Normálka (Regular Show) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Power (The Power) 11. 6. 2015
2. Just Set Up the Chairs (Just Set Up the Chairs)
3. Caffeinated Concert Tickets (Caffeinated Concert Tickets)
4. Death Punchies (Death Punchies)
5. Free Cake (Free Cake)
6. Meat Your Maker (Meat Your Maker)
7. Grilled Cheese Deluxe (Grilled Cheese Deluxe)
8. The Unicorns Have Got to Go (The Unicorns Have Got to Go)
9. Prank Callers (Prank Callers)
10. Don (Don)
11. Rigby's Body (Rigby's Body)
12. Mordecai and the Rigbys (Mordecai and the Rigbys)
2. série
1. Ello Gov'nor (Ello Gov'nor)
2. It's Time (It's Time)
3. Appreciation Day (Appreciation Day)
4. Peeps (Peeps)
5. Dizzy (Dizzy)
6. My Mom (My Mom)
7. High Score (High Score)
8. Rage Against the TV (Rage Against the TV)
9. Party Pete (Party Pete)
10. Brain Eraser (Brain Eraser)
11. Benson Be Gone (Benson Be Gone)
12. But I Have a Receipt (But I Have a Receipt)
13. This Is My Jam (This Is My Jam)
14. Muscle Woman (Muscle Woman)
15. Temp Check (Temp Check)
16. Jinx (Jinx)
17. See You There (See You There)
18. Do Me a Solid (Do Me a Solid)
19. Grave Sights (Grave Sights)
20. Really Real Wrestling (Really Real Wrestling)
21. Over the Top (Over the Top)
22. The Night Owl (The Night Owl)
23. A Bunch of Baby Ducks (A Bunch of Baby Ducks)
24. More Smarter (More Smarter)
25. First Day (First Day)
26. Go Viral (Go Viral)
27. Skunked (Skunked)
28. Karaoke Video (Karaoke Video)
3. série
1. Stick Hockey (Stick Hockey)
2. Bet to Be Blonde (Bet to Be Blonde)
3. Skips Strikes (Skips Strikes)
4. Terror Tales of the Park (Terror Tales of the Park)
5. Camping Can Be Cool (Camping Can Be Cool)
6. Slam Dunk (Slam Dunk)
7. Cool Bikes (Cool Bikes)
8. House Rules (House Rules)
9. Rap It Up (Rap It Up)
10. Cruisin (Cruisin)
11. Under the Hood (Under the Hood)
12. Weekend at Benson's (Weekend at Benson's)
13. Fortune Cookie (Fortune Cookie)
14. Think Positive (Think Positive)
15. Skips vs. Technology (Skips vs. Technology)
16. Butt Dial (Butt Dial)
17. Eggscellent (Eggscellent)
18. Gut Model (Gut Model)
19. Video Game Wizards (Video Game Wizards)
20. Big Winner (Big Winner)
21. The Best Burger in the World (The Best Burger in the World)
22. Replaced (Replaced)
23. Trash Boat (Trash Boat)
24. Fists of Justice (Fists of Justice)
25. Yes Dude Yes (Yes Dude Yes)
26. Busted Cart (Busted Cart)
27. Dead at Eight (Dead at Eight)
28. Access Denied (Access Denied)
29. Muscle Mentor (Muscle Mentor)
30. Trucker Hall of Fame (Trucker Hall of Fame)
31. Out of Commission (Out of Commission)
32. Fancy Restaurant (Fancy Restaurant)
33. Diary (Diary)
34. The Best VHS in the World (The Best VHS in the World)
