)
3. A Numbers Game (A Numbers Game)
4. Unsafe and Unsound (Unsafe and Unsound)
5. No Mercy (No Mercy)
6. Racing the Clock (Racing the Clock)
7. Seeking the Catch (Seeking the Catch)
8. No Season for Old Men (No Season for Old Men)
9. Storm Season (Storm Season)
10. Blow Up (Blow Up)
11. Big Weather, Big Trouble (Big Weather, Big Trouble)
12. Mortal Men (Mortal Men)
13. Fresh Blood (Fresh Blood)
14. Changing Tides (Changing Tides)
15. Catch as Catch Can (Catch as Catch Can)
16. The Final Hour (The Final Hour)
5. série
1. Everything on the Line (Everything on the Line)
2. Red Skies in the Morning (Red Skies in the Morning)
3. Stay Focused or Die (Stay Focused or Die)
4. Put Up or Shut Up (Put Up or Shut Up)
5. Long Haul, Short Fuses (Long Haul, Short Fuses)
6. Deadline (Deadline)
7. Down to the Wire (Down to the Wire)
8. Payback Time (Payback Time)
9. No Second Chances (No Second Chances)
10. Sea of Misery (Sea of Misery)
11. Lockout (Lockout)
12. A Slap in the Face or Kick in the Butt (A Slap in the Face or Kick in the Butt)
13. Ends of the Earth (Ends of the Earth)
14. Bitter Tears (Bitter Tears)
15. Day of Reckoning (Day of Reckoning)
16. Shipwrecked (Shipwrecked)
6. série
1. Slow Burn (Slow Burn)
2. Breaking 'Em In (Breaking 'Em In)
3. Sea Tested (Sea Tested)
4. Bering Sea Swim Club (Bering Sea Swim Club)
5. Arctic Quest (Arctic Quest)
6. False Pass (False Pass)
7. When Hell Freezes Over (When Hell Freezes Over)
8. We're Not n Kansas Anymore... (We're Not n Kansas Anymore...)
9. Glory Days (Glory Days)
10. The Darkened Seas (The Darkened Seas)
11. Blown Off Course (Blown Off Course)
12. Empty Throne (Empty Throne)
13. Cain and Abel (Cain and Abel)
14. Redemption Day (Redemption Day)
15. Valhalla (Valhalla)
16. Captain Phil Harris Remembered (Captain Phil Harris Remembered)
17. Endless (Endless)
7. série
1. New Blood (New Blood)
2. Proving Grounds (Proving Grounds)
3. Old Age and Treachery (Old Age and Treachery)
4. Breaking Point (Breaking Point)
5. A Wing and a Prayer (A Wing and a Prayer)
6. Exit Wounds (Exit Wounds)
7. Thick as Thieves (Thick as Thieves)
8. Graduation Day (Graduation Day)
9. Sea Change (Sea Change)
10. Frontier Medicine (Frontier Medicine)
11. Birds, Bones and Blood (Birds, Bones and Blood)
12. It's Not All Mai Tais and Yahtzee (It's Not All Mai Tais and Yahtzee)
13. Pirate School (Pirate School)
14. The Island (The Island)
15. I Smell a Nightmare (I Smell a Nightmare)
16. Mohawks & Madness, Goodness & Gladness (Mohawks & Madness, Goodness & Gladness)