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1. série
1. The Making of a Natural History Film (The Making of a Natural History Film)
2. Where Did the Colorado Go? (Where Did the Colorado Go?)
3. Whales, Dolphins, and Men (Whales, Dolphins, and Men)
4. The Search for Life (The Search for Life)
5. Last of the Cuiva (Last of the Cuiva)
6. Strange Sleep (Strange Sleep)
7. Crab Nebula (Crab Nebula)
8. Bird Brain (Bird Brain)
9. Are You Doing This for Me, Doctor? (Are You Doing This for Me, Doctor?)
10. The First Signs of Washoe (The First Signs of Washoe)
11. The Case of the Midwife Toad (The Case of the Midwife Toad)
12. Fusion (Fusion)
13. The Mystery of the Anasazi (The Mystery of the Anasazi)
2. série
1. Why Do Birds Sing? (Why Do Birds Sing?)
2. How Much Do You Smell? (How Much Do You Smell?)
3. The Hunting of the Quark (The Hunting of the Quark)
4. The Secrets of Sleep (The Secrets of Sleep)
5. Inside the Golden Gate (Inside the Golden Gate)
6. The Men Who Painted Caves (The Men Who Painted Caves)
7. Red Sea Coral (Red Sea Coral)
8. War from the Air (War from the Air)
9. What Time Is Your Body? (What Time Is Your Body?)
10. The Rise and Fall of DDT (The Rise and Fall of DDT)
11. Take the World from Another Point of View (Take the World from Another Point of View)
12. The Lysenko Affair (The Lysenko Affair)
13. The Tuaregs (The Tuaregs)
14. The Plutonium Connection (The Plutonium Connection)
15. The Other Way (The Other Way)
16. The Lost World of the Maya (The Lost World of the Maya)
17. Will the Fishing Have to Stop? (Will the Fishing Have to Stop?)
3. série
1. Predictable Disaster (Predictable Disaster)
2. Joey (Joey)
3. Meditation and the Mind (Meditation and the Mind)
4. The Planets (The Planets)
5. A Desert Place (A Desert Place)
6. A Small Imperfection (A Small Imperfection)
7. Ninety Degrees Below (Ninety Degrees Below)
8. The Race for the Double Helix (The Race for the Double Helix)
9. The Renewable Tree (The Renewable Tree)
10. The Williamsburgh File (The Williamsburgh File)
11. The Overworked Miracle (The Overworked Miracle)
12. The Transplant Experiment (The Transplant Experiment)
13. The Underground Movement (The Underground Movement)
14. Hunters of the Seal (Hunters of the Seal)
15. Benjamin (Benjamin)
16. The Women Rebel (The Women Rebel)
17. Death of a Disease (Death of a Disease)
18. Inside the Shark (Inside the Shark)
19. The Genetic Chance (The Genetic Chance)
20. The Case of the Bermuda Triangle (The Case of the Bermuda Triangle)
4. série
1. Hitler's Secret Weapon (Hitler's Secret Weapon)
2. The Hot Blooded Dinosaurs (The Hot Blooded Dinosaurs)
3. What Price Coal? (What Price Coal?)
4. The Sunspot Mystery (The Sunspot Mystery)
5. The Plastic Prison (The Plastic Prison)
6. Incident at Brown's Ferry (Incident at Brown's Ferry)
7. Bye Bye Blackbird (Bye Bye Blackbird)
8. The Pill for the People (The Pill for the People)
9. The Gene Engineers (The Gene Engineers)
10. The Human Animal (The Human Animal)
11. The Wolf Equation (The Wolf Equation)
12. The Dawn of the Solar Age (The Dawn of the Solar Age)
13. The Business of Extinction (The Business of Extinction)
14. The Red Planet (The Red Planet)
15. Tongues of Men (Tongues of Men)
16. Tongues of Man (Tongues of Man)
17. Linus Pauling (Linus Pauling)
18. Across the Silent Barrier (Across the Silent Barrier)
19. The New Healers (The New Healers)
5. série
1. In the Event of Catastrophe (In the Event of Catastrophe)
2. The Green Machine (The Green Machine)
3. Blueprints in the Bloodstream (Blueprints in the Bloodstream)
4. One Small Step (One Small Step)
5. The Final Frontier (The Final Frontier)
6. BaMiki BaNdula (BaMiki BaNdula)
7. Trial of Denton Cooley (Trial of Denton Cooley)
8. The Great Wine Revolution (The Great Wine Revolution)
9. The Case of the Ancient Astronauts (The Case of the Ancient Astronauts)
10. The Mind Machines (The Mind Machines)
11. Icarus' Children (Icarus' Children)
12. Still Waters (Still Waters)
13. Battle for the Acropolis (Battle for the Acropolis)
14. Road to Happiness (Road to Happiness)
15. Light of the 21st Century (Light of the 21st Century)
16. The Insect Alternative (The Insect Alternative)
17. The Desert's Edge (The Desert's Edge)
18. The Tse Tse Trap (The Tse Tse Trap)
19. Memories from Eden (Memories from Eden)
20. A Whisper from Space (A Whisper from Space)
21. Alaska (Alaska)
6. série
1. Black Tide (Black Tide)
2. Long Walk of Fred Young (Long Walk of Fred Young)
3. A World of Difference (A World of Difference)
4. Cashing in on the Ocean (Cashing in on the Ocean)
5. Patterns from the Past (Patterns from the Past)
6. The Invisible Flame (The Invisible Flame)
7. The End of the Rainbow (The End of the Rainbow)
8. The Beersheva Experiment (The Beersheva Experiment)
9. Einstein (Einstein)
10. The Keys of Paradise (The Keys of Paradise)
7. série
1. A Plague on Our Children (A Plague on Our Children)
2. Life on a Silken Thread (Life on a Silken Thread)
3. Sweet Solutions (Sweet Solutions)
4. Race for the Gold (Race for the Gold)
5. All Part of the Game (All Part of the Game)
6. India (India)
7. The Bridge That Spanned the World (The Bridge That Spanned the World)
8. Termites to Telescopes (Termites to Telescopes)
9. Blindness (Blindness)
10. The Elusive Illness (The Elusive Illness)
11. A Is for Atom, B Is for Bomb (A Is for Atom, B Is for Bomb)
12. Living Machines (Living Machines)
13. Portrait of a Killer (Portrait of a Killer)
14. Umealit (Umealit)
15. The Safety Factor (The Safety Factor)
16. A Mediterranean Prospect (A Mediterranean Prospect)
17. Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland (Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland)
8. série
1. The Pinks and the Blues (The Pinks and the Blues)
2. The Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian (The Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian)
3. The Sea Behind the Dunes (The Sea Behind the Dunes)
4. Do We Really Need the Rockies? (Do We Really Need the Rockies?)
5. The Big If (The Big If)
6. Voyager (Voyager)
7. The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor (The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor)
