She's the Sheriff

She's the Sheriff (She's the Sheriff) — 1. série
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1. série
1. All in a Day's Work (All in a Day's Work)
2. Butterfly Is Free (Butterfly Is Free)
3. Unsafe at Any Speed (Unsafe at Any Speed)
4. A Little Romance (A Little Romance)
5. Lover Boy (Lover Boy)
6. Monkey Business (Monkey Business)
7. Max Moves In (Max Moves In)
8. The Golden Streak (The Golden Streak)
9. Hildy Gets Shot (Hildy Gets Shot)
10. Child's Play (Child's Play)
11. Call Me Madam (Call Me Madam)
12. The Perils of Pauline (The Perils of Pauline)
13. A Hero (A Hero)
14. The Feds (The Feds)
15. New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve)
16. The Great Escape (The Great Escape)
17. Hostage (Hostage)
18. All Alone (All Alone)
19. Hildy the Homewrecker (Hildy the Homewrecker)
20. Hair (Hair)
21. Dinsmore's Wedding (Dinsmore's Wedding)
22. Hildy's First Kiss (Hildy's First Kiss)
2. série
1. A Not So Fatal Attraction (A Not So Fatal Attraction)
2. Hildy's Public Defender (Hildy's Public Defender)
3. A Friend in High Places (A Friend in High Places)
4. Have a Nice Day (Have a Nice Day)
5. Gussie Behind Bars (Gussie Behind Bars)
6. Max's Ten (Max's Ten)
7. Mulcahy Gets Kicked Out (Mulcahy Gets Kicked Out)
8. Dream the Implausible Dream (Dream the Implausible Dream)
9. Father-Son Banquet (Father-Son Banquet)
10. Love Hurts (Love Hurts)
11. Down for the Count (Down for the Count)
12. Midnight Run (Midnight Run)
13. Tastes Great, Less Killing (Tastes Great, Less Killing)
14. Divorce, Wiggins Style (Divorce, Wiggins Style)
15. Forever Young (Forever Young)
16. The Teflon Sheriff (The Teflon Sheriff)
17. The Mother Mugger (The Mother Mugger)
18. I'm Okay, You're All Crazy (I'm Okay, You're All Crazy)
19. Max Gets Trumped (Max Gets Trumped)
20. You Always Hurt the One You Love (You Always Hurt the One You Love)
21. Me Tarzan, You Hildy (Me Tarzan, You Hildy)
22. Kissing Cousins (Kissing Cousins)