Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai (Power Rangers Samurai) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Team Unites (The Team Unites)
2. Deal with a Nighlok (Deal with a Nighlok)
3. Day Off (Fish Out of Water)
4. Sticks & Stones (Sticks & Stones)
5. Fish Out of Water (Fish Out of Water)
6. There Go the Brides (There Go the Brides)
7. I've Got a Spell on Blue (I've Got a Spell on Blue)
8. Forest for the Trees (Forest for the Trees)
9. Test of the Leader (Test of the Leader)
10. Jayden's Challenge (Jayden's Challenge)
11. Unexpected Arrival (Unexpected Arrival)
12. Room for One More (Room for One More)
13. The Blue and the Gold (The Blue and the Gold)
14. Team Spirit (Team Spirit)
15. The Tengen Gate (The Tengen Gate)
16. Boxed In (Boxed In)
17. Broken Dreams (Broken Dreams)
18. The Ultimate Duel (The Ultimate Duel)
19. Origins, Part 1 (Origins, Part 1)
20. Origins, Part 2 (Origins, Part 2)
21. Party Monsters (Party Monsters)
22. Christmas Together, Friends Forever (Christmas Together, Friends Forever)
2. série
1. Super Samurai (Super Samurai)
2. Shell Game (Shell Game)
3. Trading Places (Trading Places)
4. Something Fishy (Something Fishy)
5. The Rescue (The Rescue)
6. The Bullzord (The Bullzord)
7. He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother (He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother)
8. Kevin's Choice (Kevin's Choice)
9. Runaway Spike (Runaway Spike)
10. The Strange Case of the Munchies (The Strange Case of the Munchies)
11. A Sticky Situation (A Sticky Situation)
12. Trust Me (Trust Me)
13. The Master Returns (The Master Returns)
14. A Crack in the World (A Crack in the World)
15. Stroke of Fate (Stroke of Fate)
16. Fight Fire With Fire (Fight Fire With Fire)
17. The Great Duel (The Great Duel)
18. Evil Reborn (Evil Reborn)
19. The Sealing Symbol (The Sealing Symbol)
20. Samurai Forever (Samurai Forever)
21. Trickster Treat (Trickster Treat)
22. Stuck on Christmas (Stuck on Christmas)