35. Prankless (Prankless)
36. Death Bear (Death Bear)
37. Fuzzy Dice (Fuzzy Dice)
38. Sugar Rush (Sugar Rush)
39. Bad Kiss (Bad Kiss)
4. série
1. Exit 9B (Exit 9B)
2. Starter Pack (Starter Pack)
3. Terror Tales of the Park II (Terror Tales of the Park II)
4. Pie Contest (Pie Contest)
5. 150 Piece Kit (150 Piece Kit)
6. Bald Spot (Bald Spot)
7. Guy's Night (Guy's Night)
8. One Pull Up (One Pull Up)
9. The Christmas Special (The Christmas Special)
10. T.G.I. Tuesday (T.G.I. Tuesday)
11. Firework Run (Firework Run)
12. The Longest Weekend (The Longest Weekend)
13. Sandwich of Death (Sandwich of Death)
14. Ace Balthazar Lives (Ace Balthazar Lives)
15. Do or Diaper (Do or Diaper)
16. Quips (Quips)
17. Caveman (Caveman)
18. That's My Television (That's My Television)
19. A Bunch of Full Grown Geese (A Bunch of Full Grown Geese)
20. Fool Me Twice (Fool Me Twice)
21. Limousine Lunchtime (Limousine Lunchtime)
22. Picking Up Margaret (Picking Up Margaret)
23. K.I.L.I.T. Radio (K.I.L.I.T. Radio)
24. Carter and Briggs (Carter and Briggs)
25. Skips' Stress (Skips' Stress)
26. Cool Cubed (Cool Cubed)
27. Trailer Trashed (Trailer Trashed)
28. Meteor Moves (Meteor Moves)
29. Family BBQ (Family BBQ)
30. The Last LaserDisc Player (The Last LaserDisc Player)
31. Country Club (Country Club)
32. Blind Trust (Blind Trust)
33. World's Best Boss (World's Best Boss)
34. Last Meal (Last Meal)
35. Sleep Fighter (Sleep Fighter)
36. Party Re-Pete (Party Re-Pete)
37. Steak Me Amadeus (Steak Me Amadeus)
5. série
1. Laundry Woes (Laundry Woes)
2. Silver Dude (Silver Dude)
3. Benson's Car (Benson's Car)
4. Every Meat Burritos (Every Meat Burritos)
5. Wall Buddy (Wall Buddy)
6. A Skips in Time (A Skips in Time)
7. Survival Skills (Survival Skills)
8. Terror Tales of the Park III (Terror Tales of the Park III)
9. Tants (Tants)
10. Bank Shot (Bank Shot)
11. Power Tower (Power Tower)
12. The Thanksgiving Special (The Thanksgiving Special)
13. The Heart of a Stuntman (The Heart of a Stuntman)
14. New Year's Kiss (New Year's Kiss)
15. Dodge This (Dodge This)
16. Portable Toilet (Portable Toilet)
18. Portable Toilet (Portable Toilet)
19. The postcard (The postcard)
20. Rigby In the Sky With Burrito (Rigby In the Sky With Burrito)
21. Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit (Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit)
22. Saving Time (Saving Time)
23. Guitar Of Rock (Guitar Of Rock)
24. Skips' Story, Part 1 (Skips' Story, Part 1)
25. Skips' Story, Part 2 (Skips' Story, Part 2)
26. Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys (Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys)
