New York Undercover

New York Undercover (New York Undercover)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. School Ties (School Ties)
2. Pilot (Pilot)
3. Sins of the Father (Sins of the Father)
4. To Protect and Serve (To Protect and Serve)
5. Garbage (Garbage)
6. After Shakespeare (After Shakespeare)
7. Tasha (Tasha)
8. Missing (Missing)
9. The Friendly Neighborhood Dealer (The Friendly Neighborhood Dealer)
10. Mate (Mate)
11. Eyewitness Blues (Eyewitness Blues)
12. Blondes Have More Fun (Blondes Have More Fun)
13. Los Macheteros (Los Macheteros)
14. Private Enemy No. 1 (Private Enemy No. 1)
15. The Smoking Section (The Smoking Section)
16. Knock You Out (Knock You Out)
17. You Get No Respect (You Get No Respect)
18. Innocent Bystanders (Innocent Bystanders)
19. CAT (CAT)
20. All in the Family (All in the Family)
21. Eliminate the Middleman (Eliminate the Middleman)
22. Olde Tyme Religion (Olde Tyme Religion)
23. The Shooter (The Shooter)
24. Manchild (Manchild)
25. Downtown Girl (Downtown Girl)
26. Catman Comes Back (Catman Comes Back)
2. série
1. High on the Hog (High on the Hog)
2. Tag, You're Dead (Tag, You're Dead)
3. Man's Best Friend (Man's Best Friend)
4. Brotherhood (Brotherhood)
5. Digital Underground (Digital Underground)
6. Buster and Claudia (Buster and Claudia)
7. Student Affairs (Student Affairs)
8. The Highest Bidder (The Highest Bidder)
9. Young, Beautiful and Dead (Young, Beautiful and Dead)
10. Color Lines (Color Lines)
11. The Finals (The Finals)
12. Internal Affairs (Internal Affairs)
13. Bad Girls (Bad Girls)
14. A Time to Kill (A Time to Kill)
15. Bad Blood (Bad Blood)
16. Fire Show (Fire Show)
17. Toy Soldiers (Toy Soldiers)
18. Sympathy for the Devil (Sympathy for the Devil)
19. Checkmate (Checkmate)
20. Unis (Unis)
21. The Reckoning (The Reckoning)
22. The Enforcers (The Enforcers)
23. Andre's Choice (Andre's Choice)
24. No Greater Love (No Greater Love)
25. Deep Cover (Deep Cover)
26. If This World Were Mine (If This World Were Mine)
3. série
1. A Time of Faith: Part 1 (A Time of Faith: Part 1)
2. A Time of Faith: Part 2 (A Time of Faith: Part 2)
3. Tough Love (Tough Love)
4. Blue Boy (Blue Boy)
5. Rule of Engagement (Rule of Engagement)
6. Kill the Noise (Kill the Noise)
7. Smack Is Back (Smack Is Back)
8. Don't Blink (Don't Blink)
9. Without Mercy (Without Mercy)
10. Going Platinum (Going Platinum)
11. Brown Like Me (Brown Like Me)
12. Grim Reaper (Grim Reaper)
13. Fade Out (Fade Out)
14. The Solomon Papers (The Solomon Papers)
15. School's Out (School's Out)
16. Outrage (Outrage)
17. The Promised Land (The Promised Land)
18. Descell (Descell)
19. Hubris (Hubris)
20. The Unthinkable (The Unthinkable)
21. Vendetta (Vendetta)
22. Is It a Crime? (Is It a Crime?)
23. No Place Like Hell (No Place Like Hell)
24. The Last Hurrah (The Last Hurrah)
4. série
1. Change, Change, Change (Change, Change, Change)
2. Drop Dead Gorgeous (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
3. Pipeline (Pipeline)
4. Spare Parts (Spare Parts)
5. Mob Street (Mob Street)
6. Rat Trap (Rat Trap)
7. Quid Pro Quo (Quid Pro Quo)
8. Capital Punishment (Capital Punishment)
9. The Unusual Suspects (The Unusual Suspects)
10. Sign o' the Times (Sign o' the Times)
11. Going Native (Going Native)
12. The Troubles (The Troubles)
13. Catharsis (Catharsis)