8. The Water Crisis (The Water Crisis)
9. Moving Still (Moving Still)
10. A Touch of Sensitivity (A Touch of Sensitivity)
11. The Red Deer of Rhum (The Red Deer of Rhum)
12. It's About Time (It's About Time)
13. The Doctors of Nigeria (The Doctors of Nigeria)
14. Message in the Rocks (Message in the Rocks)
15. The Dead Sea Lives (The Dead Sea Lives)
16. Anatomy of a Volcano (Anatomy of a Volcano)
17. The Science of Murder (The Science of Murder)
18. The Malady of Health Care (The Malady of Health Care)
19. Beyond the Milky Way (Beyond the Milky Way)
20. The Asteroid and the Dinosaur (The Asteroid and the Dinosaur)
21. Animal Olympians (Animal Olympians)
22. Resolution on Saturn (Resolution on Saturn)
9. série
1. Computers, Spies & Private Lives (Computers, Spies & Private Lives)
2. Why America Burns (Why America Burns)
3. The Great Violin Mystery (The Great Violin Mystery)
4. Cosmic Fire (Cosmic Fire)
5. Locusts (Locusts)
6. Did Darwin Get It Wrong? (Did Darwin Get It Wrong?)
7. Artists in the Lab (Artists in the Lab)
8. Notes of a Biology Watcher (Notes of a Biology Watcher)
9. City Spaces, Human Places (City Spaces, Human Places)
10. Twins (Twins)
11. Salmon on the Run (Salmon on the Run)
12. Test-Tube Babies (Test-Tube Babies)
13. A Field Guide to Roger Tory Peterson (A Field Guide to Roger Tory Peterson)
14. The Hunt for the Legion Killer (The Hunt for the Legion Killer)
15. Finding a Voice (Finding a Voice)
16. The Television Explosion (The Television Explosion)
17. Life (Life)
18. Palace of Delights (Palace of Delights)
19. Animal Impostors (Animal Impostors)
20. Aging (Aging)
10. série
1. The Case of the UFOs (The Case of the UFOs)
2. The Fragile Mountain (The Fragile Mountain)
3. Here's Looking at You Kid (Here's Looking at You Kid)
4. Adventures of Teenage Scientists (Adventures of Teenage Scientists)
5. The Cobalt Blues (The Cobalt Blues)
6. Goodbye Louisiana (Goodbye Louisiana)
7. Whale Watch (Whale Watch)
8. Tracking the Supertrains (Tracking the Supertrains)
9. Hawaii (Hawaii)
10. The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (The Pleasure of Finding Things Out)
11. Lassa Fever (Lassa Fever)
12. The Miracle of Life (The Miracle of Life)
13. Asbestos (Asbestos)
14. City of Coral (City of Coral)
15. Fat Chance in a Thin World (Fat Chance in a Thin World)
16. Sixty Minutes to Meltdown (Sixty Minutes to Meltdown)
11. série
1. Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales (Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales)
2. The Artificial Heart (The Artificial Heart)
3. Talking Turtle (Talking Turtle)
4. Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea)