27. Bad Portrait (Bad Portrait)
28. Video 101 (Video 101)
29. Weekend at Benson's (Weekend at Benson's)
30. I Like You Hi (I Like You Hi)
31. Expert or Liar / The Heart of a Stuntman (Expert or Liar / The Heart of a Stuntman)
32. Catching the Wave (Catching the Wave)
33. Gold Watch (Gold Watch)
34. Paint Job (Paint Job)
35. Season 5, Episode 35 (Season 5, Episode 35)
36. Season 5, Episode 36 (Season 5, Episode 36)
37. Take the Cake (Take the Cake)
38. Skips in the Saddle (Skips in the Saddle)
39. Thomas Fights Back (Thomas Fights Back)
40. Bachelor Party! Zingo! (Bachelor Party! Zingo!)
41. Tent Trouble (Tent Trouble)
42. Real Date (Real Date)
6. série
1. Maxin' and Relaxin' (Maxin' and Relaxin')
2. New Bro on Campus (New Bro on Campus)
3. Daddy Issues (Daddy Issues)
4. Terror Tales of the Park IV, Part 1 (Terror Tales of the Park IV, Part 1)
5. Terror Tales of the Park IV, Part 2 (Terror Tales of the Park IV, Part 2)
6. The End of Muscle Man (The End of Muscle Man)
7. Lift With Your Back (Lift With Your Back)
8. Eileen Flat Screen (Eileen Flat Screen)
9. White Elephant Gift Exchange (White Elephant Gift Exchange)
10. Merry Christmas Mordecai (Merry Christmas Mordecai)
11. Sad Sax (Sad Sax)
12. Park Managers Lunch (Park Managers Lunch)
13. Mordecai and Rigby Down Under (Mordecai and Rigby Down Under)
14. Married and Broke (Married and Broke)
15. I See Turtles (I See Turtles)
16. Format Wars II (Format Wars II)
17. Happy Birthday Song Contest (Happy Birthday Song Contest)
18. Benson's Suit (Benson's Suit)
19. Gamers Never Say Die (Gamers Never Say Die)
20. 1000th Chopper Flight Party (1000th Chopper Flight Party)
21. Party Horse (Party Horse)
22. Men in Uniform (Men in Uniform)
23. Garage Door (Garage Door)
24. Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special (Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special)
25. Not Great Double Date (Not Great Double Date)
26. Death Kwon Do-Livery (Death Kwon Do-Livery)
27. Lunch Break (Lunch Break)
28. Dumped at the Altar (Dumped at the Altar)
29. Dumptown USA (Dumptown USA)
7. série
0. Regular Show: The Movie (Regular Show: The Movie)
2. The Parkie Awards (The Parkie Awards)
3. The Lunch Club (The Lunch Club)
4. Local News Legend (Local News Legend)
5. The Dome Experiment (The Dome Experiment)
6. Birthday Gift (Birthday Gift)
7. Cat Videos (Cat Videos)
8. Struck by Lightning (Struck by Lightning)
9. Terror Tales of The Park V (Terror Tales of The Park V)
10. Return of the Party Horse (Return of the Party Horse)
11. Sleep Cycle (Sleep Cycle)
12. Just Friends (Just Friends)
13. Benson's Pig (Benson's Pig)
14. The Eileen Plan (The Eileen Plan)
15. Hello China (Hello China)
16. Crazy Fake Plan (Crazy Fake Plan)
17. Win That Prize (Win That Prize)
18. Chili Cook-Off (Chili Cook-Off)
19. Donut Factory Holiday (Donut Factory Holiday)
20. Chili Cook-Off (Chili Cook-Off)
21. Mordecai and Rigby: Surprise (Mordecai and Rigby: Surprise)
22. Donut Factory Holiday (Donut Factory Holiday)
23. Gary's Synthesizer (Gary's Synthesizer)
24. California King (California King)
25. Cube Bros (Cube Bros)
26. Maellard's Package (Maellard's Package)
27. Rigby Goes to the Prom (Rigby Goes to the Prom)
28. Rigby Goes to the Prom (Rigby Goes to the Prom)
29. The Button (The Button)
30. Marvolo The Wizard (Marvolo The Wizard)
31. Pops' Favorite Planet (Pops' Favorite Planet)
32. Pam I Am (Pam I Am)
33. Lame Lockdown (Lame Lockdown)
34. VIP Members Only (VIP Members Only)
35. Deez Keys (Deez Keys)
36. Rigby's Graduation Day (Rigby's Graduation Day)
8. série
1. One Space Day At A Time (One Space Day At A Time)
2. Cool Bro Bots (Cool Bro Bots)
3. Welcome To Space (Welcome To Space)
4. Space Creds (Space Creds)
5. Lost And Found (Lost And Found)
6. Ugly Moons (Ugly Moons)
7. The Dream Warrior (The Dream Warrior)
8. The Brain of Evil (The Brain of Evil)
9. Fries Night (Fries Night)
10. Spacey McSpaceTree (Spacey McSpaceTree)
11. Can You Ear Me Now? (Can You Ear Me Now?)
12. Stuck in an Elevator (Stuck in an Elevator)
13. The Space Race (The Space Race)
14. Operation: Hear No Evil (Operation: Hear No Evil)
15. Space Escape (Space Escape)
16. New Beds (New Beds)
17. Mordeby and Rigbecai (Mordeby and Rigbecai)
18. Alpha Dome (Alpha Dome)
19. Terror Tales of the Park VI (Terror Tales of the Park VI)
20. The Ice Tape (The Ice Tape)
21. The Key to the Universe (The Key to the Universe)
22. No Train No Gain (No Train No Gain)
23. Christmas in Space (Christmas in Space)
24. Meet The Seer (Meet The Seer)
25. Kill 'em With Kindness (Kill 'em With Kindness)
26. Cheer Up Pops (Cheer Up Pops)
27. A Regular Show Epic Final Battle (Part 1) (A Regular Show Epic Final Battle (Part 1))
28. A Regular Show Epic Final Battle (Part 2) (A Regular Show Epic Final Battle (Part 2))
29. The Power (The Power)