Prosím, nejezte sedmikrásky

Prosím, nejezte sedmikrásky (Please Don't Eat the Daisies)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. My Eldest Child (My Eldest Child)
2. How About Two Gorillas? (How About Two Gorillas?)
3. Who's Kicking That Gong Around? (Who's Kicking That Gong Around?)
4. Dinner on the Rocks (Dinner on the Rocks)
5. We're Bigger Than They Are, But.... (We're Bigger Than They Are, But....)
6. Look Who's Talking (Look Who's Talking)
7. The Big Train (The Big Train)
8. Two Seats on the Moon-Shot (Two Seats on the Moon-Shot)
9. Shape Up or Ship Out (Shape Up or Ship Out)
10. Somewhere George Is Calling (Somewhere George Is Calling)
11. Don't Fool Around with the Man Upstairs (Don't Fool Around with the Man Upstairs)
12. Of Hitches and Stitches and Big Round Dogs (Of Hitches and Stitches and Big Round Dogs)
13. Very, Very Huckleberry (Very, Very Huckleberry)
14. It's Lad by a Nose (It's Lad by a Nose)
15. The Big Brass Blonde (The Big Brass Blonde)
16. Swing That Indian Club (Swing That Indian Club)
17. The Pied Piper of Ridgemont (The Pied Piper of Ridgemont)
18. Say UNCLE (Say UNCLE)
19. Nobody's Perfect (Nobody's Perfect)
20. My Good Friend, Whatsisname (My Good Friend, Whatsisname)
21. The Monster in the Basement (The Monster in the Basement)
22. Wring Out the Welcome Mat (Wring Out the Welcome Mat)
23. Move Over, Mozart (Move Over, Mozart)
24. Who's Walking Under the Bed? (Who's Walking Under the Bed?)
25. How Now, Hausfrau? (How Now, Hausfrau?)
26. Big Man on Campus (Big Man on Campus)
27. The Magnificent Muldoon (The Magnificent Muldoon)
28. The Leaning Tower of Ridgemont (The Leaning Tower of Ridgemont)
29. Mine Is the Luck of the Irish (Mine Is the Luck of the Irish)
30. Night of Knights (Night of Knights)
2. série
1. The Purple Avenger (The Purple Avenger)
2. My Mother's Name Is Fred (My Mother's Name Is Fred)
3. A-Hunting We Will Go (A-Hunting We Will Go)
4. At Home with the Family (At Home with the Family)
5. The Holdouts (The Holdouts)
6. Trouble Right Here in Ridgemont City (Trouble Right Here in Ridgemont City)
7. Black Is the Color of My Love's Eye (Black Is the Color of My Love's Eye)
8. My Son, the Genius (My Son, the Genius)
9. The End of the Trailer (The End of the Trailer)
10. My Son, the Actor (My Son, the Actor)
11. Of Haunted Houses, Little Boys, and a Ghost Named Malcolm (Of Haunted Houses, Little Boys, and a Ghost Named Malcolm)
12. And What Does Your Husband Do? (And What Does Your Husband Do?)
13. Just for Laughs (Just for Laughs)
14. The Guardian (The Guardian)
15. Peace, It's Wonderful (Peace, It's Wonderful)
16. The Silent Butler Spoke (The Silent Butler Spoke)
17. The Cupid Machine (The Cupid Machine)
18. The Thing's the Play (The Thing's the Play)
19. The Officer of the Court (The Officer of the Court)
20. None So Righteous (None So Righteous)
21. Remember Lake Serene? (Remember Lake Serene?)
22. Pest in the House (Pest in the House)
23. Help Wanted, Desperately (Help Wanted, Desperately)
24. Just While You're Resting (Just While You're Resting)
25. When I Was a Young Man (When I Was a Young Man)
26. Professor, Please! (Professor, Please!)
27. A Matter of Concentration (A Matter of Concentration)
28. The Day the Play Got Away (The Day the Play Got Away)