5. To Live Until You Die (To Live Until You Die)
6. A Magic Way of Going (A Magic Way of Going)
7. A Normal Face (A Normal Face)
8. Captives of Care (Captives of Care)
9. Twenty-Five Years in Space (Twenty-Five Years in Space)
10. Nuclear Strategy for Beginners (Nuclear Strategy for Beginners)
11. The Climate Crisis (The Climate Crisis)
12. Eyes Over China (Eyes Over China)
13. Alcoholism (Alcoholism)
14. The Case of ESP (The Case of ESP)
15. Antarctica (Antarctica)
16. China's Only Child (China's Only Child)
17. Will I Walk Again? (Will I Walk Again?)
18. Visions of the Deep (Visions of the Deep)
19. Down on the Farm (Down on the Farm)
20. Make My People Live (Make My People Live)
21. The World According to Weisskopf (The World According to Weisskopf)
12. série
1. Space Bridge to Moscow (Space Bridge to Moscow)
2. The National Science Test I (The National Science Test I)
3. Fountains of Paradise (Fountains of Paradise)
4. The Mystery of Yellow Rain (The Mystery of Yellow Rain)
5. The Nomads of the Rain Forest (The Nomads of the Rain Forest)
6. Farmers of the Sea (Farmers of the Sea)
7. Frontiers of Plastic Surgery (Frontiers of Plastic Surgery)
8. Space Women (Space Women)
9. Jaws (Jaws)
10. Acid Rain (Acid Rain)
11. Stephen Jay Gould (Stephen Jay Gould)
12. The Garden of Inheritance (The Garden of Inheritance)
13. Edgerton and His Incredible Seeing Machines (Edgerton and His Incredible Seeing Machines)
14. Global Village (Global Village)
15. Conquest of the Parasites (Conquest of the Parasites)
16. In the Land of the Polar Bears (In the Land of the Polar Bears)
18. The Shape of Things (The Shape of Things)
19. Baby Talk (Baby Talk)
20. The Mathematical Mystery Tour (The Mathematical Mystery Tour)
21. Child's Play (Child's Play)
22. Monarch of the Mountains (Monarch of the Mountains)
13. série
1. The National Science Test II (The National Science Test II)
2. Seeds of Tomorrow (Seeds of Tomorrow)
3. What Einstein Never Knew (What Einstein Never Knew)
4. The Robot Revolution? (The Robot Revolution?)
5. The Magic of Special Effects (The Magic of Special Effects)
6. Child Survival (Child Survival)
7. Tornado! (Tornado!)
8. The Genetic Gamble (The Genetic Gamble)
9. Animal Architects (Animal Architects)
10. The Plane that Changed the World (The Plane that Changed the World)
11. Halley's Comet (Halley's Comet)
12. Goddess of the Earth (Goddess of the Earth)
13. Horsemen of China (Horsemen of China)
14. Life's First Feelings (Life's First Feelings)
15. The Case of the Frozen Addict (The Case of the Frozen Addict)
16. Toxic Trials (Toxic Trials)
17. Skydive to the Rain Forest (Skydive to the Rain Forest)
18. Return of the Osprey (Return of the Osprey)
19. The Rise of a Wonder Drug (The Rise of a Wonder Drug)
20. When Wonder Drugs Don't Work (When Wonder Drugs Don't Work)
21. Visions of Star Wars (Visions of Star Wars)
14. série
1. The Search for the Disappeared (The Search for the Disappeared)
2. The Planet that Got Knocked on its Side (The Planet that Got Knocked on its Side)
3. High-Tech Babies (High-Tech Babies)
4. Can AIDS Be Stopped? (Can AIDS Be Stopped?)
5. Is Anybody Out There? (Is Anybody Out There?)
6. The Mystery of the Animal Pathfinders (The Mystery of the Animal Pathfinders)
7. Are You Swimming in a Sewer? (Are You Swimming in a Sewer?)
8. Sail Wars! (Sail Wars!)
9. Leprosy Can Be Cured! (Leprosy Can Be Cured!)
10. How Babies Get Made (How Babies Get Made)
