Požárník Sam (2004)

Požárník Sam (2004) (Fireman Sam (2004))
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1. série
1. Danger Falling Sheep (Danger Falling Sheep)
2. The Big Freezer (The Big Freezer)
3. Twist of Fate (Twist of Fate)
4. A Real Live Wire (A Real Live Wire)
5. Bug-Eyed Boy from Venus (Bug-Eyed Boy from Venus)
6. Bathtime for Dusty (Bathtime for Dusty)
7. Neighbourhood Watchout (Neighbourhood Watchout)
8. Twitchers in Trouble (Twitchers in Trouble)
9. Carnival of Junk (Carnival of Junk)
10. Mummy's Little Pumpkin (Mummy's Little Pumpkin)
11. Joker Soaker (Joker Soaker)
12. Fit for Nothing (Fit for Nothing)
13. Deep Water (Deep Water)
14. The Beast of Pontypandy (The Beast of Pontypandy)
15. Pizza Palaver (Pizza Palaver)
16. Fun Run (Fun Run)
17. Trouble and Squeak (Trouble and Squeak)
18. King of the Jungle (King of the Jungle)
19. Norman's Invisible Friend (Norman's Invisible Friend)
20. High Jinx (High Jinx)
21. The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces (The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces)
22. Birthday Surprise (Birthday Surprise)
5. série
1. Fiery Finale (Fiery Finale)
2. Firefighter of Tomorrow (Firefighter of Tomorrow)
3. Let It Snow (Let It Snow)
6. série
1. Santa Overboard (Santa Overboard)
2. Paper Plane Down (Paper Plane Down)
3. Hot and Cold Running Sniffer Dog (Hot and Cold Running Sniffer Dog)
4. Hearts on Fire (Hearts on Fire)
5. Perilous Path (Perilous Path)
6. Seeing Red (Seeing Red)
7. Going Out with a Bang (Going Out with a Bang)
8. The Wrong Smell (The Wrong Smell)
9. No Nurse Like You (No Nurse Like You)
10. The One That Got Away (The One That Got Away)
11. Dinosaur Hunt (Dinosaur Hunt)
12. Floating Cart (Floating Cart)
13. Sticky Situation (Sticky Situation)
14. Cry Wolf (Cry Wolf)
15. Mam's Day (Mam's Day)
16. Alarm on the Beach (Alarm on the Beach)
17. Towering Inferno (Towering Inferno)
18. When Fools Rush In (When Fools Rush In)
19. The New Hero Next Door (The New Hero Next Door)
7. série
1. Elvis Sings the Blues (Elvis Sings the Blues)
2. Fireworks for Mandy (Fireworks for Mandy)
3. Heap of Trouble (Heap of Trouble)
4. Stuck in the Muck (Stuck in the Muck)
5. Sausages vs. Shrimps (Sausages vs. Shrimps)
6. Flood's Flood (Flood's Flood)
7. Stranded (Stranded)
8. Off Duty Sam (Off Duty Sam)
9. Sheepdog Trials (Sheepdog Trials)
10. Poorly Penny (Poorly Penny)
11. Twitching the Night Away (Twitching the Night Away)
12. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
13. Sailor Steele (Sailor Steele)
14. Fireman James (Fireman James)
15. Dilys' Big Surprise (Dilys' Big Surprise)
16. Day at the Seaside (Day at the Seaside)
17. Three Legged Race (Three Legged Race)
18. Open Day (Open Day)
19. Mike's Rocket (Mike's Rocket)
8. série
1. Bronwyn's Millionth Customer (Bronwyn's Millionth Customer)
2. Jupiter on the Loose (Jupiter on the Loose)
3. Boyce will be Boyce (Boyce will be Boyce)
4. Elvis in Concert (Elvis in Concert)
5. Mandy at Sea (Mandy at Sea)
6. The Great Guinea Pig Rescue (The Great Guinea Pig Rescue)
7. Mandy's Mountain (Mandy's Mountain)
8. Runaway Train (Runaway Train)
9. The Pontypandyness Monster (The Pontypandyness Monster)
10. Disastrous Dilys (Disastrous Dilys)
11. Ice Cold in Pontypandy (Ice Cold in Pontypandy)
12. Bessie to the Rescue (Bessie to the Rescue)
13. Snowball of Doom (Snowball of Doom)
14. Lighthouse Lock Out (Lighthouse Lock Out)
15. Floodlights (Floodlights)
16. Girls' Night In (Girls' Night In)
17. To Outfox a Fox (To Outfox a Fox)
18. Lily Lost and Found (Lily Lost and Found)
19. Sky Lanterns (Sky Lanterns)
20. The Pontypandy Polar Bear (The Pontypandy Polar Bear)