Policejní okrsek

Policejní okrsek (District, The)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Dirty Laundry (Dirty Laundry)
3. Worst Block (Worst Block)
4. Surveillance (Surveillance)
5. The Real Terrorist (The Real Terrorist)
6. How They Lived (How They Lived)
7. Imperfect Victims (Imperfect Victims)
8. The Jackal (The Jackal)
9. Pot Scrubbers (Pot Scrubbers)
10. The Santa Wars (The Santa Wars)
11. The D.C. Strangler (The D.C. Strangler)
12. Old Ghosts (Old Ghosts)
13. Vigilante (Vigilante)
14. Rage Against the Machine (Rage Against the Machine)
15. The Most Dangerous Job (The Most Dangerous Job)
16. A Southern Town (A Southern Town)
17. New World (New World)
18. Night Moves (Night Moves)
19. The Agony and the Ecstasy (The Agony and the Ecstasy)
20. Running Towards Fire (Running Towards Fire)
21. Don't Fence Me In (Don't Fence Me In)
22. Fools Russian: Part 1 (Fools Russian: Part 1)
23. Fools Russian: Part 2 (Fools Russian: Part 2)
2. série
1. Lost and Found (Lost and Found)
2. Foreign Affair (Foreign Affair)
3. Night Shift (Night Shift)
4. The Project (The Project)
5. To Serve and Protect (To Serve and Protect)
6. Melt Down (Melt Down)
7. Bulldog's Ghost (Bulldog's Ghost)
8. Tug of War (Tug of War)
9. Cop Hunt (Cop Hunt)
10. Thursday (Thursday)
11. Russian Winter (Russian Winter)
12. Twist of Hate (Twist of Hate)
13. This Too Shall Pass (This Too Shall Pass)
14. Wasteland (Wasteland)
15. Daughter for Daughter (Daughter for Daughter)
16. The Greenhouse Effect (The Greenhouse Effect)
17. Still Life (Still Life)
18. Shades of Gray (Shades of Gray)
19. Shell Game (Shell Game)
20. The Killing Point (The Killing Point)
21. Convictions (Convictions)
22. Payback (Payback)
3. série
1. Resurrection (Resurrection)
2. Oil and Water (Oil and Water)
3. Explicit Activities (Explicit Activities)
4. Drug Money (Drug Money)
5. Faith (Faith)
6. Old Wounds (Old Wounds)
7. The Second Man (The Second Man)
8. Free-Fire Zone (Free-Fire Zone)
9. Return of the King (Return of the King)
10. Small Packages (Small Packages)
11. Goodbye, Jenny (Goodbye, Jenny)
12. Untouchable (Untouchable)
13. Sacrifices (Sacrifices)
14. Blindsided (Blindsided)
15. Back in the Saddle (Back in the Saddle)
16. Last Waltz (Last Waltz)
17. Where There's Smoke (Where There's Smoke)
18. Bloodlines (Bloodlines)
19. Criminally Insane (Criminally Insane)
20. Rage (Rage)
21. Ella Mae (Ella Mae)
22. Into the Sunset (Into the Sunset)
4. série
1. Jack's Back (Jack's Back)
2. The Devil You Know... (The Devil You Know...)
3. Free Byrd (Free Byrd)
4. The Kindness of Strangers (The Kindness of Strangers)
5. Blind Eye (Blind Eye)
6. Jupiter for Sale (Jupiter for Sale)
7. A House Divided (A House Divided)
8. Acceptable Losses (Acceptable Losses)
9. In God We Trust (In God We Trust)
10. Hollow Spaces (Hollow Spaces)
11. The Voice Inside (The Voice Inside)
12. Breath of Life (Breath of Life)
13. Party Favors (Party Favors)
14. A.K.A (A.K.A)
15. D.C. Confidental (D.C. Confidental)
16. On Guard (On Guard)
17. Family Values (Family Values)
18. The Black Widow Maker (The Black Widow Maker)
19. Passing Time (Passing Time)
20. Ten Thirty-Three (Ten Thirty-Three)
21. Open Season (Open Season)
22. Something Borrowed, Something Bruised (Something Borrowed, Something Bruised)