11. Countdown to the Invisible Universe (Countdown to the Invisible Universe)
12. Episode #14.12 (Episode #14.12)
13. Why Planes Crash (Why Planes Crash)
14. Orangutans of the Rain Forest (Orangutans of the Rain Forest)
15. Freud Under Analysis (Freud Under Analysis)
16. The Hole in the Sky (The Hole in the Sky)
17. Confessions of a Weaponeer (Confessions of a Weaponeer)
18. Great Moments from NOVA (Great Moments from NOVA)
19. Will the World Starve? (Will the World Starve?)
20. The Desert Doesn't Bloom Here Anymore (The Desert Doesn't Bloom Here Anymore)
21. Rocky Road to Jupiter (Rocky Road to Jupiter)
15. série
1. Death of a Star (Death of a Star)
2. Spy Machines (Spy Machines)
3. The Hidden Power of Plants (The Hidden Power of Plants)
4. Japan's American Genius (Japan's American Genius)
5. A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama (A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama)
6. Volcano! (Volcano!)
7. How Good Is Soviet Science? (How Good Is Soviet Science?)
8. Ancient Treasures from the Deep (Ancient Treasures from the Deep)
9. Riddle of the Joints (Riddle of the Joints)
10. Secrets of the Lost Red Paint People (Secrets of the Lost Red Paint People)
11. Top Gun and Beyond (Top Gun and Beyond)
12. How to Create a Junk Food (How to Create a Junk Food)
13. Buried in Ice (Buried in Ice)
14. Why Planes Burn (Why Planes Burn)
15. Battles in the War on Cancer (Battles in the War on Cancer)
16. Battles in the War on Cancer (Battles in the War on Cancer)
17. The Mystery of the Master Builders (The Mystery of the Master Builders)
18. Whale Rescue (Whale Rescue)
19. The Man Who Loved Numbers (The Man Who Loved Numbers)
20. Race for the Superconductor (Race for the Superconductor)
21. Can You Still Get Polio? (Can You Still Get Polio?)
37. série
1. Darwin's Darkest Hour (Darwin's Darkest Hour)
2. Hubble's Amazing Rescue (Hubble's Amazing Rescue)
3. Lizard Kings (Lizard Kings)
4. Becoming Human (Becoming Human)
5. Becoming Human (Becoming Human)
6. Becoming Human (Becoming Human)
7. What Are Dreams? (What Are Dreams?)
8. What Darwin Never Knew (What Darwin Never Knew)
9. Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor (Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor)
10. Building Pharaoh's Ship (Building Pharaoh's Ship)
11. Riddles of the Sphinx (Riddles of the Sphinx)
12. Ghosts of Machu Picchu (Ghosts of Machu Picchu)
13. Extreme Cave Diving (Extreme Cave Diving)
14. The Pluto Files (The Pluto Files)
15. Mind Over Money (Mind Over Money)
16. Hunting the Edge of Space (Hunting the Edge of Space)
17. Hunting the Edge of Space (Hunting the Edge of Space)
18. Mt. St. Helens Back from the Dead (Mt. St. Helens Back from the Dead)
38. série
1. Building the Great Cathedrals (Building the Great Cathedrals)
2. Emergency Mine Rescue (Emergency Mine Rescue)
3. Trapped in an Elevator (Trapped in an Elevator)
4. Dogs Decoded (Dogs Decoded)
5. Secrets of Stonehenge (Secrets of Stonehenge)
6. Quest for Solomon's Mines (Quest for Solomon's Mines)
7. Secrets Beneath the Ice (Secrets Beneath the Ice)
8. Deadliest Earthquakes (Deadliest Earthquakes)
9. Making Stuff (Making Stuff)
10. Making Stuff (Making Stuff)
11. Making Stuff (Making Stuff)
12. Making Stuff (Making Stuff)
13. Smartest Machine on Earth (Smartest Machine on Earth)
14. Crash of Flight 447 (Crash of Flight 447)
15. Venom (Venom)
16. Japan's Killer Quake (Japan's Killer Quake)
17. Power Surge (Power Surge)
39. série
1. Engineering Ground Zero (Engineering Ground Zero)
