Robotí superopice v akci!

Robotí superopice v akci! (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Chiro's Girl (Chiro's Girl)
2. Depths of Fear (Depths of Fear)
3. Planetoid Q (Planetoid Q)
4. Magnetic Menace (Magnetic Menace)
5. The Sun Riders (The Sun Riders)
6. Secret of the Sixth Monkey (Secret of the Sixth Monkey)
7. Pit of Doom (Pit of Doom)
8. Thingy (Thingy)
9. Flytor (Flytor)
10. A Man Called Krinkle (A Man Called Krinkle)
11. Ape New World (Ape New World)
12. Circus of Ooze (Circus of Ooze)
13. Hidden Fortress (Hidden Fortress)
14. Skeleton King (Skeleton King)
2. série
1. World of Giants (World of Giants)
2. The Lords of Soturix 7 (The Lords of Soturix 7)
3. In the Grip of Evil (In the Grip of Evil)
4. Versus Chiro (Versus Chiro)
5. Shadow Over Shuggazoom (Shadow Over Shuggazoom)
6. The Sun Riders Return (The Sun Riders Return)
7. Hunt for the Citadel of Bone (Hunt for the Citadel of Bone)
8. Snowbound (Snowbound)
9. Wonder Fun Meat World (Wonder Fun Meat World)
10. The Skeleton King Threat (The Skeleton King Threat)
11. Antauri's Masters (Antauri's Masters)
12. I, Chiro (I, Chiro)
3. série
1. The Savage Lands Part 1 (The Savage Lands Part 1)
2. The Savage Lands Part 2 (The Savage Lands Part 2)
3. Season of the Skull (Season of the Skull)
4. A Ghost in the Machinder (A Ghost in the Machinder)
5. The Stranded Seven (The Stranded Seven)
6. Girl Trouble (Girl Trouble)
7. Brother in Arms (Brother in Arms)
8. Monster Battle Club Now! (Monster Battle Club Now!)
9. Meet the Wigglenog (Meet the Wigglenog)
10. Big Lug (Big Lug)
11. Prototype (Prototype)
12. Wormhole (Wormhole)
13. Belly of the Beast (Belly of the Beast)
4. série
1. Galactic Smash: Space Attack (Galactic Smash: Space Attack)
2. Galactic Smash: Game Over (Galactic Smash: Game Over)
3. Incident on Ranger 7 (Incident on Ranger 7)
4. Ghosts of Shuggazoom (Ghosts of Shuggazoom)
5. Invasion of the Vreen (Invasion of the Vreen)
6. Evil Ages (Evil Ages)
7. Night of Fear (Night of Fear)
8. The Hills Have Five (The Hills Have Five)
9. Demon of the Deep (Demon of the Deep)
10. Secret Society (Secret Society)
11. Golden Age (Golden Age)
12. Object of Hate (Object of Hate)
13. Soul of Evil (Soul of Evil)