2. Surviving the Tsunami (Surviving the Tsunami)
3. Finding Life Beyond Earth (Finding Life Beyond Earth)
4. Iceman Murder Mystery (Iceman Murder Mystery)
5. The Fabric of the Cosmos (The Fabric of the Cosmos)
6. The Fabric of the Cosmos (The Fabric of the Cosmos)
7. The Fabric of the Cosmos (The Fabric of the Cosmos)
8. The Fabric of the Cosmos (The Fabric of the Cosmos)
9. Deadliest Volcanoes (Deadliest Volcanoes)
10. Bombing Hitler's Dams (Bombing Hitler's Dams)
11. 3D Spies of WWII (3D Spies of WWII)
12. Mystery of a Masterpiece (Mystery of a Masterpiece)
13. Ice Age Death Trap (Ice Age Death Trap)
14. Separating Twins (Separating Twins)
15. Cracking Your Genetic Code (Cracking Your Genetic Code)
16. Hunting the Elements (Hunting the Elements)
17. Deadliest Tornadoes (Deadliest Tornadoes)
18. Why Ships Sink (Why Ships Sink)
19. Secrets of the Sun (Secrets of the Sun)
40. série
1. Secrets of the Viking Sword (Secrets of the Viking Sword)
2. Forensics on Trial (Forensics on Trial)
3. Mystery of Easter Island (Mystery of Easter Island)
4. Ultimate Mars Challenge (Ultimate Mars Challenge)
5. Ancient Computer (Ancient Computer)
6. Doomsday Volcanoes (Doomsday Volcanoes)
7. Decoding Neanderthals (Decoding Neanderthals)
8. Rise of the Drones (Rise of the Drones)
9. Who Killed Lindbergh’s Baby? (Who Killed Lindbergh’s Baby?)
10. Building Pharaoh’s Chariot (Building Pharaoh’s Chariot)
11. Earth From Space (Earth From Space)
12. Mind of a Rampage Killer (Mind of a Rampage Killer)
13. Meteor Strike (Meteor Strike)
14. Ancient Computer (Ancient Computer)
15. Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Awakening (Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Awakening)
16. Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Life Explodes (Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Life Explodes)
17. Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Monsters (Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Monsters)
18. Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Strange Creatures (Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Strange Creatures)
19. Manhunt - Boston Bombers (Manhunt - Boston Bombers)
20. Oklahoma’s Deadliest Tornadoes (Oklahoma’s Deadliest Tornadoes)
41. série
1. Ground Zero Supertower (Ground Zero Supertower)
2. Megastorm Aftermath (Megastorm Aftermath)
3. Making Stuff Faster (Making Stuff Faster)
4. Making Stuff Wilder (Making Stuff Wilder)
5. Making Stuff Colder (Making Stuff Colder)
6. Making Stuff Safer (Making Stuff Safer)
7. Cold Case JFK (Cold Case JFK)
8. At the Edge of Space (At the Edge of Space)
9. Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday? (Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday?)
10. Alien Planets Revealed (Alien Planets Revealed)
11. Zeppelin Terror Attack (Zeppelin Terror Attack)
12. Killer Typhoon (Killer Typhoon)
13. Ghosts of Murdered Kings (Ghosts of Murdered Kings)
14. Roman Catacomb Mystery (Roman Catacomb Mystery)
15. Great Cathedral Mystery (Great Cathedral Mystery)
16. Wild Predator Invasion (Wild Predator Invasion)
17. Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius (Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius)
18. Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses (Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses)
19. Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest? (Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest?)
20. Why Sharks Attack (Why Sharks Attack)
21. Escape From Nazi Alcatraz (Escape From Nazi Alcatraz)
22. D-Day's Sunken Secrets (D-Day's Sunken Secrets)
42. série
1. Vaccines — Calling the Shots (Vaccines — Calling the Shots)
2. Rise of the Hackers (Rise of the Hackers)
3. Why Planes Vanish (Why Planes Vanish)
4. Surviving Ebola (Surviving Ebola)
5. Ben Franklin's Balloons (Ben Franklin's Balloons)
6. First Air War (First Air War)
7. Bigger Than T. rex (Bigger Than T. rex)
8. Emperor’s Ghost Army (Emperor’s Ghost Army)
9. Killer Landslides (Killer Landslides)
10. First Man on the Moon (First Man on the Moon)
11. Big Bang Machine (Big Bang Machine)
12. Sunken Ship Rescue (Sunken Ship Rescue)
13. Sinkholes—Buried Alive (Sinkholes—Buried Alive)
14. Colosseum - Roman Death Trap (Colosseum - Roman Death Trap)
15. Petra - Lost City of Stone (Petra - Lost City of Stone)
16. Hagia Sophia – Istanbul’s Ancient Mystery (Hagia Sophia – Istanbul’s Ancient Mystery)
17. The Great Math Mystery (The Great Math Mystery)
18. Invisible Universe Revealed (Invisible Universe Revealed)
19. Nazi Attack on America (Nazi Attack on America)
20. Lethal Seas (Lethal Seas)
21. Chasing Pluto (Chasing Pluto)
22. Nuclear Meltdown Disaster (Nuclear Meltdown Disaster)
43. série
1. Dawn of Humanity (Dawn of Humanity)
2. Arctic Ghost Ship (Arctic Ghost Ship)
3. Secrets of Noah's Ark (Secrets of Noah's Ark)
4. Cyberwar Threat (Cyberwar Threat)
5. Animal Mummies (Animal Mummies)
6. Making North America: Origins (Making North America: Origins)
7. Making North America: Life (Making North America: Life)
8. Making North America: Human (Making North America: Human)
9. Inside Einstein's Mind (Inside Einstein's Mind)
10. Secret Tunnel Warfare (Secret Tunnel Warfare)
11. Life's Rocky Start (Life's Rocky Start)
12. Mystery Beneath the Ice (Mystery Beneath the Ice)
13. Himalayan Megaquake (Himalayan Megaquake)
14. Creatures of Light (Creatures of Light)
15. Memory Hackers (Memory Hackers)
16. Iceman Reborn (Iceman Reborn)
17. Rise of the Robots (Rise of the Robots)
18. Vikings Unearthed (Vikings Unearthed)
19. Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped? (Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped?)
20. Wild Ways (Wild Ways)
21. Operation Lighthouse Rescue (Operation Lighthouse Rescue)
22. Bombing Hitler's Supergun (Bombing Hitler's Supergun)
44. série
1. 15 Years of Terror (15 Years of Terror)
2. School of the Future (School of the Future)
3. Great Human Odyssey (Great Human Odyssey)
4. Super Tunnel (Super Tunnel)
5. Treasures of the Earth: Gems (Treasures of the Earth: Gems)
6. Treasures of the Earth: Metals (Treasures of the Earth: Metals)
7. Treasures of the Earth: Power (Treasures of the Earth: Power)
8. Secrets of the Sky Tombs (Secrets of the Sky Tombs)
9. The Nuclear Option (The Nuclear Option)
10. Search for the Super Battery (Search for the Super Battery)
11. Ultimate Cruise Ship (Ultimate Cruise Ship)
12. The Origami Revolution (The Origami Revolution)
13. Why Trains Crash (Why Trains Crash)
14. Holocaust Escape Tunnel (Holocaust Escape Tunnel)
15. Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb (Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb)
16. Chinese Chariot Revealed (Chinese Chariot Revealed)
17. Poisoned Water (Poisoned Water)
18. Spirit of St. Louis (Spirit of St. Louis)
19. Flint (Flint)
45. série
1. Eclipse Over America (Eclipse Over America)
2. Death Dive to Saturn (Death Dive to Saturn)
3. Secrets of the Shining Knight (Secrets of the Shining Knight)
4. Ghosts of Stonehenge (Ghosts of Stonehenge)
5. Secrets of the Forbidden City (Secrets of the Forbidden City)
6. Killer Volcanoes (Killer Volcanoes)
7. Killer Hurricanes (Killer Hurricanes)
8. Killer Floods (Killer Floods)
9. Extreme Animal Weapons (Extreme Animal Weapons)
10. Black Hole Apocalypse (Black Hole Apocalypse)